Prayer Guide
Join us in prayer throughout the month of January, as we continue to seek God and give thanks for all that He has done.

January 1 - International

  • DPM staff and outreach workers worldwide continue to produce Derek’s teaching material in various languages and formats. Pray for our new digital team that is helping make Derek’s teaching more accessible worldwide. They reported an increase of 500 percent in 2021 of the time viewers spent watching Derek on YouTube.

January 2 - Jordan

  • Pray for the Lord’s wisdom regarding travel and outreach to Jordan to get Derek’s teaching to the Jordanian people and also to Syrian refugees at the border (Muslims and Christians).

January 3 - Egypt

  • Pray that the Cairo International Book Fair (January 26 to February 6) will not be cancelled because of the pandemic and that God will reach many people through it with Derek’s Arabic books. Pray for this material to touch many through the Holy Spirit.

Praise Reports - Egypt

  • We have completed the translation, audio recording, and book cover designs for two books – You Matter to God and Hope Beyond Grief – and believe God will use them to minister to many people.
  • We have now uploaded The Roman Pilgrimage to YouTube and are also uploading one episode from this series every Tuesday to our Arabic Facebook page.
  • We thank God for the safe arrival of a shipment of Derek’s books that were sent to Lebanon. They will be shared through the library at https://ayatonline.com/dpm and can be requested by anyone worldwide.
  • Our Arabic Derek Prince account on Instagram has been activated and has a quickly increasing number of followers.

January 4 - Ethiopia

  • Pray for Henok, who is translating and dubbing Derek’s audio series How to Appropriate the Blood and Why Israel? into Amharic. Pray this teaching will be well received and widely shared among Christians in Ethiopia.

January 5 - Syria

  • The Syrian church has distributed many Scripture calendars, as well as Bibles for adults and children. Pray for the Word of God to penetrate the hearts of people, and that it will bear fruit in their homes and families and bring God’s peace.
  • Pray for the difficult economic conditions in Syria, that God will intervene, destroy the enemy’s plans and give wisdom to government and church leaders.

January 6 - Estonia

  • Pray for needed volunteer translators who can help with translating books into the languages of the Baltic countries.
  • Pray for wisdom in spreading the word about our online Bible school that has been operating for a year. Only a few students are participating so far, so pray for more people to enrol and be equipped in their faith and their testimony about Jesus.
  • We need God’s guidance in ministry to Russian-speaking people in other European countries.

January 7 - Ukraine

  • Pray for the urgent need for a new website for the Russian-speaking community in Ukraine. It will serve not only Ukraine, but also the 148 million Russian speakers worldwide, including Israel, where 20 percent of the population speaks Russian. Israel, along with Germany, Canada, the USA, and other nations were among those where emigrants from the countries of the former USSR settled.

January 8 - Belarus

  • Pray for God’s protection over the people of Belarus as the country is experiencing a fresh wave of Coronavirus with the numbers of infections increasing again. Please also pray for wisdom and protection for our team.
  • Pray for our team in Belarus to get the help needed to improve our website and solve any technical issues. These problems are hindering people in accessing Derek’s teaching.

January 9 - Netherlands

  • We are sending out a Teaching Letter by Derek on God’s Remedy for Rejection, accompanied by a new proclamation card. This card is a partnership with PowerParent that ministers to single parents through conferences. Pray that this material and online course will help many people who are suffering from rejection to find healing in the Lord.
  • We are in the final stages of preparing the book, Hear God’s Voice, for printing and publishing. Pray that it will help many to hear God’s voice, know Him more intimately and discern His guidance.

January 10 - Norway/Scandinavia

  • Pray for many more Norwegian Christians to become aware of Derek Prince’s teaching.
  • Pray for the continued growth of our work in Sweden that is coordinated through XP Media, a well-known Christian publisher in the country. Two new books have just been printed: Foundational Truths for Christian Living and How to Judge Prophecy.
  • Pray for DPM’s work in Finland being coordinated through TV7 Heaven in Helsinki. They will also publish a new title by Derek Prince in February.

January 11 - Romania

  • Romanian Christians need to understand the times we are facing and the role and importance of Israel. Derek’s book, The Key to the Middle East, is a good tool to help achieve this, and we want to publish it this year. Pray for God’s protection over this project and for this message to give understanding to those who read it.

January 12 - Germany

  • Our office is expanding our outreach through social media and Search Engine Marketing. Pray that God will give us wisdom and grace so we will spend our resources effectively and reach as many people as we can.

January 13 - United Kingdom

  • Pray for God’s guidance in discerning the work He has for us to do in this new year and for wisdom, creativity and protection for Director Neil Cornick and all the staff.
  • Our new online course about Spiritual Warfare was delayed due to technical issues. Pray that it will be launched soon and for the students to be equipped for spiritual battle.

January 14 - France

  • Pray for Director René to have new ideas and initiatives for DPM’s ongoing work and for Michael, our newest staff member, as he gets more involved in different areas.
  • Pray for improved finances this year so we can support the outreaches of DPM worldwide, along with our needs in France. Pray that God will touch the hearts of more people in France to support the ministry.
  • Pray for the new YouTube videos with French subtitles to be a great blessing to many.

January 15 - Poland

  • Many believers in Poland with traditional church backgrounds have never really had a solid biblical foundation for their spiritual lives. We are planning to reprint the book Foundations for Christian Living, which is currently out of stock. We are also finishing the editing on Rediscovering God’s Church. Pray that both books will greatly bless and empower church leaders and others in their walk with the Lord.
  • Pray that despite the continuing pandemic situation believers will hold on to the Word of God.

January 16 - Hungary

  • We plan to reprint the book Faith to Live By in Hungarian for the third time. Pray that believers will learn how to apply Derek’s teaching in their lives, especially those struggling with faith in difficult situations – sickness, lack of finances, etc.
  • Pray that our new release, The Key to the Middle East, will help believers to understand the role of the Jewish people in God’s plans and that He will keep His promises to His covenant people, Israel, and the Church.

January 17 - Eastern Europe

  • Pray for protection and strength for Brano who is overseeing the work of DPM in 12 nations across this region, as he travels and stays in contact with the various offices and workers.
  • Pray for the Lord’s continued blessing and provision for all the language projects in progress and for encouragement for these committed workers.

January 18 - Slovakia

  • For the last six years, we have published twelve Teaching Letters every year, and to date we have distributed almost 150,000 copies.
  • Pray that this material will continue to be an encouragement for Christians in Slovakia in 2022.

January 19 - Cambodia

  • Now that the Government has started opening up the country again, the DPM team, in conjunction with One-2-One Ministries, plan to organise fellowship with local pastors to provide medical care, Bible training and to distribute Derek’s teaching material. Pray for God’s leading in the planning of these meetings, along with evangelistic events.

Testimony - Cambodia

"I work in a Baptist church and thank God I have received the book, Praying for the Government. My village and I used to pray only for our village and for the youth; we never thought to pray for the government. Prayer is very important so that we have a good government – it will make it easier for us to spread the Gospel. Now I will start to instruct my church members that they need to pray for the government.  We can be standing in the gap with our prayers for God to heal our land. We want to see our government healed and all the people accept Jesus. Thank you and God bless you."

Outreach Report - Cambodia

  • Cambodia Director, Huy, made a trip to Battambang Province and held an outreach for 100 families affected by flooding and Covid-19. We are in partnership with local churches who help to organise outreaches and follow up with those who accept Jesus. Derek’s booklets were distributed, along with food packs.

January 20 - Australia

  • With the Covid restrictions easing, pray that opportunities will arise for the sharing of Derek’s resources amongst Indigenous communities and also for connections with other ministries.

January 21 - China

  • Derek’s book The Coming Revival has been translated and is ready to join many other titles by Derek Prince that are available in Chinese. Another book Hear God’s Voice is being translated. At the same time, books that we have supplied for many years are still in demand. Pray that these books, new and old, will build up Chinese believers in the Lord.

Praise Report - China

  • As China tightens its control of the internet to try to block the supply of Bible teaching materials, the Lord has been helping our media team to find innovative ways to stay connected with believers in China. This keeps the supply of Derek’s teaching flowing online. It is no easy task! We praise the Lord for His help.

January 22 - Vietnam

  • Pray for sufficient funding to cover the costs of translating and printing Derek’s Bible teaching into Vietnamese.
  • Pray also for widespread distribution of the material across Vietnam.

Testimony - Vietnam

"Thank you so much, DPM. Your generosity has encourged me so much, knowing that there are people standIng with me and partnerIng with me for the cause of the Gospel. I am on fire to see more people saved and discipled, and to plant more churches. By the grace of God and your support, we have more gasoline to travel to many villages. —Pastor “T”"

Praise Reports - Vietnam

  • Pastor “D” in Da Nang advised that 50 DPM-funded packs of humanitarian aid were distributed by pastors and evangelists, and 10 people came to salvation. What a real blessing, both physically and spiritually!
  • Another DPM coordinator, Pastor “A”, in Ho Chi Minh City, distributed humanitarian aid packs to 150 people in the slums, concentrating on districts near her church. Many of them are originally from the provinces and are in Ho Chi Minh for work, but due to the pandemic they have lost their jobs and are unable to travel back to their hometowns.

January 23 - Thailand/Lao

  • Pray for modern strategies in reaching Thailand and Laos with Derek’s teaching. There are exciting opportunities, but much work is needed. Our translation of 24 of Derek’s books and booklets into Thai and Lao is only just the beginning of what the Lord would have us do.
  • Pray for many to connect to the new DPM Thai website which has 24 books and several Teaching Letters as free downloads.

January 24 - New Zealand

  • Pray for God’s wisdom and guidance in 2022 for our trustees and staff as we seek God for His direction and that He will abundantly provide all the finances we need for our outreach projects in many nations.
  • Students graduating from Faith Bible College were gifted 10 of Derek’s books. Pray that this material will be a great blessing in their walk with the Lord and in their future ministry.

January 25 - Japan

  • Portions from Derek’s book, Prophetic Guide to the End Times, are being placed each month in a Christian magazine. Pray that this will introduce many Christians in Japan to Derek Prince and his teachings.

January 26 - India

  • Pray for God’s protection over Directors Elsie and Danny, their family and staff, following a time of intense spiritual warfare.
  • Elsie and Danny just completed a seven-day residential training seminar for Tamil-speaking leaders at their home base (Trichy, Tamil Nadu). The focus was on the DPM Bible College curriculum, using Derek’s core material, including teaching on biblical foundations, the gifts of the Spirit and prophecy. Pray for good fruit to come from it as the leaders take Derek’s teaching to different states in India and introduce DPM to many for the first time.

Praise Report - India

  • At the beginning of 2021, we celebrated the printing of 1.5 million of Derek’s English books here in India and over 1.6 million in Indian languages since we began in 1997.

January 27 - Sri Lanka

  • Pray that the Lord will touch the Sri Lankan President and Government leaders, just as He touched Saul, to help make their work more effective.
  • Pray for DPM representative Bishop Prince to receive permission from the Public Health Inspector to visit villages in order to hand out Bibles, Derek’s books, and humanitarian relief packs.  
  • Pray for God’s protection over Bishop Prince and his family. Thousands of new Covid-19 cases are reported each day.

January 28 - South Africa

  • Pastor Stemmet is now ministering in the Cape and will continue into February. Pray for protection over his travels and for provision, and for successful distribution of Derek’s books and DVDs to mainly black Afrikaans.
  • We have book projects in process in Afrikaans and other African languages. Pray for protection over those involved with the translation, editing and layout. Stienie is editing the book, Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose. Recently, she and her son were attacked at gun point, but God was faithful to deliver them.
  • Pray all will go well in uploading the 13 African language Foundations teachings on DVD to YouTube. This will enable many more people to access Derek’s teaching in their own language.  
  • Pray for our promotion focused on children and youth using our Proclamation Cards produced for them and Derek’s teaching that is relevant for them.

Praise Reports - South Africa

  • We were able to distribute Derek’s Afrikaans and other African language books and DVDs to over 50 small towns in the Kalahari and Cape in the past eighteen months. A retired pastor is visiting these towns with no resident pastor, ministering and distributing Bibles and Derek’s teaching.
  • We thank the Lord for a new TV station that has requested Derek’s DVDs for broadcasting.
  • We were able to print and reprint 80 book titles (most in English) this past year. Ina did all the preparation to get these books ready for the printers.
  • Numerous enquiries or prayer requests have been received because of new weekly teaching on our website.

Testimony - South Africa

"A senior lady, Helena, phoned to find out our location and was surprised to learn she lived only a few kilometres away from the office.  Recently, she visited a hospice bookshop and found Appointment in Jerusalem which she is enjoying reading. It was printed many years ago and included our phone number. She found out it was still the same! She was so excited to hear what is happening with Derek’s teaching in this region and to know how much is available. She said she can’t wait to get to our office and shop to buy more material! She shared that, some years ago, she had lung cancer and the Lord miraculously healed her. The doctors were not convinced so did more biopsies on both lungs. When discharged, she was given Derek’s book, God’s Medicine Bottle. She is still in good health today!"

January 29 - Angola/Mozambique

  • We plan to print the Self-Study Bible Course in Portuguese for Angola. We had printed 2200 copies for Mozambique just before lockdown due to the pandemic.  
  • Twenty more Portuguese titles are ready for printing for Angola and Mozambique, DPM co-workers in Portugal are busy with the audio version of the Portuguese Teaching Letters. Pray for this additional material to be produced successfully and speedily.

January 30 - United States Hispanic Outreach

  • Pray for God’s favour and blessing on new projects, such as a new Spanish YouTube channel, revamping of our Spanish radio programmes, translation work, printing and distribution.  
  • Pray for God to provide the resources needed for these projects – the books Praying for the Government, The Spirit-Filled Believer’s Handbook, Husbands and Fathers, and Secrets of a Prayer Warrior are scheduled for reprinting this year. Pray for successful and quick completion.

January 31 - Canada

  • Pray for Director Bob Yeo and the DPM board to know God’s direction for this new year.
  • Pray for Bob and his family to have the Lord’s protection, strength and encouragement as they continue to face some hard battles.

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