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A new brand identity for the spiritually hungry, capturing the refined simplicity of wisdom found in Derek Prince’s teachings.

Say hello to our new logo.

Derek Prince Ministries has a new logo, colour scheme, look and feel.

Yes, we’ve changed, and we’re glad you noticed, but we’re still the same ministry you know and love. We remain 100% committed to Derek’s mission of “Reaching the Unreached and Teaching the Untaught”, and in many ways our new logo emboldens this mandate.

We loved our old logo, and know many felt the same, so it’s important to note this is not change for the sake of change.

Yes, we’ve modernised the look and feel of the logo, but it serves other more practical purposes.

For example, the logo is now responsively designed and scalable.

With the proliferation of social media, apps and other online communication channels, there’s now an even greater need for logos to remain visible and consistent across all platforms. This is particularly necessary for small applications, such as a Facebook profile image that can shrink to just 36 pixels.

Our former logo, which features a map of the world, did not adapt well to this environment. At these sizes, all details are quickly lost, rendering it an unrecognisable smudge.

Whether you see the logo on a letterhead, app icon, YouTube profile image, or on a sign from a distance, our new logo is instantly recognisable, unique, clear and consistent.

What’s more, we’re moving away from acronyms and embracing the full name of our founder and mentor, Derek Prince. You’ll still see references to DPM, but in the fullness of time this will be replaced to help new audiences better identify and understand the ministry.

Over the coming months, you’ll see visuals and other elements aligning to our new logo, so don’t be surprised when you see it. It’s still us. We’re still Derek Prince Ministries, but more consistent and, hopefully, more recognisable.

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