Prayer Guide
Join us in prayer throughout the month of February, as we continue to seek God and give thanks for all that He has done.

February 1 - International

  • DPM staff and outreach workers worldwide continue to produce Derek’s teaching material in various languages and formats. Pray for our new digital team that is helping make Derek’s teaching more accessible worldwide. They reported an increase of 500 percent in2021 of the time viewers spent watching Derek on YouTube.

February 2 - Sri Lanka

  • Pray for an open door for Bishop Prince to hold a church conference for up to 50 people, in conjunction with humanitarian work.
  • A Christian broadcasting channel called "GospelVision.tv’’ is now broadcasting Derek’s messages free of charge several times per week in Sinhala, Tamil and English. Pray for many to tune in and be blessed by Derek’s teaching, and to come to a greater understanding of God’s Word.

February 3 - Indonesia

  • Pray that many people will visit our Indonesia website (https://www.derekprinceindonesia.org/) and avail themselves of the many free resources, including books, Teaching Letters and audio teachings.

February 4 - China

  • Our Chinese IT team seek to creatively supply Derek’s materials in various forms online. This continually involves new strategies and new designs for our websites and apps to strengthen the Chinese church, both inside and outside China. Pray that the Lord would sustain their vision and their skills.
  • China not only has the Great Wall but also the Great Firewall, which is used to block voices the Chinese government does not want to reach the Chinese people. Our China ministry team has come up with a new IT set-up and techniques to break through this wall. Pray for God’s inspiration and protection so that Derek’s teaching might continue to reach the believers there.

February 5 - Nepal

  • Continue to pray for God’s protection, wisdom, and good health for Nepal Director Gopaljee, his wife Ganga, and the DPM book distributors.
  • Thousands of Derek’s books have been freely given away for over twenty years to pastors, Christian leaders, Bible college graduates and lecturers all over Nepal. They have been a huge blessing to all who received them. Pray that this distribution will continue to increase and for many unbelievers to come to salvation through Derek’s teaching.

Testimony Nepal

“Thank you very much for sending 300 Derek Prince books. These were very beneficial for several pastors here. The Self-Study Bible Course has been very useful for teaching believers, along with How to Pass from Curse to Blessing and Derek’s teaching on the Holy Spirit. It is very difficult to get such wonderful books here.” —Pastor Keshu Nagarkoti

February 6 - Philippines

  • Pray for God’s protection and wisdom for Director, John Cochrane, and associate, Johnny Sy. Pray for the Lord to reveal His strategy for DPM in the Philippines this year to reach millions more people with Derek’s Bible teaching.

February 7 - Australia

  • Pray for open doors for the use of Derek Prince teaching resources among prison inmates.

February 8 - New Zealand

  • Derek’s teaching material is being gifted to indigenous people in New Zealand. Pray for many to come to salvation and for those who know the Lord to come into a deeper understanding of His Word.

February 9 - Croatia

  • We praise the Lord for fruitful cooperation with Church leaders in Croatia. Pray that Derek’s teaching will empower pastors to edify the Body of Christ and prepare believers for fruitful ministry.
  • For 2022, we perceived the need to focus on Bible teaching regarding prayer and fasting. Pray that God will bless our translating and editorial team with strength, wisdom and protection.

February 10 - France

  • Pray for new people, especially those who are new believers, to find our ministry and take interest in Derek’s foundational teaching.
  • Continue to pray for new students to enrol in our Bible Correspondence Course and that every student will finish it. Please also pray for Catherine as she mentors them.
  • Pray for Caroline who constantly updates our website and social media platforms and for Catherine who also handles our bookkeeping which gets more complicated due to changing finance rules.

February 11 - Hungary

  • The thought of death and what lies ahead can cause people to be insecure, and many are tormented by spirits of fear of death. We are now translating Derek’s book, The End of Life’s Journey, for people in Hungary. Pray that God’s truths will set people free and that believers will be empowered to face the future with hope, trust and confidence in God’s unfailing love and Jesus’ victory over death.

February 12 - Serbia

  • Pray that our recently printed book, Protection from Deception, will be well accepted by Serbian Christians and for teaching to help them become aware of the false teaching seen in the church in recent years.
  • Pray for wisdom and anointing for the editing team as they work on new book projects.
  • Pray for protection and good health for our team, especially for healing for our translator, Vesna, who has some serious health issues.

February 13 - Slovenia

  • Pray that the Lord will lead us to the skilled and experienced translators and proofreaders who would help us make more of Derek’s teaching accessible in the Slovenian language.

February 14 - Czech Republic

  • Pray that believers across this nation will be strengthened and firmly grounded in the basic biblical doctrines through Derek’s foundational teaching.
  • Pray for more open doors for the distribution of the book compilation, Life-Changing Spiritual Power. Pray for church leaders to use this and other teaching by Derek to train future church leaders.

February 15 - Slovakia

  • Continue to pray that the Lord sends more workers into the harvest to help us with an increasing workload.
  • Pray for new relationships with church leaders and Christian bookstore owners who would like to partner with us in distributing Derek’s materials.

February 16 - Macedonia

  • Pray that we will have more of Derek’s books ready for printing in the spring.
  • Pray for wide distribution of this material and that it will impact many believers in this nation.

February 17 - Bulgaria

  • Pray for God’s wisdom and the leading of the Holy Spirit to show us the most urgent spiritual needs of Christians in Bulgaria at this time. We want to try to meet these needs through Derek’s video teachings on YouTube and in other formats.

February 18 - Switzerland

  • Pray for more open doors for distributing Derek’s teaching and more contacts who would want to help the ministry expand.

February 19 - United Kingdom

  • Our Inside Outreach prison ministry provides inmates and chaplains with Derek’s resources. Pray for more prison chaplains to become aware of it and for more prisoners to enrol in this free programme and be impacted by Derek’s teaching.

February 20 - Germany

  • Pray for God to ignite a new fire in the hearts of our team so we can spread the Good News with vigour and passion.
  • Pray for God’s protection over us, especially from any attacks on our health and relationships.

February 21 - East Africa

  • Pray for God’s direction for Geoffrey and Pauline as they oversee the work of DPM in this region and for new contacts to help share Derek’s teaching.
  • Pray for strong relationships with pastors and others they are connected to in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, Congo and other nations in this region.

February 22 - South Africa

  • Pray that we find another Zulu translator for Appointment in Jerusalem. A pastor who could do it passed away from the Covid-19 virus.
  • Pray for a group of young African believers in this region who formed a chat group. They are very dedicated to the Lord and fast and pray. They also minister the Word over their mobile phones. They were very excited to receive Derek’s teaching on Joshua and Israel, and they are now studying the book of Joshua. (Thabogo, 14, a key person in the group, is the son of Virginia, one of our staff.)
  • Pray that we will be able to translate Proclamation Cards in many African languages. Currently, we only have the one on Spiritual Warfare in about five languages.
  • Pray for wisdom as we work to begin online courses on various teaching topics.

February 23 - French-Speaking Africa

  • Pray for Derek’s French books that are shipped to this region to arrive safely and get to those who would use them wisely and share them with others.

February 24 - United States

  • Pray for the Lord’s blessing and continued provision for our prison outreach. Upon request, inmates are sent a book each month from a selected list. Pray that Derek’s teaching will continue to powerfully impact their lives as evidenced by the wonderful testimonies we receive.
  • Pray for contact with new prisons and chaplains who would desire to receive Derek’s teaching material for their prison library and/or inmates.

February 25 - Israel

  • Pray for greater awareness of Derek’s material, both in Israel and worldwide, through the Israel website and social media platforms.
  • Pray for the Lord’s guidance and wisdom for the team as they continue to produce and distribute Derek’s teaching in Arabic, Russian, and Hebrew.

February 26 - Israel

  • Pray that Derek’s Daily Devotion Message that we are beginning to broadcast daily on our Facebook page will reach many and that there will be no hindrances.
  • Our Egypt outreach receives many requests from Israel for Derek’s books in Arabic, so pray for the availability of Arabic material for those who need it.

February 27 - Belarus

  • Pray for the website to function well and be found by many people. Pray especially that more young people will be reached with Derek’s teaching online and through social media.

February 28 - Azerbaijan

  • Pray for more opportunities to reach the Iranian community in Azerbaijan and to share Derek’s Farsi resources with them.
  • Pray for God’s provision to enable more translation projects in this predominantly Muslim nation.

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