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Uniting to Touch Africa

November 29, 2022
Derek Prince Ministries USA

A new day is dawning for Derek Prince Ministries in Africa—and we are pleased to say that the sunrise is beautiful. As we look back from all that God is doing in this region of the world today, it is amazing to think that Derek first set foot in Africa more than eighty years ago.

Africa Beginnings

In the Derek Prince biography by Stephen Mansfield, we read the story of Derek circumnavigating Africa on his way to the Suez Canal in 1941. The ship Derek travelled on, “The City of Paris,” put in for a brief stop in Durban, South Africa. This otherwise unspectacular event occasioned two memorable moments in Derek’s life.

The first significant action was that Derek played an instrumental role there in quelling a mutiny of 350 members of the French Free Navy who found conditions on the ship deplorable. The captain of the vessel spoke no French, and the mutineers spoke no English. Fortunately, Derek spoke both languages, and was thus able to broker peace and bring reconciliation on the ship.

The second significant action came when Derek joined a group of fellow soldiers holding an evangelistic street meeting in this port. On that street corner, Derek shared his testimony of coming to faith in an army barracks in Scarborough, England. What he shared that day led to an invitation to speak at a subsequent street meeting alongside a group of Plymouth Brethren missionaries. In that time of ministry, many Africans came to faith in Christ.

A God-Inspired History

Since those early days of Derek’s beginning contact with Africa, a great many people throughout Africa (and around the world) have been reconciled to God and discipled through Derek’s life, testimony, and teaching. It is 65 years now since Derek and Lydia Prince first set foot in Kenya with two of their daughters—Anna and Elisabeth. In the five years following their arrival in Africa, Derek served as the principal of the Teacher Training College in Nyang’ori near Kisumu in Western Kenya. During that time, they adopted their ninth daughter, Joska, a beautiful African girl.

The history of DPM work in Africa was to continue through Derek and Ruth Prince, with ministry trips to Ghana, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Kenya, and Zambia throughout the years they ministered together. Additionally, many thousands of resources were sent to leaders in that continent through the Global Outreach Leaders Program. The DPM-South Africa office was established in 1984, and more offices and outreach work continued springing up in various African nations, particularly in the last decade.

Working Together

As the leadership of Derek Prince Ministries worldwide began to look ahead to the future of our African ministry, it has become evident that we need to unite the work throughout Sub-Saharan Africa under one umbrella. Closer collaboration among all the Derek Prince Ministries leaders and co-workers is an absolute necessity.

Realizing this strategic need, our first step was to gather DPM Africa leaders in Nairobi, Kenya in August 2022 for an “African Summit.” The purpose of the time together was to pray, encourage one another, network, strategize, and seek the Lord for His vision for DPM in Africa.

It was a wonderful time together, with representatives from Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Madagascar, Malawi, Egypt, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, and Nigeria. Also attending were leaders from Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

Participants in that summit heard and shared wonderful testimonies of all God is already doing throughout the continent. There was also a strong recognition among all who gathered of just how ripe the harvest is. In Derek Prince’s message The Two Harvests, he cites Revelation 14:15: “Thrust in your sickle and reap, for the time has come for you to reap, for the harvest of the earth is ripe.” In his comments on the passage, Derek pointed out that “the Greek says the harvest of the earth is dry; it is overripe. It is in danger of being lost.” What Derek observed is certainly true for Africa today. The harvest is very ripe—and we can’t afford for any of it to be spoiled.

Training the Laborers

With such a vast and varied constituency, our DPM Africa teams will begin embarking upon a multi-pronged approach for 2023—including translation and printing of books as well as Teaching Letters in 19 languages. Where there is access to the internet, the plan is to build small, local language websites where people can open up Derek’s Bible teaching for free download. (Please see for some examples.)

Our DPM team in Kenya has worked diligently to establish an accessible Bible School program based on Derek’s teaching. This activity has been taking place 3 days per month for 3 years in nearly 30 locations. With a current enrolment approaching 1,200 students, we are beginning to receive requests from surrounding nations to provide a similar program. This will necessitate increased translation of resources and training of teachers to respond to these requests and extend the impact of this outreach.

Africa team members are now going—as well as training others to go—to minister in prisons, schools, universities, military outposts, hospitals, and refugee camps. These harvest-time laborers are taking the good news of the Kingdom, discipling people in the Word of God and in the power of the Holy Spirit. They are touching the lives of people in many nations, and we are so grateful for all that the Lord is already doing.

A Time for Greater Impact

Truly, the opportunities for increased impact in Africa are limitless. It is a new day for DPM work throughout Africa—and the dawn is breaking on this time of harvest.

Do you sense the Holy Spirit confirming this reality in your heart? Do you feel the Lord’s urging within you to join with us in prayer and financial investment in this developing Africa harvest?

We invite and encourage you to respond to Him. Will you please partner with us in welcoming a new day of harvest in Africa? Thank you in advance for your prayers and gifts toward that end.

Yours in His Service,

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