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My recent journey with Derek Prince Ministries (DPM) to Northeast India was nothing short of life changing. Witnessing firsthand how God is moving in this region has revitalized my own faith and reaffirmed the profound impact of Derek Prince’s teachings, even after so many years. This experience has been a testament to the enduring power of the Holy Spirit and the blessing of being led by Elsie and Danny.

Returning to Shillong after eleven years, I was unsure of what to expect. However, the palpable presence of the Holy Spirit from the very first meeting was beyond anything I had anticipated. During our three-day visit, I saw the Lord’s hand at work in ways that were both awe-inspiring and deeply personal.

The daily meetings for pastors and leaders were marked by a deep hunger for God’s Word. Nearly 250 attendees each day were eager to receive teachings on Spiritual Warfare, which resonated powerfully in this context. Evening sessions drew over 400 participants, and the atmosphere was electric with expectation. Sunday morning’s gathering, with over 1,500 attendees and additional overflow crowds watching via CCTV, was a clear indication of the widespread impact of DPM’s ministry. Additionally, more than 2,000 people joined online, reflecting the far-reaching influence of our mission.

The evening meetings on Saturday and Sunday were where I felt the Holy Spirit move most profoundly. Words of prophecy delivered during these sessions led to remarkable moments of deliverance. As Danny, Elsie and the team prayed for the long lines of people seeking freedom, I saw the Lord set them free in real-time. One unforgettable moment was when our translator began to weep as she translated—she herself was experiencing deliverance from oppression.

The joy and freedom in that room was so overwhelming that the congregation spontaneously began to celebrate and dance, praising the Lord long into the night. It was as if the Holy Spirit had ignited a fire of joy and worship that could not be contained.

This trip also highlighted for me the enduring power of Derek Prince’s teachings. Despite the passage of time, his messages on spiritual warfare and the Christian life are still profoundly impacting and changing lives. I saw people transformed by truths that Derek articulated decades ago, truths that are still incredibly relevant and powerful today. It’s a testament to the timeless nature of God’s Word and Derek’s anointed teaching.

Being led by Elsie and Danny has been a tremendous blessing. Their leadership is characterized by humility, wisdom, and a deep commitment to the Lord. They lead by example, showing what it means to serve with love and dedication. Their ability to connect with people, minister to their needs, and guide them towards deeper faith has been inspiring to witness. Their guidance throughout this mission has been invaluable, and their passion for spreading the Gospel is contagious.

Reflecting on this journey, I am filled with gratitude and a renewed sense of purpose. The reality of Jesus’ imminent return reminds me just how urgent our mission is. There are still so many who need to hear the Good News. In his teaching "Why Should We Be Longing?" Derek emphasized, “Help me, Lord, to make proper preparation that I may be ready for anything that’s coming on the earth and that I may stand before you, the Son of Man.”

These words resonate deeply with the urgency of our mission. As Derek Prince Ministries continues this journey of faith across India, I am reminded of the vast number of souls yet to be reached. Your prayers and support are crucial in ensuring that the light of Christ continues to shine brightly, bringing hope and redemption to countless lives.

Discover more about the incredible work that Derek Prince Ministries is doing across India and Sri Lanka, birthed in 1997, a couple of months before Derek Prince visited the region.

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