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Bringing the Word to India and Sri Lanka

June 22, 2023
Derek Prince Ministries USA

Dear Friend,

“I was about to quit my ministry—until I attended your training.” These were the words of a young man testifying at the training program we had just conducted. For Danny and me (as directors of DPM-India), what he shared was not only deeply moving—it was a long-awaited dream come true. After two years of Covid restrictions, we had been able—finally—to hold our first in-house Young Leaders training program, thanks to the prayers and donations of faithful supporters like you.

Danny and Elsie

Awesome testimonies

The testimonies that came from those who attended the seminar were amazing! The young leader above shared more of his story:

“I was almost ready to give up on the ministry and find a secular job. But the moment I walked into the training seminar, I understood that God had not given up on me! He had led me to the right place to receive His guidance, encouragement, and direction. I am now ready to step out in faith, knowing that He will bring to fulness all that He has purposed for me.”

This year, the DPM-India team plans to hold three more Young Leaders Training programs in India, as well as in Sri Lanka. (The cost is about $1,000 per seminar, or about $3,000 total.)

Why are these week-long seminars so vitally needed in India today? We are seeing a huge number of young leaders arising—especially in the field of worship—but they lack sound Biblical training. They are hungry for the Lord, but they need solid guidance to take them in the right direction.

“Reaching the Unreached” in places like Sri Lanka

At the heart of everything the DPM India team does is our deep desire to fulfil the Great Commission—to “go and make disciples.” In November 2022, we travelled to Sri Lanka to hold a series of pastor trainings. Additional teaching seminars are scheduled throughout 2023, including plans to re-open our DPM leadership conferences in North India. (The cost for these 15 conferences is around $11,000 total.)

Our goal is to focus on places that have not been previously reached by us.

(To see the map and watch the video report on the ministry trip, go to

Bringing encouragement

While in Sri Lanka, we and our DPM-India team encountered a lot of discouragement among believers. Much of it is due to political instability, increased hatred in the nation towards Christians, and a challenging economic situation. Fast-growing congregations have suddenly slowed down, and church attendance has dropped by nearly 25%. As a result, many pastors have left their churches in the hills to move into cities to sustain their lives and families.

The Lord allowed us to bring encouragement to those who were faithfully holding to what God had called them to do, especially through Derek’s messages about the end-times. We taught them how to break down the enemy’s strongholds in their minds and to replace these with strongholds of faith, hope, and love. All participants at the seminar received a full set of Derek’s books to guide them forward in their ministries.

Many of the leaders had been besieged by demonic bondages, sickness, depression, and fear. As our team ministered to them, the Lord was faithful to set them free and to release them once again into the ministry to which He had called them.

Freedom and hope

Every day, Sri Lanka is being exposed to anti-biblical doctrines, bringing delusion to many. After pastors there had received resources by Derek Prince to help them in their ministries, they shared their testimony of hope: “The Word of God, as Derek Prince presents it, is so founded in the truths of the Word of God that we know it will set us free.”

One pastor of a large Assemblies of God church in Valaichenai (on the east coast) explained how Derek’s teaching on They Shall Expel Demons has become a vital part of his ministry. “Until recently, I could only get Derek’s books from India or other places. But now, you are bringing Derek’s teaching to us directly in Sri Lanka. We see the effect of this in my congregation—it is the reason so many people have been set free from bondage.”

With Derek’s books playing such a vital role in our outreach, we have translated three more books into Hindi: Applying the Blood, What’s So Important About the Cross? and Hearing God’s Voice. Micro SD cards with Derek’s voiced messages will also be made available.

You can make a difference in India and Sri Lanka

Our DPM-India team has been able to bring a healthy amount of teaching on the Word of God into India and Sri Lanka. But there are still many people who do not know Christ and many more churches that need to be strengthened.

Our goal is to bring the Word of God to the India subcontinent. Will you prayerfully consider supporting our ongoing work—to equip leaders and teach them how to raise up new disciples?

Your gift, no matter the size, will help to equip and train leaders in this area of the world, providing them with the resources they need.

Thank you so much for your support!

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