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Teaching Letters

Teaching LettersA Father's LeadershipA Heart Perfect Toward God (Part 1)A Heart Perfect Toward God (Part 2)Angelic Intervention in Human LivesBarriers to BlessingBattlefield of the MindBehold the ManBenefits of RedemptionBurying The Old NatureCharacter that Stands the TestClose to the ClimaxConfidenceDestined to RiseDefence Against DiscouragementDo You Bury Your Face in the Water? Do You Realize How Valuable You Are?Endurance Through FocusEnduring Under TrialsEthics of Ministry (Part 1)Ethics of Ministry (Part 2)Faith as a FruitFaith as a GiftFinishing the RaceFitly Joined TogetherFollow Me!Free to Worship (Part 1)Free to Worship (Part 2)From Rejection To Acceptance (Part 1)From Rejection To Acceptance (Part 2)God's Abundance: Meeting The Conditions
God's Abundance: People - The Purpose Of Abundance
God's Abundance: Receiving The Promise
God's Abundance: Tapping the Source (Part 1)
God's Abundance: Tapping the Source (Part 2)
God's Abundance: The Final Four Conditions
Hardest Test of All
Hope in Christ (Part 1)Hope in Christ (Part 2)Hope (Part 1)Hope (Part 2)Hope (Part 3)Hope (Part 4)Hope (Part 5)How to Respond to TestingHumanism: Forerunner for AntichristIndispensable WordOur Debt to IsraelPraying & Fasting for JerusalemPraying For The Government (Part 1)Praying For The Government (Part 2)Pride Vs Humility (Part 1)Pride Vs Humility (Part 2)Pride Vs Humility (Part 3)Pride Vs Humility (Part 4)Principles of Spiritual ProtectionStanding in the GapSuccess in Our HomesThe Active and Powerful WordThe Climax of the ConflictThe Battle to ReignThe Blood of the LambThe Delusion of IndependenceThe Error Of BalaamThe First MileThe Fruit Of The Holy SpiritThe Gifts Of The Holy SpiritThe Holy Spirit: Eternal, Omniscient, OmnipresentThe Importance of JerusalemThe Importance of Right RelationshipsThe Laying on of HandsThe Lord's TreasureThe Purpose of TestingThe Weapons of Our WarfareTo Please My FatherTwo Wonderful ResultsWalking Through the Land of God's Promises (Part 1)Walking Through the Land of God's Promises (Part 2)Walking Through the Land of God's Promises (Part 3)Walking Through the Land of God's Promises (Part 4)Walking Through the Land of God's Promises (Part 5)Walking Through the Land of God's Promises (Part 6)Warfare in Heavenly PlacesWords!WorshipYour Walk With God (Part 1)Your Walk With God (Part 2)You've Got To Have Hope

Word From The Word

Word From The Word VideosA Bottle Full Of TearsA Broken SpiritA Heart Set FreeA New SongA Place For The LordA Remedy For InsomniaA Rushing TorrentA Throne For The KingA Time Of RejoicingAbide ForeverAccess Through WorshipAcknowledge HimAll Creatures Praise The LordAll-Sufficient RelationshipAn Undivided HeartAnchored To God’s LawAppropriate ResponseAt Death’s DoorAt Home In EternityAwaiting The ClimaxBe Still, And KnowBeginning Your DayBless God For His BenefitsBlessed DisciplineBlessed ForgivenessBuilding On God’s LawsCall For Help!Choosing LifeClosely Compacted TogetherClothed In RighteousnessClothed With SalvationCommit Then TrustCommit Your Works to the LordComplete ProtectionContinual PraiseCreated To PraiseDeath Brings LifeDelighted In GodDeliverance Calls Forth A New SongDelivered From FearDiscipline – A Mark Of LoveEmbracing God’s CommandsEncounter With GodEnthroned Over The FloodExercise Divine AuthorityFaith In God’s GoodnessFaithful in Little ThingsFriendship With God’s PeopleFrom Enrollment To GraduationFrom The Ends Of The EarthGates Of PraiseGather Together To Give ThanksGenerosity To Those In NeedGod Hears And AnswersGod Is Alive!God Is My FatherGod In The RockGod’s Banquet TableGod’s Covenant-Keeping FaithfulnessGod’s Medicine BottleGuard Your HeartHe Calls The Stars By NameHealing The BrokenheartedHiding God’s WordHis Lovingkindness Is EverlastingHomesickHonor The Lord With Your WealthHope For The LonelyHope In The LordHow To Overcome FearIn Complete ControlIn God AloneIn The Day Of BattleLearning From AfflictionMeasureless LoveNever-Failing HelpOn Center StageOpen My Ears!Open Before GodOvershadowedPeace Through PrayerPlanted In God’s HousePraise No Matter WhatPrayers We Should Not PrayPrevailing Through PraisePromises That Stand The TestReceive from GodRefined In A FurnaceRefined In The FurnaceRestored AppreciationRevived By God’s WordSetting Right PrioritiesSettled In HeavenSharing God’s LoftinessSharing God’s PleasuresShieldedSoul ThirstSow In Tears; Reap In JoySowing And ReapingStability, SecurityStrength That Never FailsTake God Into AccountTaste And SeeTested By God’s PromiseThank Offerings To GodThe Appointed TimeThe Beauty Of RighteousnessThe Creative WordThe Gift Of SleepThe Gift Of SleepThe Key To PeaceThe Lord Examines Our PathsThe Lord Of TimeThe Miracle Of RedemptionThe Place Of BlessingThe Purpose Of God’s LawsThe Redeemed Say SoThe Rudder of the BodyThe Secret Hidden WisdomThe Source Of JoyThe Unseen ArmyThe Watershed Of HistoryThe Way Out Is UpThe Wonderful CounselorTime To ConsiderTrue SecurityTrue WisdomTwo Kingdoms In ContrastWeaned From ArroganceWhen My Foot SlipsWisdom Hates EvilWisdom’s FoundationYou Can Be His Temple“To The Shelter”

Daily Devotions

Daily DevotionsKnowing the WordApplying the BloodWalking in ObedienceEliminating SinRelying on the LambA Complete SacrificeThe Measure of His LoveTrue BelieversThe Sinless LambAn Effective TransferThe Protection of the AlmightyBought at a PriceMade and Bought by HimOut of One Kingdom - into AnotherFull Rights of RedemptionSettling All ClaimsTwo Directions of ForgivenessA Clean SlateThe Countless Blessings of ForgivenessAcknowledging Our SinTestifying PersonallyA Continuing ProcessCleansing Here and NowFulfilling the ConditionsBringing Sin to the LightObedience and TruthThe Blood “Speaks”Smooth StonesA Hunger and Thirst for RighteousnessWhat Justification MeansRighteous and JustJustified FreelyBoldness by RighteousnessPeace and AssuranceA Good ConfessionWhat Sanctification MeansRespect for the BloodA Total TransferBought Back TotallyHis Plan to Make Us HolyNot a Set of RulesHoliness by FaithThe Indwelling Holy SpiritMy Body: The Lord’s TempleGod’s PropertyListening to God’s VoiceHis Holy Spirit within UsWashing and RegenerationRenewal by the SpiritForgiving OthersSay It Again!Jesus the DelivererUnderstanding the BattlegroundThe Power of FastingThe Ruthless CrossKeep Saying It!Glorifying God in My Body“Fearfully and Wonderfully Made”The Importance of DietSpending Time in PrayerCooperating with the SpiritTaking Care of the TempleRadical ObedienceFinishing His WorkPresenting Ourselves to GodRelease from TormentYielded to GodMoving ForwardChoosing GraceWhom Will We Serve?My Body Is for the LordResurrection LifeThe Glory to Be RevealedThe Blood of JesusThe Importance of CommunionLaying Down Our LivesThe Weapons of Our WarfareConfessing FaithA Personal GodA Miraculous CreationAn Intricate UnityGod’s BlueprintA Living SacrificeA Body of HumiliationHealing for the BodyGod Is PresentGod Will ProtectHealer of the BrokenheartedShowing Mercy to IsraelFavor for ZionGod of CovenantGod Demands a ResponsePunished for Our PeaceRedeemed!Our Need for ForgivenessHealing through ForgivenessForgiven as We ForgiveRemembering His BenefitsEscaping from the CurseTotal SalvationHealing and SalvationGiving ThanksHe Bore Our SicknessesRemoving Barriers to HealingHealing for AllAppropriating HealingA Clear ExchangeThe Lord’s DecisionThe Perfect OfferingComplete ProvisionThe “Romans Recipe”Entering into LifeWe Will Be DeliveredAtonement: The HubHis Suffering for UsOur Amazing RepresentativeIdentifying with JesusHidden with ChristAbundant, Eternal LifeThe Total ExchangeThe Reality of Blessings and CursesRedeemed from the CurseCommon Indications of a CurseBlessing in All AreasThe Administrator of the Blessing“The Promise of My Father”Overtaken by BlessingsExhausting the CurseHis AbundanceAll Grace: Enough and MoreGod’s Grace in FinancesMeeting God’s ConditionsCaring for the PoorEnjoying the BlessingFreed from Shame“Despising the Shame”Sharing His GloryThe Joy Set before HimHelping God’s Chosen OnesBoasting in the CrossOrdained for GloryWe Are Accepted!Remedy for RejectionThe Holy Spirit’s ProbeExperiencing His AcceptanceSteps to AcceptanceAccepting OurselvesFinding Your PlaceSpiritual Life: Fellowship with GodPhysical Life: Resurrection LifeEternity with GodUnion with ChristCommunion with the CreatorMarriage Relationship with the LordWorship: The ConsummationA Clean RecordNothing Shall Hurt UsReplacing the Old Sinful ManTotal, Permanent VictoryFreedom from Legalism“No Condemnation”Fully HisTrue IdentityTrue Self-worthComing to the FatherAccepted!In the Father’s ArmsPleasing the FatherOur True HomeGod’s Standard of FriendshipPerfect FellowshipThe Price of FriendshipEnjoying GodThe Measure of CommitmentSubmitting to God’s InstructionIntelligent Partners with GodMade RighteousOne Act of ObedienceProducts of RighteousnessThe Gift of RighteousnessLife in the SonThe Life of the VineImputed and Outworked RighteousnessUnited with GodJoined to the LordSpirit to SpiritCommunion with GodWorship in the SpiritSpiritual FruitChannels of Spiritual LifeBelonging to JesusInstruments God UsesThe Pearl of Great PriceHis Forever!The Purchase PricePresenting Our BodiesSanctified, Set Apart, TranslatedFinding Our PlaceWe Need One AnotherMy Specific PlaceKnit TogetherWorking TogetherTreating One Another RightGod Has Placed UsWhat Is Holiness?Called Holy OnesHis Will for UsGod’s InitiativeWashed by His WordSet Apart by the BloodObeying God under GraceHis Sons and His DaughtersGod’s Irresistible LoveThe Weapon of the WordChildren and CoheirsA Father’s LoveThe Place of MaturityRelationship with Our FatherOur Dependence upon the Holy SpiritThe Way to the FatherThe Door and the ShepherdWe Are FamilyBringing Us to the FatherOne Way for LibertyAccess by the SpiritThe Meaning of PerfectDoing the Will of GodAccessing God’s Total ProvisionComplete in ChristThe Fullness of Christ: God HimselfBy One SacrificePerfect CirclesNew Man LivingThe Product of TruthIncorruptible SeedBeing RenewedSpiritual NourishmentPutting on the NewCorresponding FruitFavored and AcceptedThe Antidote to LonelinessFamily: A Shared Life SourceThe Best Family in the UniverseWelcoming the ProdigalGod Chose in AdvanceWhat God Has Done!God Knows Me CompletelyGod Knows AllJesus’ Supernatural Knowledge and WisdomGod Is in ControlPraying in the Will of GodReceiving When We AskMy Exceedingly Great RewardFreedom to LoveMoved with CompassionWhat Moves Us?The Fountain of CompassionCaring for the Uncared ForA Measure of RighteousnessClothed with RighteousnessThe Spirit of AdoptionBirth and AdoptionLed by the SpiritGoing on to PentecostSuffering and ReigningThe Scope of Our InheritanceThe Eternal Fatherhood of GodDoubly HisThe Breath of LifeOur Priceless BodiesThis Marvelous WorkmanshipHis Dwelling PlacePresenting Our MembersPlaced on the AltarPraying for the Peace of JerusalemSeeking Israel’s Good by PrayerGod’s Restoration for His PeopleReminding the LordSpeaking ComfortThe Lord, Our HealerPeace and ProsperityGod’s Command to RestAn Attitude of WorshipChoosing to Worship and RestWalking in Proper FearBelieving and EnteringEnjoying CreationWalking...and FaithThe Importance of DiligenceGrowing and ProgressingOvercoming LazinessAdding Personal DiligenceFulfillment of God’s PromisesCultivating DiligenceThe Fruit of DiligenceThe High Priest of Our ConfessionMaking the Right ConfessionThe Words We SpeakOur AdvocateThe Heart and the MouthThe Fruit of Our WordsNo Matter What Pressures ComeAn Invitation from GodThrowing Off CondemnationEliminating Every HindranceCome BoldlyWatching Our MotivesAccording to His LovingkindnessBy His RighteousnessAn Ongoing PathAdvancing to MaturityBeing Built UpGod’s Program for MaturityDoing the Father’s WillDenial of Self-willOur Spiritual ObjectiveTaking Our Place with ChristBy a New and Living WayFour RequirementsIdentifying with JesusSeven TimesLife in the BloodThe Lifeblood of JesusThe Importance of HopeWithout WaveringA Realm That Does Not ChangeBeing Fully PersuadedThe Battle for the PromiseUnfailing FaithFaith/Present – Hope/FutureBringing Out the BestEmptying OurselvesDethroning OurselvesAn Acquired SkillConsidering Jesus FirstProvocation - The Right KindRight FellowshipSuccess in the RaceThe Right Mental AttitudeThe Condition of Self-controlCultivating EnduranceA Long, Deliberate RaceThe Persevering ProcessUntil the EndGrace and ThanksStopping to Say “Thanks”The Appropriate ResponseThe Release Thanksgiving BringsThe Necessity of GratitudeGiving Thanks to GodFulfilling God’s WillBearing His ReproachA City He Has PreparedIdentification with the CrossThe Mark of SeparationHis Banishment: Our AcceptanceAccepting “the Arm of the Lord”“No Form Nor Comeliness”Lips That Give ThanksLiberated by the CrossA Costly SacrificeContagious PraisePraise in the DesertThe Mark of ThankfulnessPraise Silences the DevilInvoking God’s Blessing
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