Delhi Outreach: Witnessing God's Mighty Power

Derek Prince Ministries
Derek Prince Ministries
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Derek Prince Ministries (DPM) recently conducted an outreach in Delhi, witnessing profound spiritual breakthroughs and testimonies of God’s transformative power. Over three days, the ministry team engaged with pastors, leaders, and congregants, experiencing the Lord’s mighty hand at work in the heart of India.

In a city bustling with life and activity, DPM’s teachings on Spiritual Warfare resonated deeply with attendees. Nearly 250 pastors and leaders gathered each day, eager to receive the Word and be equipped for ministry. Evening sessions saw crowds exceeding 400 people, all hungry for God’s truth and deliverance. The Sunday morning service was particularly impactful, drawing over 1500 attendees, with an additional overflow accommodated on two lower floors, watching via CCTV. Online participation further extended the ministry’s reach, with more than 2000 people joining virtually.

One of the most moving moments came during the evening meetings on Saturday and Sunday. Words of prophecy were spoken, offering hope and encouragement to the church and its leaders. This led to a powerful time of deliverance ministry, where the DPM team was able to pray for those seeking freedom from spiritual bondage. The Holy Spirit moved powerfully, setting many people free, in Jesus’ name. The joy and relief were palpable, and the congregation responded with spontaneous and heartfelt worship and celebration.

There were so many incredible testimonies of deliverance and healing, with people sharing how they experienced God’s power and presence in profound ways. One such testimony came from a woman who had been struggling with severe demonic oppression. As the team prayed for her, she felt a heavy burden lift, and tears of joy flowed as she experienced God’s freedom for the first time in years.

This recent outreach shows just how evident the need is for DPM to press forward in its mission to reach the nearly 1.5 billion people of India and Sri Lanka. The resulting testimonies highlight the power of the Gospel, and the ministry’s unwavering commitment to sharing the love of Christ with all who will listen.

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