Prayer Guide
Join us in prayer throughout the month of January, as we continue to seek God and give thanks for all that He has done.

January 1 - International

  • God is good! We praise Him for His faithfulness and guidance and for all of Derek’s material that was distributed on outreaches in 2022. Many people have shared with us how blessed they have been and how their lives were changed by his teaching. As this new year begins, pray for the Lord to give each team member and outreach worker His protection, fresh inspiration, wisdom, strength, and anointing for their specific tasks.

January 2 - Netherlands

  • This month we are sending out Derek's Teaching Letter, Many are Called, but Few are Chosen. Pray that God will speak by His Spirit so that this teaching will help people know and live out His calling for their lives in this new year.

January 3 - Bulgaria

  • Pray for the successful printing of the books, The Beast or The Lamb and Prophetic Guide to the End Times.
  • Pray for God’s wisdom and creativity for our staff in distributing the books among young people in Bulgaria.

January 4 - Finland

  • Pray for Derek’s teaching to reach many more people in Finland through TV7 Heaven broadcasts from Helsinki.
  • Pray for another translator to join us to work on Derek’s titles in Finnish.

January 5 - France

  • Pray for spiritual strongholds to be broken over France as we strengthen our efforts to take Derek’s teaching into this nation.
  • Pray for Director, René, to have God’s clarity and wisdom and for Frédéric, the new 'voice' of Derek Prince on our French YouTube channel, as he does the translation and dubbing.
  • Pray for the DPM Digital Team in New Zealand and Caroline in our office as they work on changes regarding our website.

January 6 - Germany

  • We redesigned, reprinted, and recently released 24 small German booklets (manuscripts of Derek's messages). Many had been out of stock for ten years or more! Pray for many people to be impacted by these teachings.
  • Pray for the Lord to protect our team from physical and mental attacks, to inspire us with new enthusiasm and passion, and to enable us to become a fountain of financial blessing for DPM outreaches worldwide.

January 7 - United Kingdom

  • Pray for our new website to give people easier access to Derek's teachings and for many to find them online and be impacted.
  • Pray for the recent publication of The Beast or The Lamb to bless and encourage many.

January 8 - Sweden

  • Pray for more partners and prayer warriors to join us in Sweden to expand Derek’s teaching and ministry here.

January 9 - Croatia

  • This year we plan to release several new titles. Pray for all to go smoothly and for good communication and cooperation among the team.
  • We will also focus on the translation of subtitles for video messages. Pray for God’s protection and anointing for all involved.

January 10 - Cambodia

  • Pray for God’s anointing and protection upon Huy and his team as they hold seminars this month for pastors and leaders. The focus will be on Derek’s teachings Complete Salvation, What's So Important About the Cross? and Praying for the Government. Pray for attendees to be impacted and go on to share the teaching with their congregations.

Outreach Reports - Cambodia

  • A seminar was held for 40 pastors in Ratanakiri Province for the first time. Pastors from five different tribal groups came and were greatly blessed by Derek’s teaching, Applying the Blood. The DPM team also distributed humanitarian aid to 50 families, preached the Gospel, and prayed for healing and deliverance.  
  • A meeting was also held in Kratié Province, where 37 pastors came from a range of backgrounds: Baptist, Anglican, Methodist and others. There was a great time of teaching and discussion, and several book titles were distributed, along with proclamation cards.

January 11 - Vietnam

  • Pray for many more Vietnamese-speaking people here and worldwide to connect with us via Facebook and our website (derekprince.com/vi/).
  • 100 copies of Derek’s book, The Three Most Powerful Words, were given to Agape New Generation Church in Ho Chi Minh City. Pray for this teaching to touch hearts and change many lives.

Outreach Report - Vietnam

  • DPM Coordinator Pastor 'D' in Da Nang reports: “Derek’s books are being used effectively in a new area where the Gospel has been preached for the first time. One of our brothers has given out, and taught from, the Self-Study Bible Course. The people in this area have now burned all witchcraft and demonic objects and books.”

January 12 - Indonesia

  • A new Indonesian website has just been launched (derekprince.com/id/) where Derek’s books, many radio programmes, Teaching Letters, audios and more can be found. Pray for many people to visit it and grow in their Christian walk through these free resources.

January 13 - Thailand

  • We are excited that a Thai/Singaporean couple based in Thailand, Jason and Arisa, are now joint DPM Coordinators with Alex and Jan (based in New Zealand). Pray for the Lord’s leading for them as they continue to extend the work of DPM in Thailand.

January 14 - Philippines

  • Pray for good health, strength, and protection for Director John Cochrane (based in New Zealand) as he ministers in the Philippines over January and February. Also pray for wisdom in expanding the work in the Philippines, especially with the passing in November of DPM Coordinator Johnny Sy, who was based in Manila.
  • Derek’s books and proclamation cards will be given away at evangelistic and healing meetings. Pray for everyone to be blessed by this material.

Testimony – Philippines

"Thank you very much for continuing the ministry of Derek Prince. We have been so blessed with his teachings. My husband listens daily to Derek’s preaching and devotionals; it's life-changing!" — F. Fernando

January 15 - China

  • Pray for the China team as they translate and produce the new title, The Beast or The Lamb. It will be an important addition to the many Derek Prince books that we distribute in hard copy and online in China.


In a time of increased clampdown on the church in China, we are thrilled by responses like the testimony below. A Chinese man reported: "My wife and I have been telling people around us to read books by 叶光明 (Derek Prince) and to listen to his sermons. We praise God for his faithful yet heavenly wisdom and anointed insight into the Bible. Without Derek’s teaching, I can’t imagine where we would be. There are a great many people like me."

January 16 - Japan

  • Pray for many Japanese Christians to become aware of DPM’s ministry in this nation and to spread the word amongst their churches and friends.
  • Pray for many to visit the DPM Japanese website (derekprince.com/ja/) and be blessed and encouraged by Derek’s Japanese-language material.

January 17 - Ukraine

  • The Proclamation videos on YouTube and Anchor Podcast were launched on 1 November. Pray that these proclamations will be a powerful tool for seeing God’s will come to pass.
  • Pray for the two translators and editors who are now working on Derek’s books in the Ukrainian language, including Blessing or Curse and Atonement.

Outreach Reports - Ukraine

  • Despite the ongoing war, our staff was able to publish three new books last autumn: Declaring God's Word, Be Perfect, But How? and The Divine Exchange. We also produced the audio recording of Declaring God's Word.
  • Since the start of the war, we have also issued two editions of 14 different evangelistic cards, each in the tens of thousands. These are now being distributed throughout Ukraine.

January 18 - Russia

  • Many people live in fear and anxiety and need encouragement from the Word of God. So, we thank God that Life’s Bitter Pool was published recently. Pray for successful distribution and that it will encourage many.

January 19 - Egypt/North Africa

  • The Cairo Book Fair will take place 24 January to 6 February. Pray for Derek’s material to reach many people at this event and change lives.
  • Pray for our team as we work with a ministry, Vision Communication International (VCI), to produce more of Derek’s teaching in the Moroccan dialect and that the Lord would remove any obstacles in this project.

Outreach Report - North Africa

  • Praise God for our partnership with VCI that is establishing new radio programmes in North Africa. They are wanting to use Derek’s teaching in the Kabyle language in their broadcasts.

January 20 - Turkey

  • Praise God for the successful recording of four audio books. Pray for the team as they prepare to record eight more books.
  • Pray for the Lord’s wisdom and blessing over the publication of Blessing or Curse and that this teaching will impact many people.

January 21 - Egypt/Middle East

  • Our outreach team had Derek’s books on display at the book fair in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, from 29 September to 8 October. Pray that the Lord uses this teaching to draw all who bought it closer to Him.
  • We have successfully completed the translation of Complete Salvation, Extravagant Love, and God’s Will for Your Life into the Kurmanji dialect.
  • Pray for God to connect us with the right person to record these in an audio format and produce animation video clips for the messages.

January 22 - Sri Lanka

  • Pray that the pastors who recently received teaching and ministry from DPM–India Directors, Elsie and Danny, come into a deeper revelation of God’s Word and be well equipped to teach their congregations.

Outreach Report - Sri Lanka

  • DPM–India Directors, Elsie and Danny, made another trip to Sri Lanka in November for further outreach with DPM Coordinator Bishop Prince. Again, they saw a great thirst amongst the pastors for how to fight the forces of darkness destroying their country. This trip was vital to help them find answers and guide them in prayer and spiritual warfare.

January 23 - India

  • Pray for the Youth Leaders Training Programmes planned for 2023. One is an advanced course for those who have taken the basic course, and two are for new leaders. Pray for those who attend to be challenged by God’s Word to reach young people in their churches and communities.
  • Pray for the attendees to also have the confidence to become trainers and prepare other young leaders to work beside them.

January 24 - Nambia

  • 'Revive Us' bookshop requested Portuguese and Afrikaans books. Pray that many will be blessed with Derek’s teaching in this region and for continued open doors in Namibia.

January 25 - Botswana

  • Pray for Thato, who is doing the final editing of Life-Changing Spiritual Power in Botswana. As soon as it is printed in South Africa, it will be distributed there and in Botswana. Pastors are eagerly waiting for it!

January 26 - Malawi

  • The South Africa office has contact with a prison chaplain in Malawi who distributed 100 copies of the Chichewa Self-Study Bible Course to 33 prisons. Pray that more of Derek’s teachings in Chichewa will be distributed in these prisons.
  • Pray for the printing and distribution this year of Life-Changing Spiritual Power in Chichewa. This book will be a good tool for the many ministries we have contact with as well as for the prison outreach.

January 27 - Angola

  • Pray that we will be able to get more of Derek’s Portuguese books and other material to several mission organisations as well as pastors and other leaders in 2023.
  • Pray for the successful printing and distribution of Life-Changing Spiritual Power in Tswana and Xhosa in 2023.

January 28 - South Africa

  • 1500 copies of Our Debt to Israel and 1000 Why Israel? books have been printed and will be distributed in KwaZulu-Natal and the rest of South Africa. 100 copies were distributed to pastors, leaders and government ministers at a recent Africa/ Israel meeting, and 200 copies will go to an international Israel-related meeting in Cameroon in March 2023. Pray for the successful distribution of all the booklets, and for many people to gain understanding of support for Israel.
  • Pray for the successful printing and distribution of Life-Changing Spiritual Power in Tswana and Xhosa in the coming months.

Testimony - South Africa

Derek Prince often said he didn’t want to offer mere theology or theory; he wanted God’s Word to practically impact people’s lives. The testimony of Gerald, who lives in the Cape, shows just that. He called the office to share that he went into a second-hand bookshop and found God’s Remedy for Rejection. He studied the teaching and started applying forgiveness. His father had disappeared out of his life, and he never knew why. Then his mother remarried, and he had a difficult stepfather. After working through forgiveness, he contacted his mother and found out his father had drowned in the sea in Cape Town. He also restored relationships with his half-sisters and brothers, and they will all meet over Christmas. He wanted to make a donation to DPM in appreciation for what Derek’s teaching had done in his life and family.

January 29 - West Africa

  • Pray for protection and God’s anointing for Kalidou Barry in Guinea-Conakry as he oversees the translation of Derek’s 30 core messages into the Pular language. He has had two motorcycle accidents in a short time, which has greatly delayed the work.

Outreach Report - South Africa

We thank the Lord for the new Bible study groups that have been established using Derek’s books Foundational Truths for Christian Living and Bought with Blood. Pastor Stemmet has travelled well over 34,000 km since June 2019 and has distributed many books, mainly in the Cape. The people in these areas are starved spiritually, not having a resident pastor in many places, as they are unable to support them. Pastor Stemmet said that many doors were wide open for Derek’s teaching wherever he was ministering. One person he met works for the Doringbaai Municipality on the West Coast of South Africa. She was overjoyed to receive the books and said she is going to start a Bible study group to share this teaching.

January 30 - United States Hispanic Outreach

  • A seminar for pastors and leaders will be held in Cartagena, Colombia, 15–18 February. Pray for God’s anointing and protection for Cesar, a staff member in our Hispanic Department, who will teach from Derek’s book, Rediscovering God’s Church. Pray also for protection over Cesar's family while he is away.
  • Pray for God’s refreshing and revelation for these leaders and that they will go on to help their congregations mature through Derek’s teaching.

January 31 - Canada

  • Pray for the Lord’s continued wisdom and guidance as to the best way to impact the large nation of Canada with Derek’s teaching material.

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Last Updated: Jan 05, 2023
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