Training seminars in Estonia

Derek Prince Ministries UK
20 September 2022
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Derek Prince Ministries outreach worker German participated in L.I.F.E, an annual conference for pastors, leaders and ministers of churches, in Bauska, Latvia. It is an opportunity for fellowship, teaching and spiritual growth. There were over 400people present at the conference, representing different countries and continents. German, together with ministers of his church, the Source of Life Church in Narva, Estonia, came to the conference for three days.

DPM Estonia outreach worker German and his wife

German brought with him books of Derek Prince and presented those at the exhibition tables. He noticed:

“Along with us in the hall there were tables with books by other authors, but most people were interested in Derek's books. Good and balanced Bible teaching will always be in demand.”

At the moment German is preparing materials for Derek Prince seminars for the parishioners of the church where God has made him pastor. “I am hoping to start training them in November”, German said.

Foundational training is much needed in the Baltic states, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. After decades of Communism, the Soviet Union’s collapse left a moral vacuum which was quickly filled by opportunistic negative influences. Drug and alchohol abuse, a widespread sex trade, and high rates of abortion and suicide all point to significant needs. People often feel numb or even helpless. Although these countries have done relatively well from a technology and development perspective, they need prayer for the deeper and eternal needs of its people.

But the church needs a spiritual awakening too. Since their independence from the Soviet Union in 1990, the church has been beset by theological pressures from Western, liberal Protestantism.

Thank you for supporting our ministry and for helping outreach workers like German to bring solid Bible teaching to strengthen the Body of Christ in this part of the world.  

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