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Hearing From God

Is it hard for you to believe God wants to speak to you? Do you have a difficult time hearing from Him? Would you like to be more confident in this area of your life? The topic we are highlighting is an essential element of the Christian life—finding God’s direction and taking the right steps along that path. It makes perfect sense that because this is such a basic part of our lives in the Lord, He would be gracious enough to speak to us and guide us.

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Reaching the unreached, teaching the untaught.

Teaching Legacy Of Derek Prince: Seven Ways To Pray For Israel

Over the years, many people have expressed their desire to be praying for Israel, but they have not really known how to pray. In this letter, I am going to recommend seven ways you can pray for Israel and the situation in the Middle East.

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Reaching the unreached, teaching the untaught.

Carrying The Burden For China

Today, there are two issues that burden the Derek Prince China team. One is the eternal destiny of 1.4 billion Chinese men, women, and children. How will they know that Jesus died to bring them life? The other is the need to support the church in China under tightening government policies. We are focused daily on these issues. Our challenge is to utilize both new and traditional approaches to strengthen our dear brothers and sisters in China!

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Reach the unreached. Teach the untaught.

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