Stories From Around The World

Inspired by the teachings of Derek Prince, we regularly receive testimonies from pastors, church leaders and believers from around the world. Discover why Derek Prince Ministries Niue remains a trusted source of Bible teaching and inspiration for Christians everywhere.

What People Say

“I was led to the teachings of Derek Prince a few months ago. I can’t thank him enough for everything I have learned. A new world of spiritual knowledge has opened up to me. I hear him daily and I thank our Heavenly Father for his teachings.”

Carmen M, France

“I’ve been watching Derek Prince on YouTube for some years now. His teachings are so solid and refreshing that even now he continues to have an impact in a time when solid teaching is scarce.”

Minerva O, United States

“I have learned so much from your teachings.”

Pastor Lazarous P, Zambia

“I have been listening to Derek Prince’s teachings and it has changed my life. Thank you Derek Prince Ministries.”

Susannah T, Australia

“My life has been changed by Derek Prince’s teachings.”

Miriam G, United Kingdom

“I continue to be blessed and encouraged by Derek Prince Ministries! Thank you for making Derek’s profound teachings so readily available.”

Lynne C, United States

“I love this ministry. I got delivered from the grip of the enemy.”

Patrice A, Trinidad and Tobago

“By accident I came across one of Derek Prince’s teachings on YouTube. In the world we say ‘by accident’, but I know this was no accident. I truly believe this was the Holy Spirit leading and guiding me into all truths. And this first occurred approximately one month ago and I’ve been watching every day.”

Lisa J, United States

“I have truly been blessed by Derek Prince Ministries. Your teachings are clear and I’m a regular listener.”

Darryl L, United States

“I found Derek Prince’s sermons during the pandemic lockdown and have been feeling peace and joy while listening to his teachings.”

Meing, Malaysia

“I was baptised in high school and was much involved with Christianity, yet I didn’t know Christ’s work on the cross was for me. I thought Jesus was needed by others, but not me. I lived a sinful lifestyle. Several years later I was sick of my empty life and I wanted a solid direction. I watched all the inspirational videos I could find yet there was no lasting peace within me. After some time of searching, I was determined to have God for real. One night I knelt down in my bedroom and called out to God for forgiveness, and I began to read the Bible again. God led me to Romans 10:9-10 and gave me the faith to accept it. Finally I knew what Jesus Christ did for me on the cross. Praise God! Through your YouTube channel I found much teachings that increased my faith, and they are so practical to my walk with Christ.”

Samuel Z, Taiwan

“My life will never ever be the same after listening to Derek Prince’s teachings. It’s been two months now and I am completely committed in my walk, talk and thinking. Glory to God! Thank you.”

Shawnda J, United States

“Derek Prince is my teacher. I learn from him every day. He has been a blessing in my life and I thank our Lord for this. Thank you!”

Carmen R M, France

“Thank you for your steadfast service unto to world. I’ve been listening to Derek Prince’s teachings for the better part of the last year. Such an inspiration.”

Daniel, United Kingdom

“A couple of years ago I was desperately searching for someone who could teach me the Word of God. Until then I had found none and my knowledge just came from reading alone. At that time I was seeking God and browsing YouTube, where I found a teaching from Derek Prince. I was mesmerized. Ever since then I have watched his videos daily.”

Bruno S, Portugal

“Derek Prince opened my eyes through his teaching and set an example for me to follow.”

Lucinda, United States

“My wife and I discovered Derek’s teachings on YouTube and it really helped us to understand spiritual warfare. We are delivered now and continue to walk in faith with Jesus.”

Pietro P, Switzerland

“I thank God for Derrick Prince Ministries. You’re in the right place at the right time.”

Charles M, United States

“I was born in a Hindu family but accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour some years ago. I have since discovered Derek Prince on YouTube and have been healed of depression. I have learned a great deal and found a reliable Bible teacher (after so much of searching). Thank you so much Derek Prince Ministries for spreading the Word of God and the Gospel throughout the world.”

Shreyas J, India

“Today was the first day I watched a message by Derek Prince. It was so inspiring. Thank you.”

Theresa, United States

“I am really blessed by the teachings of Derek Prince.”

Annamma Q, India

“I thank God for Dereck Prince Ministries. It is a blessing to have such teachings so deep and straight to the core.”

Ann M P, USA

“A while back I was trying to read the Bible but didn’t understand it because I had the KJV. I didn’t know there were other versions. I was so ignorant. So I tried looking for a church to go to because I thought surely there I will be taught and they can explain. I went to several and ended up disappointed. No one around me could show me the way. So I gave up! I was recently watching YouTube and stumbled upon Derek Prince. Now I’m hooked! He was the type of person I was looking for. I am so thankful that his videos are still out and are being translated. I am learning so much! I watch his videos everyday.”

Belisa G, USA

“I am immensely encouraged by Derek Prince Ministries’ messages. My desire is intensified to learn the Word of God and bring blessings into our family. Thank you for all the resources you’ve made available.”

Pilli B, India

“Derek Prince’s teachings have transformed my life. I now live more aware of the supernatural world than ever before. I am excited to be on this new journey with the Holy Spirit. Learning about curses and blessings have been so God ordained. Even through the online video messages of Derek Prince I feel a powerful presence of God in my room. A true prophet and man of God. I wait to greet and thank him in Heaven!”

Suzie Grace, United Arab Emirates

“I thank Derek Prince for his thorough teachings! His love, patience, and dedication was very noticeable from the very beginning! He taught me so much! He is one of my ‘go to’ preachers! God spoke through him and he helped open my eyes to truth!”

Elizabeth, Canada

Derek Prince