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Across the globe and around the clock, Derek Prince Ministries UK is teaching the Bible, sharing the life-transforming power of God's Word with a world in desperate need of biblical truth.


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Who we are

Derek Prince Ministries UK believes lives are changed when people meet Jesus. Through discipling and the sound education of God’s Word, we nourish the mind, embolden the heart and champion the hand of believers to live in the fullness of that encounter.

The legacy and namesake of acclaimed international Bible teacher, Derek Prince, the ministry resources churches, missionaries, Christian educators, and millions of believers and spiritual seekers worldwide. With over 45 national and outreach offices with activity spanning six continents, the sun never sets on Derek Prince Ministries and our efforts to make strong disciples for Jesus Christ.

Our mission

What we do

Every day we're teaching the Bible and equipping believers to follow Jesus in the fullness of faith, wisdom and truth.

Through the timeless teachings of Derek Prince, we disciple believers at every stage and phase of their Christian walk. Our Christ-centred outreaches and regional offices operate at the forefront of Christian discipleship, combating spiritual hunger with a broad array of services and resources that make a genuine difference. This includes:

Training leaders:

Partnering with local church leaders and pastors, we provide much-needed resources and educational material to strengthen grassroot ministries.

Educational resources:

Available in print, video, audio and online, we publish and distribute educational resources to equip believers everywhere. Most of the material we produce is given away.


Our passion is to see people access sound Bible-based teaching in a language they understand.

Bible study courses:

We provide a range of correspondence and self-study Bible courses to educate and equip believers.


We promote the power and authority of God's Word, encouraging believers to grow in their knowledge and understanding of the Bible at home, church, school and online.


Derek Prince Ministries UK is reaching more people than ever through innovative projects and initiatives. Our digital outreach is using technology to connect online through social media, videos, articles, apps and more.


It all began in 1971 when Derek Prince officially opened an office in the garage of his home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Originally known as Derek Prince Publications, it was the fruit of Derek's flourishing Bible teaching ministry which was seeded in 1944 when the Lord said to him:

“You are called to be a teacher of the Scriptures, in truth and faith and love, which are in Christ Jesus - for many.”

These words fuelled Derek's efforts to feed the spiritually hungry, inspiring him to pen and self-publish a range of books including the Self-Study Bible Course (1969), Liberating Truth (1966), Repent and Believe (1966) and more. A testament to the success of these titles and faithfulness of God, Derek Prince Publications grew with ever-increasing demand.

By 1972, production had exceeded Derek's capacity as sole employee and David Selby (his son-in-law) was invited to help. Together, they charted a path for the burgeoning ministry, engaging broadcast radio and publishing new books.

Foreign offices were opened in New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands throughout the 1980s, and dreams to disciple nations solidified. By the end of the decade, Derek had completed three round-the-world Bible teaching tours, and his radio programme was widely broadcast across six continents and ten languages.

In 1990, Derek Prince Publications was officially renamed Derek Prince Ministries. The distribution of free Bible teaching material had intensified, numbering 140 countries in all, and Derek's books were now available in more than 50 languages.

Today, Derek Prince Ministries has offices in over 45 countries across the globe and remains wholeheartedly committed to teaching the Bible in every nation, culture and tongue. The growth and success of the ministry verifies the prophetic word Derek received in 1941, when the Lord said:

“It shall be like a little stream. The stream shall become a river. The river shall become a great river. The great river shall become a sea. The sea shall become a mighty ocean, and it shall be through thee; But how, thou must not know, thou canst not know, thou shalt not know.”

It has been God’s faithfulness to this Word that has brought Derek Prince Ministries to where it is today and will continue to bring the ministry into the "mighty ocean".

Equipped with a vast archive of written, audio and visual material of Derek Prince, the ministry continues to publish new books. To date, over 100 books have been published and translated into more than 100 languages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about Derek Prince Ministries UK.

What is your statement of faith?
Read our full statement of faith.
How do you work in other countries?
Today, Derek Prince Ministries has 13 national offices around the world from which there are over 45 outreaches working in over 100 languages. These offices and outreaches take Derek's material in all its media formats—print, audio, video and radio—and translates it into the languages in their sphere of responsibility. The major areas of outreaches are Russia and the former Soviet republics, China, Eastern Europe, Caucasus, Middle East, India, Africa and Israel. The sun never sets on the ministry of Derek Prince.

Once a book is completed, it is placed in the hands of our international offices and outreaches for translation and distribution. One new book will impact hundreds of thousands of lives.
Where can I buy non-English books?
Derek Prince's Bible teaching is available in many languages in format. You could even use these materials for outreach in your city. Visit our webshop or contact your nearest office for details.
Can I translate Derek Prince’s Bible teaching into my own language?
Contact your nearest office to find out the procedure for new translation and publishing.
How much of my donation to Derek Prince Ministries UK actually goes to outreach projects?
When you make a donation to Derek Prince Ministries UK, you want to be sure that your gift is used to support our outreach projects. We share that feeling! That is why we try to keep our overhead costs as low as possible at only 10%. In other words, 90% of your donation goes directly to Derek Prince Ministries UK outreaches.
Does Derek Prince Ministries UK partner with other ministries?
Our mission at Derek Prince Ministries UK is to make Derek Prince’ Bible teaching available to pastors and believers who are seeking to dig deeper into God’s Word. We partner with other Bible teaching ministries and theological colleges around the world and encourage pastors to learn from a wide range of teachers available to them. We hope that by playing our part in a pastor's theological formation they will develop their own authentic ministry teaching and resources for their specific settings.
Do you hold conferences?
Conferences are held in some countries. Although not all offices hold conferences of their own, We do participate in those organized by the local churches and ministries.
Do you plant churches?
As a ministry, we do not establish churches or Bible schools. We are called to work with the local indigenous leadership of the Christian community and to come alongside and support them in their efforts of evangelism, discipleship and church growth. Derek was a missionary at heart. Wherever he went, it was his desire to serve the Church in that nation. That is our attitude today. Our mission statement has changed through the years, but this one remains — our goal is to reach the unreached and teach the untaught. A great majority of the material that we produce is given away to do just that.
“The Bible is God’s own Word. It is God’s great gift to all people everywhere.”
Derek Prince
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