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Open Hearts in Eastern Europe

February 16, 2023
Derek Prince Ministries USA

Dear Friend,

Turbulent events in recent years have shaken not only the nations of the world, but also the lives of many believers in Eastern and Central Europe. The ongoing Covid pandemic has been followed by a military conflict in Ukraine which has caused one of the largest humanitarian crises in Eastern Europe since World War II. This region of the world has become a refuge for millions who have fled the horrors of the ongoing war in their homeland.

Despite all of these challenges, the work of Derek Prince Ministries in Eastern Europe is progressing and growing. Thanks to the faithful prayers and financial support of friends like you, the Bible teaching of Derek Prince continues to impact so many people in Eastern Europe who are searching for meaning in life.

One such person is Milivoj from Croatia, who became a disciple of Jesus as a result of one particular book by Derek Prince.


Milivoj came from a Catholic background. During his early years, he attended mass regularly but had no personal relationship with Jesus. Instead, he had drifted into Buddhism and yoga. About 10 years ago, Milivoj was given an assortment of books by Derek Prince, and the one which first caught his attention was Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose. As he studied the book, he began to recognize that he might be under a demonic influence. But he rejected that thought, especially when he came across a passage where Derek stated that Jesus is the only way to God. He closed his heart and threw away all of Derek's books.

As time passed, he began to feel that something was very wrong with Buddhism and yoga, and he abandoned those pursuits. One day as he was sitting in the chair at the dentist, one name came strongly to his mind—Derek Prince. Milivoj says:

“As soon as I left the dentist, I wasted no time. Using my cell phone, I found the contact information for Derek Prince Ministries in Croatia and arranged a meeting with director Damir. A few days later, I attended the Sunday service of a full gospel church for the first time in my life. I started to read Derek's books again and to watch his video teachings on YouTube, which were eye-opening for me. I saw various curses at work in my family and my personal life, especially in the area of finances. The solid Bible teaching began to change my life. I hardly can express my immense gratitude to God for Derek Prince's ministry.”

At the beginning of this year, 2023, Milivoj was baptized in water in the local church and became a disciple of Jesus.

Testimonies like this one are a huge motivation for our entire team of coworkers and volunteers in this part of the world. They work tirelessly to make more of Derek's teaching available in 10 different Eastern European languages. Through your prayers and gifts, you are a vital part of our team!


Another example of a life changed by God through Derek’s Bible teaching is Marijo, a young man who ended up in prison because of three robberies. He did not believe in Jesus Christ, but a fellow inmate persistently asked him to read Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose and The Divine Exchange. These books opened his eyes to the truth, and Marijo soon understood that he and his loved ones were under a curse.

Every day he gives thanks to God for the teaching he received. At his request, we have sent Marijo more of Derek’s materials. Although he is still in prison,  he has found a freedom in Christ that opens the door to a good future.


Would you like to be involved in seeing more lives changed like those of Marijo and Milivoj? Your generous gift enables us to put sound biblical teaching into the hands of spiritually hungry believers. Our hope is not only to strengthen their faith but also to equip them for the service to which we all are called as followers of Christ.

This year we plan to:

- Print books in several languages, such as Prophetic Guide to the End Times, The Coming Revival, Longing for His Appearing, Hear God´s Voice, Spiritual Warfare for the End Times, and Rules of Engagement

- Translate 70 video messages in 5 languages and make them available for free on YouTube channels

- Translate and print proclamation cards in several languages

- Provide prison libraries with Derek's books

- Create three new websites


These are just a sampling of the opportunities which lay ahead of us. Would you consider partnering with us in achieving the tasks for this year?

I am reminded of a little boy from chapter 6 of the Gospel of John. His mother had prepared a snack for him in the morning: five small barley loaves and two small fish. He was not aware that at the end of the day, God would feed thousands of hungry people through his snack.

As you prayerfully consider supporting the DPM outreach in Eastern Europe, please know that your generosity can impact the lives of thousands for eternity—and God will reward it one day.

The DPM-Eastern Europe team is praying for you. We not only pray regularly for the needs of those we serve—we also pray for the needs of our partners. May God's favor rest upon your life, your health, your family, your work, and your business throughout this year. We thank you for your faithfulness, generosity, and partnership.

Yours in His service,

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