DPM's Mission Still Has Pages Unwritten

Tim Sisarich
Director, DPM Connect
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Tim Sisarich
Director, DPM Connect

In the tapestry of humanity, threads of faith weave across continents, binding hearts to a God who so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son (John 3:16 NKJV). Within this rich mosaic, Derek Prince Ministries (DPM) continues to reach the unreached and teach the untaught, sharing the timeless truth that "whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life" (John 3:16 NKJV).

From the bustling streets of Cambodia to the tranquil villages of Vietnam, the ministry's reach extends far beyond geographical borders, boldly going beyond cultural and social barriers seeing God’s Holy Spirit touching lives in profound ways.

In the heart of Phnom Penh, amidst the vibrant tapestry of local traditions, a group gathers. Here, amidst the laughter and joy, a team from DPM quietly shares the life-saving truths of Christ. Through the incredible power of the Holy Spirit, they are leading people to Jesus, right there in the streets.

Venture further, into the remote corners of Vietnam, where pastors and church leaders labor tirelessly to nurture their flocks, with nothing more than a few pages of scripture. It's here that DPM offers more than just words; it provides essential resources and training from Derek Prince, empowering local church leaders to thrive amidst incredible adversity. It's a partnership built on mutual respect and a shared commitment to the gospel's transformative power.

But the ministry's impact isn't confined to physical spaces alone; it also extends into the digital realm. Embracing innovation, DPM harnesses the power of technology to spread Derek Prince's teachings far and wide. Through our online and social media platforms, like our YouTube channel, the message of hope transcends geographical boundaries, reaching hearts and minds hungry for truth, even in countries traditionally closed to the gospel message.

Yet, midst the vastness of our global outreach, DPM remains steadfast in our mission, echoing Derek's heart of humility and service. Our dedication is not marked by fanfare or grandstanding but by a quiet commitment to sharing the love of Christ with all who will listen. It's a living testament to Derek's vision, to reveal Bible-based truth and wisdom for Christians everywhere.

"...we must be prepared to minister to future generations in the most effective ways. This may require methods of delivery and presentation different from the radio programs, books, tapes, and videos that have thus far reached so many. I, for one, am excited about what God may have in store."
(Derek Prince)

As the ministry continues to stretch out across the globe, touching hearts and transforming lives, we're reminded that the story still has pages yet unwritten. Together, let us continue in prayer and support, knowing that the harvest is ripe and the laborers are few. For in the end, it is not about us, but about the glory of God touching and changing every life. May we, like Derek Prince, be vessels of grace and bearers of light in a world longing for hope and redemption.

I would encourage you to read Derek's personal search for truth and his life-changing discovery that truth is a Person, in Pages From My Life’s Book.

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