Prayer Guide
Join us in prayer throughout the month of December, as we continue to seek God and give thanks for all that He has done.

December 1 - International

  • Pray for our worldwide offices, staff, and outreach workers to walk in God’s protection, favour, strength, and wisdom for all they need to do.
  • Pray for new doors to continually open to share Derek’s teaching, especially to unreached areas.

December 2 - China

  • More and more new laws are making it difficult for believers in China to follow Jesus. As of September 1, the Administrative Measures for Religious Activity Venues is a new law seeking to force pastors and leaders to preach President Xi's Communist theory in place of the Bible. Pray for the Church in China, for the Lord's wisdom and anointing to enable pastors to preach His truth and for our team to continue to get Derek’s teaching into China.

December 3 - Philippines

  • Pray for Director John Cochrane and his wife, Nilda, as they continue to seek the right person to help coordinate DPM’s ministry here.
  • Pray for God’s provision for all the projects they would desire to accomplish and for good working relationships with more pastors and leaders to help in the work.

December 4 - Nepal

  • Pray for God’s protection for DPM Director Gopaljee, his wife Ganga, and their book distributors, particularly as a few churches have been recently attacked by Hindus and violence against Christians is increasing.
  • Pray for their work to continue without any hindrances, so that Derek’s teaching can continue to be distributed.

December 5 - Vietnam

  • Pastor “D” will hold ten Christmas outreaches for unbelievers in December (two in Da Nang and others in the mountain areas). Derek’s book Extravagant Love will be used, and 25 to 30 people are expected at each outreach, which will include a small Christmas party and food packages for some areas. Pray that home churches will begin from these outreaches.

Outreach Reports - Vietnam

  • DPM coordinator Pastor “D” shares, “We had an incredible Bible camp in Quang Nam Province. God protected and moved powerfully. We studied Derek’s teaching from Called to Conquer and distributed 100 copies of The Power of Proclamation. One man had been unable to move his legs, but he participated fully after being healed. Despite rain the previous week, our prayers for sunshine were answered with two rain-free days, praise God!”
  • Coordinators Pastors “A” and “D” recently held seminars and classes for pastors and evangelists. This included discipleship training in Quang Ngai Province for 40 tribal leaders using the Self-Study Bible Course and God’s Plan for Your Money. They also held a seminar in Hanoi introducing 58 leaders from six churches to Derek’s teachings and online resources. Pastor “A” taught from books including At the End of Time and The Resurrection of the Body. Derek’s material was distributed.

December 6 - India

  • Our annual Orphans Christmas Party will be held early this month. It will be a time of joy for over 800 children, but also an opportunity for them to respond to Christ’s call. Pray for protection and provision for this event and that they will commit their lives to Jesus and live for Him.
  • Pray for leaders Elsie and Danny and their team to continue to walk in God’s grace and strength as they travel and minister to many leaders and pastors across India and Sri Lanka.

December 7 - Sri Lanka

  • Pray for the Lord to guide us to the right person to take on the role of administrator for the work taking place in Sri Lanka.

Outreach Report - Sri Lanka

  • DPM–India Directors, Elsie and Danny, recently traveled to Sri Lanka to train hundreds of pastors from across the country. The teaching was very well received. One pastor noted, “We preach that faith comes by hearing, but since we're often preaching, our faith seldom grows. Thank you for a message that has taken our faith to another level.”
  • A training program for 32 youths was held. Many felt clearer about their calling in ministry. Elsie observed, “They've grasped the vision to stand in the gap for their nation and ready themselves to strengthen those who God entrusts to them.”

December 8 - Hungary

  • Pray for God’s favour, wisdom, and anointing for the couple who are taking the leadership role for DPM in Hungary.
  • Pray for God’s blessing and guidance for those working on new translations while distributing Derek’s published material.
  • Pray for successful completion of the book, The End of Life's Journey, and that the teaching will bring encouragement and hope to many believers. 

December 9 - United Kingdom

  • Pray for the London outreach where we supplied 600 copies of The Divine Exchange and several Farsi proclamation cards. We hope many, especially the Farsi-speaking community, will be drawn to Christ.
  • Pray for the inmates at Thameside Prison, in south-east London, where we donated over 600 of Derek’s books and proclamation cards.
    We hope these teachings will touch their hearts.
  • Pray for strengthened partnerships with UK ministries following our provision of 300 copies of Why Israel? to Ebenezer Operation Exodus. The positive feedback inspires us to spread Derek’s teachings further.

Testimony - United Kingdom

  • “Thank you for the Sept/Oct Prayer Guide. I've known DPM for years, having attended a church in South London with one of Derek’s daughters. Derek would occasionally lead services. It is a great privilege for me to follow the activities of DPM as it spreads across the globe. I'm reading his book Secrets of a Prayer Warrior and have been immensely blessed by it. Derek's clarity is unmatched. May our Lord continue blessing DPM in these increasingly self-centred times.” — Esther

December 10 - Croatia

  • We thank God that we have completed the translation of subtitles for 70 video teachings. Pray for many believers to find them and be impacted.
  • Pray that our YouTube channel will be an effective tool for strengthening and equipping Croatian believers for ministry and sharing the gospel. 
  • Pray that the 10-booklet series of Derek’s Foundation Series teaching will be used to lay a solid biblical foundation in the lives of new believers.

December 11 - France

  • Pray for Michaël as he coordinates our YouTube channel, which has seen more than one million views in the last year! 
  • Catherine oversees the Bible Correspondence Course, and the number of students is increasing. Pray for her to be an encouragement to them and for wisdom as she completes bookkeeping tasks at the end of the year.
  • Continue to pray for the provision of funds needed for us to purchase the facility we have been renting for many years.

December 12 - Sweden/Finland

  • Pray for the Finnish translators needed to be able to publish more of Derek’s teaching in Finnish.
  • Pray for guidance in extending our outreach in these nations and for the right partners to help us financially and to share Derek’s material. 

December 13 - Netherlands

  • Pray for the students of our new online course, How to Pass from Curse to Blessing, that they may deeply understand Derek’s teachings and share them faithfully.
  • Pray for many students to enroll in our upcoming course, “Faith to Live By,” and for wisdom for the Course Development Team refining the platform and content.
  • Uphold the Septuagint Project translators in prayer as they translate Derek’s videos into 70 languages, and pray for DPM Connect's Infrastructure team as they develop innovative technology to speed up this process and make it as efficient as possible.

December 14 - Serbia

  • We thank God that the translation of Derek’s video teaching subtitles is progressing. Pray that many Serbian believers will receive these 160 two-minute inspirational truths and be able to apply them in their lives. 
  • Pray for the Lord to use DPM to help bring Serbia’s people to repentance and faith in God.

December 15 - Switzerland

  • Pray for the finances and workers needed for DPM’s ministry in this area. Pray for the Lord to open doors and give guidance for reaching more people with Derek’s teaching.

December 16 - Slovakia

  • This nation is in a critical time as Christian values are under attack and many people are losing hope. Yet, we have seen an increased interest in spiritual warfare and intercession. Pray that Derek’s books, Shaping History Through Prayer and Fasting and Praying for the Government, will inspire believers to seek God for their lives and the nation.
  • The book, The Power of Proclamation, is being reprinted. Pray that this teaching will motivate believers to use their spiritual authority to pray and proclaim God’s Word. 

December 17 - Romania

  • Pray that Derek's teaching on our spiritual armour and spiritual warfare will equip and empower Christians in Romania to walk in victory and demonstrate their authority over the enemy. 

December 18 - Norway/Scandinavia

  • Pray for Sverre as he oversees the work of DPM here and for more to join his team to help produce and distribute Derek’s material in Norway and other Scandinavian countries.

December 19 - Zimbabwe

  • Director Tich Ruzane has produced three books by Derek in Tonga and five in Shona. Pray for wisdom and favour as he continues to lead the work here and for more leaders to partner with him in distributing Derek’s teaching. Pray also for financial provision for his projects.

December 20 - South Africa

  • We have purchased 60 MegaVoice solar-powered audio players, each filled up with 400 hours of Derek’s teachings. We are sending these out to ministries, Bible schools, leaders in 11 countries, and to Bible study groups in the Cape, established by Pastor Stemmet’s ministry trips. Pray that this treasury of teachings will bear much good fruit in countless hearts.

December 21 - French-Speaking Africa

  • Continue to pray for the Lord’s divine connection to the right people to work with us in this region to distribute Derek’s French material to many who need solid Bible teaching.

December 22 - Kenya/East Africa

  • We have open doors to reach many high school young people in Kenya. Pray for God’s wisdom as we reach out and share Derek’s teaching.
  • Pray for Geoffrey and Pauline as they continue to oversee the work of DPM in this region including the translation, production, and distribution of Derek’s material. Pray for the funds for all they desire to do.

December 23 - Malawi

  • Pray for wide distribution of the Chichewa version of Life-Changing Spiritual Power to various ministries, prisons, and churches and that the titles included in it will have a huge impact on all those who receive it. 

December 24 - United States

  • Pray that we will be able to connect with more chaplains to offer them Derek’s material freely for prison libraries and the inmates.
  • Pray for all the prisoners who receive Derek’s teaching to be encouraged and strengthened in their faith, and to have a new purpose and vision for how the Lord can use them even while incarcerated.

December 25 - United States/Hispanic Outreach

  • Pray for growing connections with Hispanic pastors and leaders within the USA and Latin America so we can reach an increasing number of Spanish-speaking people with Derek’s teaching.

December 26 - Israel

  • Pray for more people, both in and outside Israel, to discover Derek’s teachings online in Hebrew, Arabic, and Russian. 
  • Pray for George and Betty Jackson, overseeing the work in Israel, to be graced with God’s wisdom, favour, and strength.
  • In light of the war that recently began, let’s pray for God’s wisdom for Israel’s leaders and for His mercy and protection. 

December 27 - Egypt/North Africa

  • DPM will showcase Derek’s books at the Cairo Book Fair from January 25 to February 4 next year. Pray that many people will be reached with his teaching. 
  • A covert believer in Iraq has translated two of Derek’s books into Sorani. Pray for his wife to embrace faith, for his safety, and for his needs to be met. 

December 28 - North Africa/Persian Gulf

  • Pray for our partnership with Vision Communications International (VCI) as they launch three radio broadcasts for North Africa, Sudan, and the Gulf, featuring Derek’s teachings in the Sudanese dialect. 
  • Pray for many to listen and for hearts to embrace God’s Word and the truths conveyed.

December 29 - Armenia

  • Continue to pray for the DPM workers here to share Derek’s teaching and minister to many people amid the ongoing war.
  • Pray for more volunteers to help produce Derek’s material and for the funds needed for every project planned. 

December 30 - Ukraine

  • Pray for the Lord to make it possible to translate three new Ukrainian books: Blessing or Curse, Life-Changing Spiritual Power, and Atonement.

December 31 - Azerbaijan

  • Pray for the translation of Derek’s book Thanksgiving, Praise and Worship into the Azeri language and for many people to discover the truths of this teaching that can set them free.

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Last Updated: Nov 06, 2023
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