Prayer Guide
Join us in prayer throughout the month of August, as we continue to seek God and give thanks for all that He has done.

August 1 - International

  • Our digital team continues to work to enhance our effectiveness in reaching people. Pray for God’s wisdom and inspiration for them as they help expand the scope of our outreach.

August 2 - Vietnam

  • DPM Coordinators, Pastor “D” and Pastor “A”, each had recent seminars with many pastors and tribal leaders. They received Derek’s material, and the teaching impacted them greatly. Pray for these leaders to grow in their faith and share Derek’s teaching in their churches.

Outreach Reports - Vietnam

  • Pastor “D” met with 40 pastors and tribal leaders in Quang Ngai Province. He taught from The Authority and Power of God’s Word and God’s Medicine Bottle. The pastors were blessed and challenged, and many were in tears, repenting and recommitting their lives to God. One person even received Christ for the first time.
  • In Ho Chi Minh City, Pastor “A” met with 50 attendees from different churches to introduce them to Derek’s teaching. All were given copies of three of Derek’s Vietnamese books and some proclamation cards.

August 3 - Nepal

  • Pray that those who have purchased or been given Derek’s books in the past—and may have set them aside—will read them again, share them with others and walk in the truths they have learned.
  • Pray for the smooth reprinting of several thousand books in Nepali.

August 4 - Solomon Islands

  • Pray for many people to visit our Solomon Islands website and be encouraged by all the free teaching available.
  • Pray for many to listen to the daily radio broadcasts of Derek’s messages and devotionals on Solomon Islands Broadcasting.

August 5 - Australia

  • The Love Israel ministry will host Dr. Baruch Korman and Joshua Aaron from Israel on 9 September in Sydney. We will provide Derek’s teaching on Israel, so pray it will impact all those who receive it. Pray also for safe travel, final planning, a full registration of 750 people and God’s blessing.
  • Pray that God will connect us with people who would like to use Derek’s material in prisons to give hope and encouragement to the inmates.

August 6 - China

  • We are developing a new website for the many believers in Taiwan who use different written characters than believers in China. Pray that many will be helped and blessed by it.
  • Pray for the continuous protection of Derek’s teaching on the WeChat and Little Red Book platforms and other websites in mainland China.
  • We praise God that Our Debt to Israel in Chinese was requested by an Israel-focused Chinese language ministry which will serve to make Derek’s teaching on this topic more widely known. Pray for this material to reach even more Chinese believers.

August 7 - Norway/Scandinavia

  • Pray for Norwegian churches to network with us to use and promote Derek’s teaching.
  • Pray for house groups in Norway to also join our new network so that many can study God’s Word together using Derek’s material.

August 8 - Hungary

  • Pray for God’s guidance and anointing for our ministry team and for Derek’s teaching to help us equip young people to reach their generation for Christ.
  • Pray for God to send us new workers who are skilled and experienced in translation and editing.

August 9 - Sweden/Finland

  • Pray for the provision of the needed funds for printing the new Swedish title: Declaring God’s Word.
  • Pray for connection with the right person to translate Derek’s material into Finnish.

August 10 - Slovakia

  • Pray for the Church in Slovakia to be salt and light in this critical time of political and economic chaos and that we can continue to produce and spread Derek’s teaching material across the nation.
  • Pray for Derek's teaching to be a catalyst for Slovakian believers to have a deeper understanding of God´s Word and draw closer to the Lord.

August 11 - France

  • Pray for the Lord’s anointing upon Michaël as his workload increases and for His grace and help for Catherine, Caroline and all the staff.
  • Frédéric, the French “voice” of Derek Prince, has noticed very strongly that doing such important work can have spiritual consequences. Pray for God’s anointing upon him and protection for him and his family.

August 12 - Switzerland

  • Pray for Director Ruedi to be connected to the right people to help support and expand the scope of Derek’s teaching in this region.

August 13 - Bulgaria

  • Pray for God’s anointing on the translation of subtitles into Bulgarian for Derek’s video teachings and for many Bulgarian Christians to find them.
  • Pray for an increased demand for Derek's teaching here and that the power of God’s Word is released through it into many lives.

August 14 - Serbia

  • Pray that God will connect us with skillful translators and proofreaders to help us with the translations of new material into Serbian.
  • Pray that Derek's Bible teaching will help believers grow spiritually strong and be equipped for ministry.
  • Pray for a new warehouse for the storage and distribution of Derek’s books and for the funds needed so we can complete this year’s projects.

August 15 - Poland

  • Pray for peace in our nation so the Church can continue to spread the Gospel and train disciples for Christ using Derek's teaching materials.

August 16 - India

  • Directors, Elsie and Danny, will hold pastors’ conferences in the southern districts of Karnataka in September, specifically in Bangalore, Hubli, Bellary and Belagavi. Karnataka is a state where there has been much resistance to Christian activity in the past. Pray for protection for the meetings and travel. Also, pray for maximum results amongst the pastors—that they will come with open hearts to learn and then apply what they have been taught. Elsie plans to concentrate on teaching on spiritual warfare. She believes this is a much-needed topic for ministry in the current circumstances and that applying the teaching could bring a change in the 2024 Indian elections.

August 17 - Sri Lanka

  • Elsie and Danny will be in Sri Lanka from 14–26 August to teach and minister. Pray for protection and good health for them and their team; good support from our team in Sri Lanka; inroads into the central, southern, and western provinces; new pastors’ groups to open; and the right target group for our Youth Leaders Training Program.

August 18 - Madagascar

  • Dries and Valerie have worked here for 28 years following in the footsteps of Walter Cox who came as a businessman before Communism ended. Walter used Derek’s book, Blessing or Curse, to bring release to people under various curses and lead them to salvation. He then translated the Self-Study Bible Course into Malagasy and distributed copies widely. With that foundation, Dries has made numerous trips with his team to coastal villages giving people Derek’s books and discipling them. He leaves leaders behind to establish churches and carry on ministry. Pray for this long-time outreach to continue and for the Lord’s strength and favor upon Dries and his team. He has travelled about 40,000km in 11 trips since mid-2019 sharing Derek’s teaching.

August 19 - Lesotho

  • Pray for an open door for Derek’s teaching to be broadcast on the radio to all the mountain villages.
  • We have contact with a German couple who have started village churches, but they have encountered opposition from the witch doctors. Pray for God’s protection and favor for them, so people can have access to God’s Word and Derek’s teaching through them.

August 20 - South Africa

  • Pray for the Chichewa translation of Life-Changing Spiritual Power to be completed and printed soon to distribute nationwide and in 33 prisons. Pray also for the funds to print a large quantity of this title.
  • Many Afrikaans books and DVDs have been distributed by Pastor Stemmet in the Cape Province. As a result, Bible study groups are starting up spontaneously as they receive Derek’s material. Pray that these seeds that have been sown will continue to bring forth good fruit.

August 21 - East Africa

  • Pray for Geoffrey and Pauline as they work to strengthen and expand our outreach in this region through translation, distribution of material and making new contacts. Pray also for the funds needed.

August 22 - United States/Hispanic Outreach

  • Pray for more contacts and partners across the US and Latin America to help promote Derek’s teaching in the Hispanic community.
  • Pray for contact with radio stations that would want to carry Derek’s Spanish programs.

August 23 - Canada

  • Pray for the Lord to reveal His plans for future ministry in Canada so that Derek’s material is more widespread and reaches the most people.

August 24 - Israel

  • Pray for the team to have increased contact and favor with local believers and churches who would use Derek’s material—in Hebrew, Arabic, or Russian.
  • Pray for the SD cards containing Derek’s teaching that are being used here to reach those people who most need them.

August 25 - Syria

  • A few copies of each Arabic book by Derek arrived safely at a bookshop in Damascus. Pray they will reach those who need them most.
  • Pray against any hindrances from the enemy in the arrival of more of Derek’s Arabic books in Syria. The need is great.
  • Pray for SD cards containing Derek’s teaching that are being sent here to be used wisely to reach many people.

August 26 -Iraq

  • DPM took part in a book fair in Najaf in May, displaying some of Derek’s Arabic books. Pray for those who left with his material to continue to be impacted by it—through salvation or being strengthened in their faith.

August 27 - Egypt/North Africa

  • In January, we began to partner with the Morocco Bible Society to translate Declaring God’s Word into the Moroccan dialect. They had not yet begun this work due to some obstacles. Pray that all hindrances will be removed soon.

August 28 - Jordan

  • DPM outreach workers came in May to duplicate SD cards containing Derek’s teaching for use in Jordan, Syria, and Israel. Pray for local pastors and leaders to distribute them wisely and many people to be reached.

August 29 - Armenia

  • Pray that God will expand our team here as the work is growing. We need new translators and volunteers for upcoming projects.

August 30 - Russia

  • The war with Ukraine has greatly damaged religious freedom, and we don’t know how much longer we will be able to serve in the current climate. Pray that God will give us wisdom in doing all we can now to share Derek’s material and in how to move forward with changes that may come.

August 31 - Tajikistan

  • DPM has made great progress in this Muslim country of over 10 million people. It is a strategic nation for us in being able to reach Afghani Christians. We have now translated Derek’s book, Does Your Tongue Need Healing? Pray for its successful printing and delivery.

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Last Updated: Aug 25, 2023
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