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Step by Step

February 07, 2023
Dick Leggatt

What are your expectations for yourself as a follower of Jesus Christ? Are you looking for one huge, dynamic experience to bring you into God’s fullness? Or are you willing to walk out the Christian life in daily, practical obedience to the will of God?

Over the years, I have seen many Christians face disappointment and frustration in their spiritual growth. One of the main reasons has been their expectation for miraculous one-time solutions to the issues they face. Miracles are indeed wonderful—and they do happen, thank the Lord. But here is a truth that may encourage you in your walk with Jesus. Most of the progress in our life with Jesus Christ comes step by step.

Follow the Lines

Speaking of miracles, I remember one which I experienced in connection with the theme of this letter. When I was a young believer, newly baptized in the Holy Spirit, my future parents-in-law invited me to travel with them to a charismatic conference in a tiny hamlet in England. Once there, I was assigned to stay with a young couple in their country cottage in a remote part of the region where the conference was being held.

One evening, having stayed late after the meeting, I found myself with no transportation back to the young couple’s cottage. I would have to walk the mile or so to my quarters. As I stepped out of the meeting hall, it was pitch black outside—so much so that I could hardly even see the road. “Lord, how am I going to find my way?” I asked.

The answer came in a simple bit of revelation: “Just follow the white edge line of the road.” I looked down, and there before me was the white line the Lord had mentioned. I dutifully followed it—step by step—all the way to the little cottage. The next morning at breakfast, I told Andrew and Sue how I had found my way home in the darkness: “I just followed the white edge line on the road.” They looked at me with rather puzzled expressions, and Sue said, “Our roads out here have no edge lines.”

That night, I had learned an early lesson in miracles and step-by-step obedience.

A Lamp to Our Feet

Two simple, yet profound passages from the Bible provide insight for us on this matter of step-by-step obedience to the Lord. The first is from the longest chapter in the Bible, Psalm 119. Verse 105 says, “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” The inference of that verse is that the light provided by the Lord is for each step (“to my feet”) and for just a short distance ahead (“to my path”). Not much more.

The other simple yet profound verse is Isaiah 30:21, which gives us a wonderful promise of step-by-step guidance from the Lord: “Your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, ‘This is the way, walk in it,’ whenever you turn to the right hand or whenever your turn to the left.” In a word, step-by-step progress by the voice of Jesus.

A Light to Our Path

Derek Prince testified to an early lesson the Lord taught him through a direct prophetic word: “All progress in the Christian life is by faith.” Certainly, that can include faith for big, life-changing interventions. But it also means the nitty gritty faith of following our Lord Jesus diligently—step by step—in the daily tasks He gives us.

In many of his teachings, Derek talked about the truth he had seen from Psalm 119.  In this excerpt from his message, “God Is a Matchmaker, Part 2,” Derek embellishes upon this step-by-step theme for us:

In Psalm 119, verse 105, the psalmist says this to the Lord: “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.” (NIV)
What do we walk with? We walk with feet. What do we walk on? We walk on a path.
God’s Word provides light—both for our feet and our path. It does not always illuminate the distant scene. But if we walk in obedience to the Word of God, as it applies to our lives in any situation, we will never be in complete darkness. We will always have enough light to see the next step that we need to take.
That is all that faith demands.

Keeping It Simple

Let’s not overthink this very basic principle of the Christian life. Let’s keep it simple, and respond in a trusting, obedient way to what Jesus wants to do in every aspect of our lives. Will you please pray the following prayer with me?

Dear Lord Jesus, right now I affirm the truth I am understanding from this letter. Walking with You does not have to be a complicated process, but simply a matter of step-by-step obedience.

Help me, Lord, to listen carefully to hear Your voice, directing me to the right hand or to the left. Please clear out all the distractions and all the vain imaginings that might deceive me. Help me to keep a simple focus on the steps before me, and upon the path just ahead. Train me to follow the example You set in step-by-step obedience to the will of the Father. Just as You did, Jesus, help me to do only that which I see and hear You doing.

In this year especially, Lord Jesus, I commit myself to follow You step by step, listening carefully and obeying completely as You lead me. Amen.

The Core of Our Faith

You may not fully recognize it at this point, but what you and I have just prayed together is absolutely profound at its core. In my own experience, I have found it to be the absolute bedrock of the life of faith: step-by-step obedience to God’s direction.

One of the best ways you and I can stay attuned to His voice is to immerse ourselves in the Word of God. Here at Derek Prince Ministries, we would say this is one of the reasons why people all over the world request Derek’s teaching. For every person who receives his messages, the effect is a sharpening of focus upon God’s Holy Word.

We are happy to supply as much foundational instruction as you desire, and a good place to start would be the message from which we drew Derek’s excerpt: “God Is a Matchmaker, Part 2.” It is yours, free of charge, simply use the download link below. We offer it gladly—just one simple way for us to thank you again for your prayers and your support.

Though We Falter

Admittedly, following Jesus step by step is not quite as simple as we might think. Life presents many distractions and diversions which militate against our simple obedience. Not to mention the enemy of our souls, whose main goal is to trip us up, distract our focus, or slyly divert us from the right path to many other wrong paths.

Let me offer one more promise from the Bible, along with a quick comment which may encourage you. Psalm 37:23–24 says this: “The steps of a good man [and a good woman] are ordered [established] by the Lord, and He [the Lord] delights in his way. Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down; for the Lord upholds him with His hand.” Even when we falter in the way, the Lord promises to help us step by step.

In the challenging days ahead of us, it will be necessary for us to stay focused on the immediate pathway ahead. Let’s renew our promise to follow Him—step by step.

All the best,

Dick Leggatt

President, DPM–USA

God Is a Matchmaker, Pt. 2

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