Prayer Guide
Join us in prayer throughout the month of December, as we continue to seek God and give thanks for all that He has done.

December 1 - International

  • Pray for the Lord’s continued favour and provision for each office to fulfil all His purposes for those they are working to reach and serve.

December 2 - China

  • Pray for the Lord’s daily anointing on the China team and for His wisdom in their non-stop, but difficult, communication with believers inside China in a very tough environment.
  • Pray for God’s continuous protection on the Derek Prince WeChat platform and all the websites, and also for His wisdom and help for those translating the new book, The Beast or The Lamb.

December 3 - Myanmar

  • A Christian organisation has distributed 10 different books by Derek to young believers in two areas. Many from Buddhist families have recently become Christians, and the Church is beginning to grow and come alive. Pray that these books will be a great blessing to all who have received them and that they will be shared among many believers.

December 4 - Australia/Papua New Guinea

  • Pray for Alex Genovese, DPM Director, to have favour as he attempts to make contact with a ministry leader in Papua New Guinea about resuming their outreach there.
  • Pray for partners to join to help expand DPM’s outreach in Australia.

December 5 - Solomon Islands

  • Derek’s daily devotional programmes, Declaring God’s Word and A Word from the Word, are being broadcast on the nationwide radio station, Solomon Islands Broadcasting. Pray for many people to tune in and be encouraged in their walk with the Lord.

December 6 - Cambodia

  • Pray for God’s anointing and protection upon Director, Huy, and his team as they hold several Christmas outreaches. This will include prison ministry in the capital, Phnom Penh, a province in the south, and another in the northwest. Pray for many inmates to come to salvation and be encouraged by Derek’s material. They will also receive Christmas gifts.

December 7 - Philippines

  • Several online radio stations and one FM station are now broadcasting Derek’s programmes. Pray for many to listen and be strengthened in their faith and for unbelievers to also tune in and be saved.
  • Pray for God’s protection and anointing upon Joseph as he translates Derek’s books into the Tagalog language.
  • Pray that many people will find the webpage where these books are available for free download (

Testimony - Philippines

“God has taught me so much through Derek Prince’s online teachings and his books, especially on deliverance. I know that God wants me in healing and deliverance, so who better to learn from than, firstly, the Holy Spirit and, secondly, Derek Prince.”

December 8 - New Zealand

  • Pray for God’s blessing, anointing and protection on the DPM Digital Team members based in New Zealand — James, Evan, Matthew, Jess, Masa and William.
  • Pray for more and more people to be reached worldwide through the expansion of our digital outreach.

December 9 - France

  • We received unexpectedly a request for books for prison chaplains to give to inmates. We have wanted to do this for years, but the legal system didn’t allow it. Pray the Lord will help us to set up this new branch of ministry and that it will be a huge blessing to many prisoners.
  • Pray for wisdom for Catherine to close the online automated bookkeeping for 2022 accurately as it has become more complicated.
  • Pray for God’s blessing on Michaël (and his family) as he takes on a more important role while also going through some great difficulties.
  • Pray for Director René to have new ideas, vision, and wisdom to help DPM become a bigger tool of blessing and encouragement for the Francophone world.

December 10 - Switzerland

  • Pray for Director Ruedi to have the Lord’s guidance, vision, and provision for the work He desires to see accomplished in this nation and neighbouring countries.

December 11 - Portuguese Outreach

  • We have connected with a couple who love Derek’s teaching to work on the translation of subtitles into Portuguese. These subtitles will also serve as the basis for Brazilian Portuguese. The couple also translate professionally for companies like HBO and Netflix. Pray for their work to be fruitful and for many Portuguese people to find the videos online.

December 12 - Denmark

  • Pray for increased sales of Derek’s Danish books and that those who buy them will be greatly encouraged by his teaching.

December 13 - United Kingdom

  • Pray for further development and improvement of our mobile app, and that it will introduce many young people to Derek's teachings.
  • We recently published a new title, The Beast or The Lamb, that talks about developing a Christ-like character through end-time challenges. Pray that it will be well-received and for the readers to apply the message.

December 14 - Norway

  • Pray for new partners and mission-minded friends to connect with us to expand the work of DPM in Norway and across Scandinavia.

December 15 - Sweden

  • Pray for our outreach work in Sweden to grow and for connections with those who would desire to support it.
  • Pray for the distribution of Derek’s books here to expand.

December 16 - Netherlands

  • Last month, we published Hear God’s Voice. Pray for this teaching to help Dutch believers to hear the Lord speak into their lives and direct their steps.

December 17 - East Africa

  • Pray for Geoffrey and Pauline Auma who are based in Kenya as they work to expand Derek’s teaching into East Africa.
  • Pray for the translation work to continue successfully and for a growing awareness of Derek’s teaching in this region.

December 18 - Zimbabwe

  • We were able to get 36 boxes of books up to the DPM office in Zimbabwe (from the South Africa office) with a Zimbabwean courier. Pray for all the books that were sent to be a great blessing and produce fruit in the lives and ministries that receive them.

December 19 - South Africa

  • Life-Changing Spiritual Power and Blessing or Curse in Afrikaans are in the final editing stages. Pray for their successful printing, as well as the printing of the Xhosa Life-Changing Spiritual Power.
  • Pray for the Lord’s anointing upon the pastor who is working on the Zulu translation of Appointment in Jerusalem.

December 20 - French-Speaking Africa

  • Continue to pray for open doors and the right contacts to be able to distribute Derek’s books across French-speaking Africa.

December 21 - United States/Hispanic Outreach

  • Pray that we can make Derek’s Spanish radio programme available on our mobile app.
  • Pray for the right contacts with Spanish radio stations that would want to begin broadcasting Derek’s teachings so that many in the Latino community would be impacted by them.

December 22 - Brazil

  • We are building new relationships, and the Lord is adding to a team of volunteers. They are now translating videos (Portuguese to Brazilian Portuguese) and books, including Blessing or Curse, The Divine Exchange and They Shall Expel Demons. Pray for the right contacts to help make this teaching available in Brazil.

December 23 - Egypt/North Africa

  • Our outreach team in Egypt has been praying for a long time for Derek’s Arabic books to be available in Tunisia. In September, a DPM partner participated in a book fair in Sousse, Tunisia, where all of Derek’s books were displayed for purchase! Pray that the Lord would use these books to touch and change lives.

December 24 - Israel

  • Pray for more and more Jewish people, both in Israel and outside the country, to be reached with Derek’s Hebrew teaching through several social media platforms.
  • Pray for Arabic and Russian-speaking people in Israel to also find Derek’s Arabic and Russian material.

December 25 - Iran

  • Derek's daily radio broadcasts are spreading all over Iran through social media. A girl named Arezu wrote that his teachings have helped her to know Christ and live out His Word in her daily life. She listens with her friends. Praise God that the number of listeners is increasing every week! Pray for strength and protection over our team and for the Holy Spirit to guide them in extending Derek’s teaching further.

December 26 - Syria

  • Pray for Derek’s initial teaching in Kurmanji and for our daily devotionals on Facebook to reach many Syrian people and to help them live Christ-like lives and be bold in sharing the Gospel.

December 27 - Egypt/Middle East

  • Pray for our team’s new project of translating 23 radio episodes (entitled Analysis of Hebrews) into Arabic, which will later be recorded. Pray for the Lord to remove all obstacles that would hinder them.

December 28 - Belarus

  • Pray for our team’s new project of translating 23 radio episodes (entitled Analysis of Hebrews) into Arabic, which will later be recorded. Pray for the Lord to remove all obstacles that would hinder them.

December 29 - Estonia/Latvia

  • DPM Outreach worker German, based in Estonia, took part in a recent conference for pastors and ministers in Bauska, Latvia. Pray for his continued outreach work and for all those who receive Derek’s material to grow in their faith and share it with others.

Outreach Report - Latvia

DPM Outreach worker German took part in a conference in Bauska, Latvia, where he distributed Derek’s books at the exhibition tables. Over 400 people attended from different countries and continents. He said, “Along with us in the hall, there were tables with books by other authors, but most people were interested in Derek's books. Good and balanced Bible teaching will always be in demand.”

December 30 - Armenia

  • Derek's Seven Steps to Your Healing brochure is available in many medical facilities and hospitals in Armenia. Many doctors request the material for their hospitals because patients are recovering faster and getting better by reading it! Pray this teaching will be widespread and well-received.

December 31 - India

  • Directors Elsie and Danny have been under much pressure this year, including health challenges, and need God’s refreshing and total healing.
  • Also pray for Paul as he settles into his new role as Office Manager, which will take a lot of pressure off Elsie.

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