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Neil Cornick
11 July 2022
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Will you give today to make more of Derek’s life-changing Bible teaching available in the digital world?

Your faithful support plays a key role in sustaining our ministry of making Derek’s teaching available to all who need it in the digital world.

Here are some examples of what your gift can make possible:

  • £28 can enable our Arabic ministry team to reach more than 200,00 people with relevant Bible-based messages on Facebook. Often such messages open doors for online conversations about Jesus and lead seekers to become His disciples.
  • £75 can make possible the creation of an audiobook that can be downloaded by Christians in places where there is a severe shortage of Bible teaching materials.
  • £150 can enable our team to dub two 5-minute videos by Derek Prince in Arabic, Hindu or Chinese to reach millions of believers who speak these languages.
  • £700 can help create and promote short teaching videos by Derek Prince on YouTube in a new format and with enhanced voice and images that make them attractive and easy to watch online.

Together we can give more seekers, new believers, and mature Christians new opportunities to unlock the power of God’s Word in their lives using Derek’s Bible teaching resources.

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