Prayer Guide
Join us in prayer throughout the month of April, as we continue to seek God and give thanks for all that He has done.

April 1 - International

  • We are grateful for the support and prayers we receive worldwide to continue to extend Derek’s teaching to the nations, for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ. Please join us in thanksgiving and prayer for the Lord’s continued provision and blessing for all of our donors and prayer supporters.

April 2 - New Zealand

  • Pray for an increased awareness of DPM throughout New Zealand and for many more people to visit our website (www.derekprince.co.nz), Facebook page (www.facebook.com/DPMNZ) and DPM App, and avail themselves of the huge number of free teaching resources offered.

April 3 - Myanmar

  • Pray for new open doors for the DPM team to minister to pastors, Christian leaders and believers in Myanmar this year, and for Derek’s teaching material to be spread far and wide throughout this Buddhist nation.

Testimony - Myanmar

“I have been serving as an Assistant Pastor at a Baptist church. I have read many spiritual books written by Pastor Derek Prince. Based on what I have read, I have preached sermons and given encouragement to the church members. The contents of the books he wrote are not only applicable for me, but also for others to follow for life. It gives me access to hidden blessings. Thank you, DPM.”

April 4 - Vietnam

  • The DPM team in Ho Chi Minh City plan to give 150 bricklayers a copy each of the books Extravagant Love and The Divine Exchange, along with an invitation to attend the Good Friday and Easter church services. Pray for many to attend the services and commit their lives to the Lord.
  • Pray for the expansion of our ministry in Vietnam and that our two coordinators will have God-given wisdom and creativity.

April 5 - China

  • The children’s proclamation cards are being well received. They are very timely as there are increasing restrictions on reaching young people with the Gospel. Some areas are asking our team to make and distribute 30 cards instead of the 13 that are in use now, so that children can have one for each day to proclaim God’s Word. Pray for resources to make this possible.

April 6 - Nepal

  • Late last year, a pastor was jailed for two years for violating the anti-conversion law; another 21 cases were before the court. Pray that Pastor Gopaljee, our Nepal Director, will be protected from any such charges ever being brought against him.

Testimony - Nepal

“Thank you for publishing Derek Prince books in Nepali, especially the Self-Study Bible Course, which was a great help to me to understand the basic teachings of the Bible. It is the most important truth I could learn. I have taught 20 more people from this book. One of the pastors has Derek Prince’s daily devotional book, Declaring God’s Word, and we are daily reading this book.”

April 7 - Philippines

  • Pray for the Lord to raise up more people to represent DPM, especially in the northern and southern areas, and for more ministry friends to help spread Derek’s teachings across the nation. This need is urgent.
  • Pray for someone to fill the void left by Pastor Rubia, who was translating Derek’s books and teachings at his untimely death last year.

April 8 - Netherlands

  • This year we are sending Daily Devotions of Declaring God’s Word to about 4,000 recipients, taking people through Derek’s most impactful teachings. We are thankful for the responses and testimonies received, as well as enquiries as to the source texts of these great devotions.

April 9 - Scandinavia

  • Pray for growth for our outreach office in Denmark and for Bjarne, the director, and Andreas, the administrator, to have God’s wisdom going forward.
  • Pray for more connections in Finland to help make Derek’s teaching available and for another translator to start producing more of Derek’s books in the Finnish language.

April 10 - Croatia

  • Many abandoned children in Croatia live in state facilities without knowing the warmth and safety of a healthy family. Pray that Derek's teaching on Who Cares for Orphans and Widows will encourage believers to demonstrate God's love and care in the most practical ways, especially to those who need it the most.

Praise Report - Croatia

  • A sister from a Baptist church was asked if she had received the baptism in the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues. She said she had not heard about it at all. She was told to listen to Derek’s teaching on this. After hearing the message, she knelt down with her hands up and asked for the baptism in the Holy Spirit. God baptized her on the spot and her life from that moment on was completely transformed because of a new, deeper intimacy with God the Father. She now has a great respect for Derek’s work and his teachings.

April 11 - France

  • Pray that God will give our small team wisdom and insight to meet the many challenges of new technologies, and that He would provide sufficient finances for the projects in place.
  • Pray specifically for Catherine as she works with the many Bible Correspondence Course students, for Caroline who handles social media, and for Michaël and Director René, with their own responsibilities.

April 12 - Serbia

  • The worsening economic situation here and the consequences of the pandemic have left many churches in crisis. Many believers have left the country to find work abroad and the older generation of church leaders faces the challenge of training the next generation. Pray that Derek’s teachings will be used to equip believers to enter into God’s calling and become effective in His Kingdom.
  • Pray also that we will successfully complete the translation of two new books: Pride versus Humility and Unshakable Hope. Pray for believers to be filled with hope and a firm faith in God through this teaching.

April 13 - Poland

  • In the coming months, we plan to publish the book Rediscovering God's Church. Pray that it will be well received by church leaders and help believers to understand God’s view of the New Testament church.

April 14 - Czech Republic

  • During the pandemic, small groups of believers emerged. Pray that the Lord will use Derek’s Bible teaching in the personal growth of new believers and for new churches to rise up.
  • Pray for a successful launch of our YouTube channel.
  • Pray for God’s wisdom for the newly elected government to bring more stability throughout the country.

Praise Report - Czech Republic

God answered our prayers for the last parliamentary elections. Our new prime minister honours the Bible and Christian values. We are also extremely grateful that people in the Czech Republic once again are beginning to respond positively to the Gospel, as evidenced by numerous baptisms in the churches.

April 15 - Albania

  • The earthquake three years ago and the current pandemic has brought a wave of poverty and hopelessness to many families. Pray that God will use Derek’s teachings to restore hope and faith in Christ.
  • Pray that the Lord will raise up men who will be able to sustain and lead their families in godliness in such critical times.
  • Pray that, after months of pandemic restrictions, cooperation between church leaders and DPM will deepen and bear much good fruit.

April 16 - United Kingdom

  • We provide free ministry copies of Derek’s books to Christians in the UK who are involved in outreach and street evangelism. Pray for these people; for boldness and wisdom as they share the Gospel and for Derek’s books that they are giving away to be well received.

Testimony - United Kingdom

Hany and four of his friends are sharing the good news of Jesus with people in their local communities. Six times a week they go out to meet people. Sometimes they chat with people who are lonely and need someone to pray for them – they have prayed for up to 20 people on a single day. They also give out free copies of the New Testament, The Divine Exchange, Extravagant Love, and other books by Derek Prince in English and Farsi. Praise God, they have led many seekers to Jesus and have also helped others to return to Jesus and recommit their lives to Him.

April 17 - Bulgaria

  • We will soon reprint the 10 booklets of the Foundations Series teachings due to growing demand. This tells us that God’s people are hungry to be firmly grounded in His Word. Pray for successful reprinting and distribution.
  • We are working on the translation of Life-Changing Spiritual Power. Pray for God’s protection, good health and refreshing of the Holy Spirit for the editorial team and that we finish the project on time. Pray also that Derek’s teachings in this book will bring great blessings to many Bulgarian believers.

April 18 - Switzerland

  • Pray for Ruedi to have wisdom and insight going forward, and for the right contacts to help produce and distribute Derek’s teaching more widely in this region.

April 19 - French-Speaking Africa

  • Pray for our team in Guinea-Conakry to be able to finish the Pular translations of Derek’s core teachings, including the Study Guide, and put everything online so it can be a blessing for many.

April 20 - Southern Africa

  • Pray for the radio stations that are broadcasting Derek’s teaching to reach many people this year.  
  • Pray that many new people will find Derek’s teaching this year on our various platforms. We will also be working with the DPM digital team to make our African language DVDs available.
  • Pray for the promotion of the Why Israel? book in English for outreach to Christians and the Jewish community.
  • Translators in Kenya are working on a number of books in Shona and Tonga for Zimbabwe. These include Shaping History Through Prayer and Fasting, Explaining Blessing and Curse, The Divine Exchange and Expelling Demons. Pray for successful completion of these and other titles.

April 21 - East Africa

  • The DPM office in Kenya is working on the translation of Life-Changing Spiritual Power and the revised Self-Study Bible Course in Chichewa for Malawi (East Africa).

April 22 - United States

  • Pray for the inmates we are reaching with Derek’s material through our prison ministry to be greatly encouraged and impacted.

Testimony - United States: Prison Ministry

A female prisoner in Florida sent us this testimony that shows the power and impact of God’s Word in people’s lives:

“Thank you so much for your prayers, encouragement and resources that have really ministered to my desire to serve God. I am no longer a drug dealer, but a child of God. One day, I desire to be married and serving the Lord in ministry. The book God is a Matchmaker really gave me insight on the importance of waiting on God for a spouse. God bless DPM and all the staff.”

April 23 - United States/Hispanic Outreach

  • Pray for the Lord’s guidance and favour in our local ministry to Hispanic churches and leaders here in North Carolina. Pray that we may always be able to provide them with the Spanish material they need for their congregations and outreaches.

April 24 - Israel

  • Pray for the Lord’s continued blessing and provision for the needs of our team in Israel as they provide Derek’s teaching in several languages—Hebrew, Arabic and Russian.
  • Pray for increased contact with local churches and ministries as well as those online in many parts of the world who can access Derek’s teaching on various platforms.

April 25 - Turkey

  • Pray for more opportunities to translate online Bible courses into Turkish. Over the years, the ministry has translated dozens of books into the Turkish language. Pray for the team as they now focus on producing online Bible studies.

April 26 - Egypt

  • Pray for more people to be reached through our online platforms and for Derek's materials to meet spiritual needs and answer many questions.
  • Pray for God to open doors to broadcast 65 episodes of teaching videos in Kabyle on a satellite TV channel in Algeria called CNA (North Africa Channel).

April 27 - Russia

  • We are seeing a great demand for Derek’s teachings. Many people have asked for the opportunity to study online. Our outreach workers are already taking steps to offer online Bible classes, so pray for them as they move in that direction and for God to give them success.

April 28 - Armenia

  • Pray for our team as they plan new events for mothers who lost their sons during the Armenian-Azerbaijani war in 2020. There are about 4000 who were affected. Pray for this ministry to be a great help to hundreds of mothers.

Testimony - Armenia

"Listening to Derek Prince's sermons dramatically changed my husband's life and my life. As we got to know the Bible better, we started attending church. We continue to listen to his sermons regularly and have obtained his books in Armenian. We read them with great pleasure and love praising the Lord for His grace and mercy and for the teachings. Every day I encourage my friends to listen to Derek's teachings to know God more. I would like new teachings by Derek to be translated into Armenian. Thank you!” — Esther

April 29 - Ukraine

  • Pray for more opportunities to spread Derek’s Russian and Ukrainian teachings online and that it will inspire many Russian/Ukrainian-speaking people, especially those in the Messianic Jewish communities in Israel and the United States.

April 30 - Azerbaijan

  • Derek’s teaching series on the book of Romans is being translated into Azeri. Pray for the team as they work to make it available on YouTube and that the teaching will have a powerful impact on many lives in Azerbaijan.

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