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Honouring The Bible Teacher Who Changed My Life

June 6, 2022
Pearl Coleman

It is indeed an honour for me to share my experiences and pay tribute to the late Derek Prince, the greatest spiritual teacher in my life.

I had an encounter in my life with the Lord Jesus as my Saviour at the age of three years. The account of my journey in Christ is documented in my first book ‘Go and Do Likewise’ published in 1990. It was followed by my second book ‘Fruit Abiding in the Vine,’ which was published in 1991. By this time, I had met Derek Prince and had learned so much from him on the topics of healing and deliverance and freedom from curses, including ancestral curses many of which I was under.

In fact, the second part of ‘Fruit Abiding in the Vine’ focused on this subject much of which I had learned from the teaching of Derek Prince. I was then in my late forties. And I felt really blessed when the then Director of DPM telephoned me with a message from Derek to say how encouraged he was by reading this book.

Subsequently, I started attending many of the conferences of Christian Friends of Israel in the Holy Land where an encounter with Derek encouraged me to join his correspondence Bible School, but, at that time my life was full of work responsibilities, study at a local college and writing my own columns in health and environmental magazines. Thus, I let the correspondence course go.

However, I took all the teaching materials Derek Prince offered in the Bible course and made a lending library. A few years later I started teaching on deliverance at the Christian Clinic where I was working with an amazing team of men and women of Christ.

Teaching at home and by invitation of other ministries in the UK led to trips to minister in many countries and I do not think a single teaching session took place without my reference to my teacher Derek Prince. Countries where I have ministered included Malaysia where I was welcomed by the late Dr Joy Seevaratnam GP and a former freemason who had also learned a great deal from Derek.

I recall an incident when teaching in an underground church in Libya to mostly brothers from Ghana and Nigeria, that during the teaching the Lord gave me a word to pray for Derek who had a serious need. So, from the platform of this underground church, I asked the gathering if any had heard of Derek Prince and about 12 in the 60 gathered said they had, including Rev Dr William Osageide who got me into Libya in the first place.

I stopped teaching and got them all to stand and pray in the Spirit. But, I never to this day knew how Derek learnt of this, but he rang me when I got home and told me that he understood I had made an altar call for him in Libya, and he thanked me and said “continue to pray because I need it.”

Wherever I ministered, in Malta, Israel, India, Denmark etc Derek’s books were always noted down, especially those on fasting and marriage and how to Pray for the Government. Much needed now of course!

At 85 years of age I believe I have ministered life to around 25,000 people and on some occasions I have seen their legs grow - a disputed phenomenon taught by Derek! It is fair to say this type of ministry needs great boldness and comes under much attack. Derek had this experience which he often shared bless him. It needs a boldness and fear of the Lord believe me!

Sharing Derek’s Bible teachings with future generations

I know that Derek’s teaching turned me inside out and helped refine my faith and my ministry, a refining that no doubt will go on until my death. That is why, I want to see this blessing pass onto others by including a gift to Derek Prince Ministries in my will. I have done this because I desire to see tomorrow’s Christian leaders, Bible teachers and believers to experience the blessings I have received from Derek’s teaching.

Once at a gathering for the Christian Friends of Israel in Jerusalem Derek taught me something I will never forget. The room was packed with people eagerly waiting for Derek to speak. And, when he stood up to our surprise, he told us that every day between 2pm – 4pm, he would lay before the Lord and just listen to Him. A few days ago, when he was doing just that the Lord had convicted him of many unrepented sins. Can you imagine the gasp that came from the audience?

A few seconds later he added “and I am not going to tell you what they were. I am not a thief, an extortioner, an adulterer or anything like that but these sins the Lord spoke to me about were about the many irritations, the impatience and attitudes which needed correcting.” The Lord also told him that he had the choice to confess and repent of them now or that they would be broadcast over the heavens later.

Then addressing us he asked us to take a few minutes before the Lord to enquire about ourselves. He invited us to stand, close our eyes and seek the Lord, which we did! Then he added, “If you feel that the Lord has convicted you of some sin, put your hand up. And if you do not raise it I feel to cast out a lying spirit!”

Of course, all our hands were raised! Derek prayed for us and then suggested we all returned to our hotel rooms and sought the Lord in some measure. I know that I had a lot of attitudes to deal with and deep unforgiveness of childhood grievances. Dealing with them really changed my life. This was one of the most precious teachings I experienced from Derek Prince.

Maybe you can take some time over the next few days to think about how Derek’s teaching has changed your life and consider including a gift in your will to this precious ministry.

In the words of Ecclesiastes 11:1, I invite you to ‘cast your bread upon the waters' of this ever-flowing ministry and become a catalyst for blessing and teaching others who desperately need to understand and apply God’s Word into their lives.

Thank you and may God bless you.

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