Burundi: Self-Study Bible Course Distributed

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1 February 2022
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Burundi is a small country in the heart of Africa, landlocked between the Democratic Republic of Congo on the left and Tanzania on the right. Both French and English are official languages.

Recently, an American lady with a heart for Africa, who goes there often, contacted DPM France about French material for Burundi. She shared about one of her good friends in Burundi who is working with many rural pastors who are desperate for good Bible teaching. Would we be able to help?

We were able to send them printable files for the Self Study Bible Course and within a week the first 40 books were printed and distributed to local pastors. The American lady shared a picture of her friend, holding a copy of the French Self Study Bible Course, while he was on his way to distribute the books by his Tuktuk.

We praise God for this wonderful initiative, with a promise to soon print more French material for pastors and individual believers in Burundi.

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