Frequently Asked Questions About Derek Prince

Distinguished scholar and celebrated Bible teacher to the nations, Derek Prince was a man of God who was highly revered for his biblical insights and wisdom.


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Where was Derek Prince born?

Bangalore, India.

When was Derek Prince born?

14 August 1915

Is Derek Prince dead?

Derek Prince died on the 24 September 2003.

What age did Derek Prince die?

88 years (1915-2003)

Where did Derek Prince die?

Derek Prince died at his home in Jerusalem.

Where is Derek Prince buried?

Alliance Church International Cemetery, Jerusalem.

How did Derek Prince die?

Derek Prince died in his sleep of heart failure following a prolonged period of declining health.

What did Derek Prince believe?

Derek Prince was a non-denominational, non-sectarian Pentecostal Christian. His beliefs align with our Statement of Faith which guides us in all matters of faith and practice.

Statement of faith
“When people ask me sometimes, ‘What denomination are you, what church do you attend?’ I like to answer, like the Psalmist: ‘I’m a friend to all who fear God, to all who follow His precepts.’ It isn’t so much a matter of label; it’s a question of the attitude of the heart and the course of the life.” - Derek Prince

What was Derek’s favourite Bible translation?

Derek preferred the King James Version and even studied the original Hebrew and Greek text.

To communicate clearly with audiences, he often used modern translations such as the New American Standard Bible, the New International Version and the New King James Version. At times he referenced the J.B. Phillips Bible, The Living Bible or the Amplified Bible, if it better expressed the passage and its meaning.

Was Derek Prince married?

Derek was married and widowed twice.

Lydia Prince
m. 1946-1975

Ruth Prince
m. 1978-1998
“I was married to Lydia for 30 years and to Ruth for 20. And each of them was a happy and successful marriage.” - Derek Prince

When did Lydia Prince die?

5 October 1975 (aged 85)

When did Ruth Prince die?

29 December 1998 (aged 68)

Did Derek Prince have any children?

Derek Prince is the late father of 11 children.