Prayer Guide
Join us in prayer throughout the month of July, as we continue to seek God and give thanks for all that He has done.

July 1 - International

  • The Lord continues to impact and transform people in many nations through Derek’s teaching, using new language translations and increased use of digital technology. Pray for God’s continued wisdom and guidance in these areas.

July 2 - India

  • Over 1,000 SD cards containing 30 of Derek’s most important messages in the Hindi and Tamil languages are being distributed to pastors and leaders. Pray for this teaching to impact all those who hear it and that they will teach others what they learn.
  • Elsie and Danny will be in Sholapur (SW Maharashtra State) from 9 to 11 August to teach and minister. Pray for good health, strength, and God’s anointing over them and lives to be changed by God’s Word.

Outreach Report - India

We praise God for His faithfulness as Elsie and Danny ministered recently to over 300 pastors and leaders in four locations. A senior pastor, 89, said with tears in his eyes, “I thought I did not have faith and I had almost given up what I was praying for, but the Word you shared today has strengthened me and given me the assurance that God will answer my prayer.”  

Many women received deliverance at another conference, and at the fourth conference, a pastor said, “I had so many questions and misconceptions that God dealt with today and gave me clarity about.” His wife said, “I can feel a dark cloud has lifted off me…I feel so light.”

July 3 - Australia

  • Peter and Katie Dunstan continue their ministry to the Indigenous communities to teach and distribute Derek’s material. Pray for wisdom, strength, and good health, as they dealt with sickness on a recent trip.

Oureach Report - Australia

Here are excerpts from Peter and Katie’s recent outreach report from their travels across Western and Southern Australia and Queensland. Read the full report on our website here.

  • “We spent Sunday ministering at a remote Aboriginal community, 250km west of Wyndham. Many were saved, healed, and delivered. We were blessed to see local Indigenous leadership begin to emerge and take their place.”
  • “We went to Yarrabah to conduct a Healing Wounded Hearts Seminar and speak at an open-air rally attended by over 200 people. I was asked to preach on healing. Katie had many words of knowledge, and many people were healed and delivered. The most common healing was hearing being restored.”
  • “The DPM materials are always very much appreciated. Your support helps us to reach what is often thought of as the unreachable in the remote Indigenous communities of our great nation.”

July 4 - Nauru

  • Nauru is a tiny island country in Micronesia, northeast of Australia. Continue to pray for connection to the right person to help promote our new Nauru website to Nauruans so that many will find Derek’s teaching and draw closer to God.

July 5 - Japan

  • Pray for God’s protection and anointing upon Takara, who has started translating Derek’s material, beginning with the ten messages making up the Laying the Foundations series.

July 6 - China

  • Our China team created a new bilingual e-magazine series to help Chinese believers learn online from Derek’s teaching. Pray that a broader audience can be reached through this new method.
  • A chatbot with Derek’s Chinese material is also being developed. Pray for this new technology to be used to help many Chinese grow in their faith.

Day 7 - Philippines

  • 6,000 copies of Derek’s book, Birth of a Breakthrough, have beenprinted for distribution to pastors and leaders across the nation. Pray thatdistribution will go smoothly and that this teaching will greatly impact all thosewho read it.
  • Derek’s book, Declaring God’s Word. Thos eattending have gone from sitting doing nothing to praying for their residence and those in their town. Derek’s teaching is most welcome by the management,who can see the difference in the residents’ lives.

July 8 - Cambodia

  • Seminars will be held for pastors from Trinity Church on 13 July and 16 August, including those from other provinces. The teaching will focus on Derek’s books, You Matter to God, Faith and Works and Fatherhood. Pray for God’s revelation as our team prepares, His anointing upon the teaching, and for safety and good health for all.
  • Pray for many more people to become aware of our Facebook page and website and find the many free resources available.

Outreach Report - Cambodia

  • A pastors’ seminar was held in Sihanoukville, 200 km from the capital Phnom Penh, where 35 pastors were taught from Praying for the Government, Father God, and The Gifts of the Spirit.  
  • DPM Director Huy and the team held a seminar for 36 pastors and leaders in Kampong Thom Province. A strong and energetic group was hungry for God’s Word and received Derek’s books, By Grace Alone, Faith and Works and You Matter to God. This teaching will be invaluable to them as they continue to grow in their faith and teach others.

July 9 - Indonesia

  • Pray for God’s anointing and protection over Rolan as he voices and records Declaring God’s Word in Indonesian for radio broadcasting. Pray for his family also, as they all have faced spiritual opposition.
  • Continue to pray for someone with digital expertise and fluency in Bahasa Indonesian to join us to help expand our online platforms.

July 10 - Thailand

  • Pray for God’s favor for Coordinators Jason and Arisa as they visit a number of churches to introduce DPM, teach from Derek’s material, and distribute books, teaching letters and proclamation cards.

July 11 - New Zealand

  • Pray for those who have copies of Derek’s books to lend them to others or to share our online resources, especially those who are not familiar with him. We desire to see many more people across our nation blessed by Derek’s teaching.

Testimony - New Zealand

A supporter has been visiting a rest home for 18 months and holding a devotional time with about 20 people (half of the residents) and staff, using Derek’s book, Declaring God’s Word. Those attending have gone from sitting doing nothing to praying for their residence and those in their town. Derek’s teaching is most welcome by the management, who can see the difference in the residents’ lives.

July 12 - Romania

  • DPM representatives Fanel and Monica held a deliverance conference where many people were touched. Pray that God will continue to work in their lives.
  • Pray that Derek's teaching finds open doors into traditional churches.
  • Pray for the provision of needed finances to produce more of Derek's materials in Romanian.

July 13 - Croatia

  • During the summer, many Christian churches hold evangelistic outreaches among young people who gather in streets and parks. Pray for hearts to be open to the Gospel and Derek’s teaching to be used to bring freedom from sin, fear, depression, or addictions.
  • Pray that Derek's Bible teaching will find open doors in every denomination in our country.

July 14 - Netherlands

  • We are developing a new online course based on Derek’s teaching on blessings and curses. Pray for inspiration and good health for everyone involved, so we can launch the course after the summer.

July 15 - Germany

  • Pray for God's guidance on our new efforts on the digital front (YouTube, Spotify, Android, iOs, and social media) to enable us to reach more people who are searching for answers.
  • Pray for the Lord to inspire us with ideas for new projects that will produce a whole new level of traffic and book movement in our office.
  • Pray for God’s wisdom to make the right choices at the right time regarding future personnel and finances.

July 16 - United Kingdom

  • Pray for the Holy Spirit to give us wisdom to help those who reach out to us for prayer and counsel.
  • Pray that many people will find and use our new website and gain access to Derek's teachings that would minister to them.
  • Ask for the Lord’s blessing upon our prison ministry and increase in those being reached.

July 17 - France

  • Our YouTube channel now has well beyond two million views. Behind this number are people who are being impacted by God through Derek’s teaching. Pray that even more will find Derek’s videos online.
  • We just published Objective for Living, To Do God’s Will, and a new daily devotional taken from it. Pray for this teaching to inspire many Christians who are without purpose to seek and do the will of God.
  • Pray for many subscribers to our new online course, “Spiritual Conflict”, and that people will learn to stand against the onslaughts of the enemy.

July 18 - Czech Republic

  • Pray that God will bring spiritual awakening to our nation, anoint church leaders to speak His Word boldly, and use Derek's teaching to equip believers to win the lost and disciple them.
  • Pray especially for the hearts of young people to be open to the Gospel and Derek’s teaching.

July 19 - Ukraine

  • Pray for the Lord’s wisdom and protection upon those working on book translations in Ukrainian and Russian, including Blessing or Curse, and audiobook recordings.

July 20 - Belarus

  • Pray for the widespread distribution of Derek’s material across Belarus and for success in getting it into prisons in the country.
  • Pray for the success of the DPM Bible School and for many to be encouraged and equipped by what they learn.

Testimony - Belarus

“My parents grew up with a great fear of talking about God, and so did I. When I got married, my husband and I moved to another town with his parents. By this time, the father of my husband left for another woman, and she put a curse on our family. Then everything went wrong. Seeking salvation for my loved ones, I became fascinated with magic. My family started falling apart: my husband was thinking about committing suicide, my son became seriously ill, and my daughter couldn’t get out of bed in the mornings. I went to several witches, but it was getting even worse. One day, our neighbour came to our house and said God sent her. At first, I was quite sceptical about God, but my resistance didn’t last long, as I was already destroyed by all the problems. Finally, I took a step toward God. He accepted me, called me by name, and blessed me. He purified my selfish and proud heart, healed my wounds and helped me to move on, and He protected me when I was threatened by evil. Then He brought me to Derek Prince Ministries, and everything changed in my family. Because of your ministry, I’ve learned about important topics such as blessings and curses.”

— Irina, DPM Bible School student

July 21 - Syria

  • During the summer, buses will take young people weekly from various churches to Christian camps. Many were emotionally wounded from 12 years of civil war and seeing so much violence. Pray they will find Jesus and, through the leaders and Derek’s teaching, be freed from fear and emotional trauma and used by God to reach others.
  • Many adults take time off from work in the summer to go to church conferences. Many have lost children, spouses, and other relatives or friends in the war and recent earthquake. Pray that God will do a mighty work in those who attend these meetings and that Derek’s teaching will strengthen them and bring healing from all they have suffered.

July 22 - Iran

  • Pray for the Lord’s blessing on upcoming seminars and meetings with Iranian ministers.
  • Pray for our team as they print Derek’s books this summer and ship many to Iran.

July 23 - Turkey

  • Pray for protection and wisdom for the team this summer as they hold teaching seminars in various churches.

July 24 - Brazil

  • We have now translated more than 30 teaching letters into Portuguese, which are freely available on derekprince.com. Pray that more believers in Brazil will connect with us online and be encouraged in their faith by these and other teachings by Derek.

July 25 - United States/Hispanic Outreach

  • Continue to pray for the development of the new Spanish website and online store. These will greatly increase the exposure and access to Derek’s Spanish teaching material.
  • Pray for those who continue to work on a brochure to mail to churches and individuals. It will be used to share about our Hispanic outreach so that many more people can benefit from it.

July 26 - Zambia

  • Pieter and Jo van Rensburg have been ministering this month to a group of pastors and giving them copies of the Foundations DVDs and the Self-Study Bible Course to share with home and Bible study groups. Pray for God’s ongoing work in their lives and for Derek’s teaching to bear good fruit.

July 27 - Botswana

  • Pray for the successful printing of Life-Changing Spiritual Power and wise distribution in Botswana. Pastors here are looking forward to receiving Derek’s teaching in their own language, Tshwana.

July 28 - South Africa

  • Our new website was recently launched in English, with Afrikaans and Zulu languages also becoming available soon. Pray for us as we adjust to all the digital developments taking place that will enable us to reach more people in new ways.
  • Lift up to the Lord our Zulu translator of Appointment in Jerusalem to have wisdom and clarity as he works.
  • Pray for the successful printing and distribution of Chichewa and Portuguese books, and that Derek’s teaching in these languages will touch many lives.

Outreach Reports - South Africa

A retired accountant came to our shop and said his life had been totally changed in the past five weeks by reading Blessing or Curse and watching Derek’s teaching on YouTube. He and his wife are Christians, but they had always faced opposition. The teaching made him realize his family had been bound by ancestral worship. He and his wife moved to a place of their own, away from that influence, and they are now radically changed. He bought Derek’s books to share with his family and friends.

A pastor who oversees 1,000 churches in South Africa shared how Derek’s teaching has impacted his life. He came to our office wanting all of Derek’s books so his congregations and leaders could know about this valuable teaching and set up book tables in their churches.

July 29 - Nambia

  • Pray for more open doors to the German and Afrikaans community here.
  • We supply Derek’s material for a Christian book shop in Windhoek and broadcast his messages on Swakopmunt Christian radio station. Pray for God’s blessing on these outreaches and for more people to find Derek’s teaching.

July 30 - Angola/Mozambique

  • We plan to print Derek’s Portuguese books in Mozambique and South Africa to distribute in Angola. We have over 20 titles that we can provide for ministries and pastors. Pray for the needed funds for this project.

July 31 - Malawi

  • Life-Changing Spiritual Power is being printed for distribution here. This compilation of books can have a huge impact on the people in Malawi. Pray for a smooth printing and distribution process.

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Last Updated: Jul 06, 2023
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