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Prayer Focus Update

May 2, 2023
Derek Prince Ministries USA

Dear Friend,

We invite you to download our May/June Prayer Focus. I trust that you will enjoy reading about the many new projects and open doors for sharing Derek’s Bible teaching around the world.

Derek often emphasized that, as Christians, we are involved in a vast spiritual war that spans both heaven and earth. In his book, Spiritual Warfare, he explains that our most powerful and dangerous enemies are a kingdom of evil angels whose headquarters are in the heavenlies.

It is evident in the needs shared in this prayer guide that Satan attacks us in many ways to hinder God’s plans. He targets our minds, bodies, souls, finances, families, and circumstances—and a key element of our warfare is to keep trusting the Lord, no matter what.

This applies to our outreach workers and the challenges they face, but it also applies to you and your life. May you be blessed as you trust in the LORD (see Jeremiah 17:7–8).

We are so privileged to be united with you in prayer. Thank you for praying for our outreaches and workers around the world.

Click here to see today's prayer focus and download a prayer guide to keep with you.

Tess Hughes
Prayer Support Coordinator

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