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Prayer Focus Update

February 28, 2023
Derek Prince Ministries USA

Dear Friend,

What do you do when you are faced with a challenge? Derek Prince once said:

"My principle is, if the devil makes trouble, I'm going to do everything I can to make him sorry he ever thought of making trouble." (Update Message No.16)

One of the ways Derek did that was through prayer. How wonderful it is to have friends who stand with you and pray for you when you are in need!

Consider the attached Outreach Prayer Focus for March/April in a similar way. Our outreach workers are asking you to pray for them, knowing they need the Lord’s help and intervention to see real fruit for His Kingdom. They consider you to be their friend, and that is why they also pray for you, thanking God for you, and asking Him to bless you.

In this new prayer guide, you will also read encouraging testimonies and reports from our ministry projects around the world. I hope and trust they will inspire you to pray for the work of DPM with joy and boldness in Christ.

Click here to see today's prayer focus and download a prayer guide to keep with you.


Tess Hughes

Prayer Support Coordinator

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