We are pleased to share these endorsements from individuals who have personally experienced the profound impact of Derek Prince's teachings and the transformative work of our ministry. These testimonials bear witness to the life-changing power of God's Word, which Derek so faithfully proclaimed.

We give all glory to God for the testimonies shared and hope they will encourage you to seek deeper spiritual nourishment through the teachings of the Bible.

Transforming Bible Teachings

“The name of Derek Prince became a synonym around the world for integrity and for courage, courage to speak on Bible topics that most preachers were afraid to think about, let alone teach.”

John Hagee
Founder of Hagee Ministries

“I am so in awe of the power of God that had worked in Derek Prince’s life, how His leading brought about change in world events through Derek’s prayers and obedience and ushered in a fresh awakening in the lives of so many people. I am most captivated by God’s love and purpose for and through this man.”

Phil Keaggy
Award-Winning Musician and Recording Artist

“[Derek Prince] is a pioneer and father of the faith to millions. Similar to the prophet Elisha, his death has been a seed in the ground that continues to breed life. It was an honor to meet Derek in person, and I can truly say that there is an awesome man behind the ministry.”

Kimberly Daniels
Kimberly Daniels Ministries International

“Even though I had won two Academy Awards and many other accolades, meeting Jesus and having Him in my life is the most important thing that has ever happened to me. And having Derek Prince as a friend and teacher brought me a great amount of love, joy, and peace. To this day, I quote Derek in my monthly Bible studies.”

Al Kasha,
Academy Award-Winning Composer-Songwriter

“The truly apostolic quality of Derek Prince’s leadership over the years of his life and influence has left a quality of content, depth of insight, and righteousness of spirit in his literary legacy of teaching and exhortation.”

Jack W. Hayford
President of International Church of the Foursquare Gospel
Chancellor of The King's College and Seminary

“Derek Prince was the general of deliverance ministry; there is no doubt he was way ahead of his time. He being dead, yet speaketh, amen.”

Greg Lock
Founder of Global Vision Bible Church

“Patriarchs of faith are recognized by the wells of refreshing they have dug and by the altars of sacrifice they have built. As it was in ancient times, so it is in our day. Foundational Truths for Christian Living is evidence that a patriarch has graced our generation. The truths in this volume were mined by a man of such spiritual passion, classical scholarship, and transforming revelation that they have become both well and altar for an age in desperate need. May God grant us from the life of Derek Prince an army of young lions like him.”

Stephen Mansfield
Author of "Derek Prince - A Biography"

“It would not be an overstatement to say the world is indebted to Derek Prince. His life and legacy span continents and generations. His unique writings take that which is spiritual and sometimes complex, and by grace and through [personal] experience, [Derek] demystifies the spiritual and deconstructs the complex. In a world that is cluttered with self-help books, pseudo-psychology and designer-ethics he has created a space and a voice that keeps us from drowning in information while perishing for a drought of wisdom. Those who start their journey or further it with the ministry of Derek Prince are always the better for it. May you continue in the apostles doctrine and not only run but win the race before you.”

Michael Pitts
Cornerstone Global Network

“We remember Derek Prince speaking in our sanctuary. It was our honor to host this precious man of God...”

Kehilat HaCarmel
Carmel Congregation

“It was always part of Derek’s heart to take care of those in need and to have a burden for the lost.”

Barry Segal
President & Co-founder, Vision for Israel

“We remember Derek Prince with great fondness and respect...”

Alison Eastwood
UK National Director, Ebenezer Operation Exodus

“Derek’s passion for fatherhood is also a living legacy to the body of Christ and an example for other leaders to emulate.”

Cheryl Wilcox
Christian Broadcasting Network

“Derek Prince Ministries has been a leading force in the area of spiritual warfare and teaching on the spiritual realm from a Christian perspective. With 45 offices around the world, this ministry has had international recognition, reach, and influence for decades.”

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Derek Prince

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