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Tim Sisarich
Director, DPM Connect
Tim Sisarich
Director, DPM Connect
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Derek Prince Ministries (DPM) recently returned to Shillong after an eleven-year gap, and the Lord has done mighty things. Among the first stories heard was a testimony from Pastor Sumar Thapa, who came to pick up the team at Guwahati airport. He shared a remarkable story from their last visit, which occurred during a challenging period of peak militancy in the state.

On that trip, Pastor Sumar’s brother, a police officer who was far from God and the church, attended the meetings even though they were primarily for pastors. The Lord touched him deeply, and he requested copies of the meeting recordings to listen to the messages repeatedly. He gave his life to Christ and was baptized. Tragically, two months later, he was killed in a militant encounter. Instead of devastation, the family rejoiced, knowing he had found salvation before his death. This profound story of transformation and hope amidst adversity underscored God’s perfect plan for the salvation of their brother.

During the recent three-day visit, the impact of DPM’s ministry was palpable. Daily meetings for pastors and leaders saw nearly 250 attendees each, while evening sessions drew over 400 people, continuing the theme of Spiritual Warfare. Sunday morning’s gathering was especially powerful, with over 1500 attendees and an overflow crowd accommodated on two lower floors, watching via CCTV. Additionally, more than 2000 people joined online, demonstrating the far-reaching influence of the ministry.

In the evening meetings on Saturday and Sunday, the Holy Spirit moved mightily. Words of prophecy were delivered, leading to a time of deliverance. The DPM India   team prayed for a long line of people needing freedom, and the Lord set them all free. At one point, the translator began to weep as she translated, experiencing her own deliverance from oppression. The joy and freedom were so overwhelming that the congregation began to celebrate and dance, praising the Lord long into the night.

The team’s return to Shillong was a testament to God’s faithfulness and the transformative power of His Word through DPM. The testimonies of deliverance, healing, and joy remind us that God is at work, changing lives and setting captives free. As we continue to support this vital ministry, we recognize the ongoing need for resources and prayer to sustain these impactful outreaches.

Looking ahead, DPM plans to continue its mission with upcoming outreaches, including a Youth Training Program, and Pastors’ Seminars in the Andaman Islands. The testimonies from Shillong highlight the importance of sustaining this ministry, ensuring that more lives can be touched and transformed by the power of God’s Word.

Testimonies like these remind us of the urgent need to continue Derek’s vital work, allowing God's Word to reach and transform even more lives across India. These powerful accounts of transformation, deliverance, and joy highlight the impact of the Gospel, and DPM's steadfast dedication to sharing the love of Jesus Christ.

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