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Moving in the Prophetic

June 08, 2023
Dick Leggatt

Do you move freely and regularly in the gifts of the Spirit? Would you say it comes naturally to you? For example, have you ever shared a prophetic word with someone?

Let me start with a disclaimer and an “easy out” regarding these questions. If your answer is “No,” that’s okay. For anyone desiring to operate in the gifts of the Spirit, sharing a prophecy, or a word of knowledge, or a word of wisdom may seem daunting. For others, it may come more naturally to move in these gifts. Truly, to do so may be simpler than one might think—to respond to God’s prompting to move in the prophetic.

A Word for Fellow Travelers

Perhaps this story of an experience from a recent trip will help. When Cindi and I travel (which is often), we routinely eat at Cracker Barrel, where we always seem to encounter interesting fellow travelers. As we were having breakfast on a recent trip, we noticed three ladies at one table who were helping two elderly women—twins who were both mentally and physically challenged. The twins sat silent and docile while their caregivers ordered for them, fed them, and then put on their jackets as they departed.

Both Cindi and I noticed them, and Cindi even caught the attention of one of the caregivers, smiling at her and nodding as a way of saying, “Good job.” When Cindi told me what she had done, I said, “That’s interesting—because I felt that the Lord gave me a prophetic word for them. But I’m not so sure I should share it.” Cindi responded, “How could it hurt?” So, I got up from our table and found the ladies at the cashier’s station.

Taking Note of Faithfulness

Getting a word from the Lord is one thing. Giving it is quite another. I can attest that approaching complete strangers to tell them God has given me “a word for them” can be challenging. (It’s a good idea to get their permission.) As I explained the way the Lord had spoken to me, I asked if they wanted to hear His message. They said, “Yes.”

I first let them know that it was a very simple word, but one I hoped would be encouraging to them. The Lord had simply said, “I take note of faithfulness.” Then I applied it practically to their situation: “The Lord has taken note of your faithfulness to care for these two women. He is telling you that you have done well. Good job!”

At that, one of the women pointed to another and said, “That word is for her. She regularly visited them in the home where they received care. When it was closed for lack of funding, she took these women into her home.” Surely, this lady deserved that word!

Passing It Along

That was all there was to it. In retrospect, I hope the impact of that word from the Lord was meaningful and long-lasting for them. Frankly, that’s not my business. My part in the encounter was simply to receive the message from the Lord and pass it along.

I would point out again that it was not a complicated word. (Sometimes, we think that a prophetic utterance has to quote a huge segment of the Bible in perfect King James English. That’s simply not the case.) The word was simple: “I take note of faithfulness.”

The second part of the task is a little more nuanced: determining if the word is for you or for someone else; deciding whether or not to share it; then communicating it in an understandable, natural manner. All in all, it can be exciting to move in the prophetic.

Can I Do It?

Right now, you may be saying, “No, thanks!” or, “Nope. Not my cup of tea.” But let’s take a minute to look at a helpful passage from the Bible: 1 Corinthians 14:31. “For you can all prophesy one by one, that all may learn and all may be encouraged.”

Do you believe the “you” in that verse could apply to you? First and foremost, I believe Paul is saying it is within the realm of possibility for you and me to prophesy.

Second, there are benefits—to us and to the recipient. “All may learn and all may be encouraged.” What is learned from this kind of prophecy? A) God loves to speak to us—and through us. B) He notices and rewards what we do. There are other aspects of the learning process, but those two points alone provide their own result: encouragement.

Even if those ladies at Cracker Barrel didn’t respond overtly, I believe they were undoubtedly encouraged to hear—prophetically—that the Lord noted their faithfulness.  

Supernatural Enabling

In a helpful message, “How to Exercise Vocal Gifts,” Derek Prince lays out basic principles of the gifts of the Spirit. In the section on prophecy, he provides this helpful definition: “Prophecy is speaking out by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, words that do not proceed from your own natural reasoning or understanding in a language that you understand and that is understood by those to whom you are speaking.”

Derek makes this unusual comment: “Now, it may not necessarily be your mother tongue.” Then he tells an amazing story of being used prophetically in a unique way:

I remember once in Cairo—in about 1943—I was in a small group of servicemen praying, and there was a French sailor who didn’t know any English. He had been my companion for two or three months and I spoke French. But at this point, God gave me a prophecy in French for him.
I knew what I was saying. It was not an unknown tongue. It took a certain amount of nerve to deliver it, but I did. It was a very, very beautiful message. The Lord told him that he was “His sheep which was lost, and He had looked for and found, and now He had saved him and washed him in His precious blood.” It was a very beautiful word.
Afterwards that Frenchman told me, “I could not have spoken such good French as you spoke at that moment.” So, it was a kind of supernatural enabling of the Holy Spirit. But normally, prophecy will be in a language that is the one we use daily.

The Purpose of Prophecy

What is the true purpose for speaking out a word of prophecy to someone you encounter? The Scriptural goal, stated in 1 Corinthians 14:3, is crystal clear: “edification (building up) and exhortation (encouraging) and comfort (bringing assurance).”

Right now, there may be someone near you who is desperate to receive one of those three “supernatural touches” from Jesus. Would you be willing to be used by the Lord as a conduit to bring that touch from Him? If so, let’s pray these words together.

Lord Jesus, I want to be used by You to touch those around me and to speak Your words to them. I freely admit that the thought of doing so seems daunting, challenging, and even a little embarrassing.

Even so, I am willing to lay down those objections, trusting that You will help me to deliver whatever words and blessings You pour through me.

Lord, I am Your willing vessel. Use me, please. Amen.

A New Phase of the Journey

With that prayer, you and I have just embarked on a new, adventuresome phase of our relationship with Jesus Christ. It may be unfamiliar terrain for us, but one aspect of the learning process is getting more comfortable in allowing God to use us in new ways.

All of us might benefit from a refresher course in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We may have received solid instruction over the years. But for me, Derek’s message, “How to Exercise Vocal Gifts” was a refreshing experience. All of us at DPM want that result for you also, so please download this free MP3 message below.

Providing Derek’s material is our chief joy, and it enables us to thank you in a tangible way. Your involvement with DPM through your interest, your prayers, and your financial support is more precious to us than mere words can express.

Life-Changing Impact

Why am I so enthusiastic about Christians moving in the prophetic? One of the reasons is that early in my relationship with Jesus, my life was absolutely changed, saved, and re-directed by a prophetic word given by one of his faithful servants. To this day, Rod may be totally unaware of the impact of the prophetic word he obediently delivered at a home prayer meeting that Cindi and I attended in 1972 in Raleigh, NC.

The word came as an unexpected interruption at the start of Rod’s teaching to the group. In fact, the interruption occurred twice—because the first time, I had dismissed it. The second time, I heard and received God’s message—and my life was changed. How I thank the Lord that Rod didn’t give up! He obeyed twice, as he moved in the prophetic!

You and I—if we agree to cooperate in this matter—may have the same profound impact upon someone God loves. That person may be crying out to the Lord right now, asking for the very word we may bring. Will we stay open to moving in the prophetic?

All the best,

Dick Leggatt
President, DPM–USA

How to Exercise Vocal Gifts

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