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Hispanic Outreach: A New Chapter

September 6, 2022
Derek Prince Ministries USA

Dear Friend,

Few people know that the U.S. office of Derek Prince Ministries is tasked with the privilege of translating and distributing Derek’s teachings in Spanish through Ministerios Derek Prince.  Our mandate to “reach the unreached and teach the untaught” extends to our Hispanic brothers and sisters in the United States, Spain, throughout Central and South America, to Spanish-speaking people in the Caribbean and other nations of the world. It goes without saying that this is a monumental task.

From the beginning, our goal at Ministerios Derek Prince has been to develop disciples of Jesus Christ in the Hispanic world through the Bible teaching of Derek Prince. We are committed to providing life-changing resources in various forms of print and digital media, regardless of the economic means of those who receive them.

Today we find ourselves entering a new chapter in the history of Ministerios Derek Prince. Utilizing the latest in modern technologies, we are reaching people groups we never could have imagined, bringing foundational biblical truths to those who are hungry for God’s word.

Digital Outreach

The digital world, which continues to grow at an exponential rate, has become a major mission field. We are responding to this significant opportunity through the Ministerios Derek Prince mobile app, website, YouTube channel, and social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. As a result, we are connecting with new people and reaching a younger audience.

The availability of Derek’s radio programs, video messages, and other resources on these platforms enables more people around the world to have immediate access to Derek’s teaching. Happily, they are also able to easily share these resources with their churches, families, and friends.

As we develop new strategies and translate more material, our global outreach continues to grow. We are taking the necessary steps now to prepare to meet the increased demand for Derek Prince’s sound biblical teaching. We enthusiastically invite you to link arms with us in this wonderful work.


One of our key strategies for Ministerios Derek Prince is to develop partnerships with local and international ministries in the Hispanic world. A great example locally is our good friend, Cesar Silva, and his ministry, “Equipping the Nations.” Cesar’s organization partners with churches in Latin America and Europe to equip them to teach and to minister healing and deliverance. Cesar also supports leaders who are starting new ministries in their own communities. We are providing foundational teaching materials to achieve these goals. In fact, in the near future, Cesar will be speaking at a conference in Colombia which will be honoring Luis Palau—the  International Congress of Evangelists. He will also be distributing Spanish editions of DPM materials to pastors and leaders in attendance.

Other Key Strategies

In recent years we have established relationships with pastors and leaders who serve the vibrant Hispanic community here in Charlotte. Most of these leaders also have significant responsibilities for churches in Latin American nations, opening the way for them to utilize  Derek’s materials in those parts of the world.

Oscar Nuncio, the “voice” of Derek Prince in Spanish.

As these opportunities continue to expand, so does our commitment to translating more of  Derek’s work into Spanish—not only in print form, but also in audio. Currently, our dear friend Oscar Nuncio (who is the “voice” of Derek Prince in Spanish) is working on the new version of the popular and powerful radio series, Keys to Successful Living (Llaves para vivir con éxito).  

We are also partnering with other ministries such as NEXO, a Canadian ministry that works locally and in the Dominican Republic. Part of their work is holding conferences for men, and in the near future, for women as well. This relationship with Otto and Liz Perez from NEXO has opened doors for us to connect with ministers in the Dominican Republic, allowing us to better understand their needs and to provide teaching material tailored to meet those needs.

Quechua Project

Over the last few years, through the amazing generosity of some special friends, we have been translating Derek’s radio programs into Quechuan. (The Quechuan people are indigenous South American groups of the Andes highlands, many of them direct descendants of Incan culture). In a partnership with ILMAV (Impacting Minority Languages with Audio Visuals), we have translated much of Derek’s material into the Cuzco and Ayacucho dialects of the Quechuan language.

Currently, in addition to being broadcast by radio (including shortwave broadcasts) the messages are also uploaded to portable solar powered speakers. This makes it possible for Quechuan people to take Derek’s radio programs to their villages and play them out loud for all to hear.

Join us!

The projects we have listed are just a few highlights of what we are presently doing at Ministerios Derek Prince. The Church in Latin America (and other nations) is growing, and so is the need to provide solid biblical teaching to support new leaders and believers alike. Every day, through Ministerios Derek Prince, we are working to make more of Derek’s valuable insights available to anyone who can benefit from them.

Would you please consider playing a role in what God is doing in Hispanic communities in Latin America and around the world? We invite you to join us in this wonderful endeavor through your prayers and financial gifts. Many thanks for your partnership with us! May God bless you!

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