Harvesting In ‘The Rice Bowl of Cambodia’

Huy Ly, Derek Prince Ministries Cambodia Director
12 July 2022
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In June 2022, we were privileged to be the first team to organise two pastors’ conferences in the Battambang province, in northwest Cambodia.

A local church in a remote village invited us and the number of pastors and church leaders exceeded our expectations. The church building was not big enough for everyone, so two groups actually studied under the trees!

Derek Prince Bible teaching

Our team focussed on the teaching in Derek’s books Father God; Applying the Blood and By Grace Alone. Some of the senior pastors from this province joined us and they were willing to share their knowledge of the Word during small group discussions.

A team of seven young people led us in worship to the Lord, and we sang and danced in the house of the Lord. People shared how God is a good Heavenly Father who takes care of us in every situation. Everyone enjoyed sharing so much, that they didn’t want to end the seminars.

Praying for the harvest

The Battambang province is often called ‘the rice bowl of Cambodia’ because enough rice is grown here to supply the entire country. However, harvesting has not been good these last few years. At times it has been too dry, and other times flooding has destroyed the crops. So we prayed for this province, that the Lord would heal and bless the land again. We also prayed for a spiritual harvest.

We left the pastors with copies of Derek’s teaching material and we will keep supplying them with more as needed in the future.

You are part of the story

Thank you for your prayers and gifts to support our ministry in Cambodia. You are a partner in this story!

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