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Neil Cornick
Director, Derek Prince Ministries UK
Neil Cornick
Director, Derek Prince Ministries UK
Neil Cornick
Director, Derek Prince Ministries UK
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Will you help Alina* unlock the power of God’s Word in her life by using Derek Prince’s Bible teaching materials?

If you grew up in a Christian home, you know what a privilege it is to be surrounded by your parent’s prayers from your childhood.

Things were quite different for Alina who grew up in a non-Christian home in Belarus.

Soon after she got married, Alina’s father-in-law left his wife for another woman. She was a quarrelsome person who put a curse on the family.

At that time, Alina’s family then started to fall apart: her son became seriously ill, her daughter couldn’t get out of bed in the mornings, and her husband began to have suicidal thoughts.

Many people in Belarus, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia and elsewhere in the former Soviet Union are struggling to make sense of life without God.

Often, they are seeking for spiritual breakthroughs in the wrong places just like Alina did. Seeking salvation for her loved ones, Alina became fascinated with magic. She went to visit witches, asking them to break the curses on her family.

But everything seemed to get worse.

Will you give £30 or even £100 today to help people like Alina use Derek Prince’s Bible teaching to break free from curses and hopelessness?

Thanks to the past generosity of DPM supporters like you, Alina could get hold of a free copy of Derek’s book, Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose.

By giving £30 or the most generous gift you can today, you can put Derek’s teaching into the hands of other believers like Alina in the former Soviet Union.

Whatever amount you can give today can ensure that such outreach initiatives can continue while the doors for distributing evangelistic resources in Russia are still open.

  • For example, your gift of £30 can put Derek’s teaching on prayer and fasting, and spiritual warfare, into the hands of a local church leader in the former Soviet Union.
  • While a gift of £100 or £300 can make it possible for a group of new believers to unlock the power of Scripture in their lives using Derek’s books like Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose.

Today, people like Alina who live in the former Soviet Union are facing the consequences of the Russia-Ukraine war, interfaith conflicts, poverty, and the rapid spread of Islam.

At the same time, many doors are opening for our workers to minister to people struggling with hopelessness by putting Derek Prince’s teaching into their hands.

Let’s make the most of these opportunities together.

Neil Cornick
Director, Derek Prince Ministries UK

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