Prayer Guide
Join us in prayer throughout the month of July, as we continue to seek God and give thanks for all that He has done.

July 1 - International

  • In line with Psalm 90:17, we pray for the favor of the Lord our God to be upon us, and for Him to establish the work of our hands. Join us in thanking Him for His faithfulness, provision and divine help.

July 2 - Netherlands

  • Pray for wisdom for Paul and his team as they continue to work on translation and online projects and for new doors to open for reaching this area with Derek’s teaching.

July 3 - Slovenia

  • Continue to pray for a new translator and editor to join our team.

July 4 - Italy

  • We thank God for the new translators who are eager to make Derek’s teaching available in Italian. Pray for the Lord’s clear guidance about opening a DPM office in Italy.
  • Pray for the work in progress on translations of subtitles for our YouTube channel.

July 5 - Romania

  • Thank God for the broadcasting of Derek´s video and audio teaching on Christian TV and radio. Pray for this DPM office to continue to have a great impact in this region.

July 6 - Germany

  • With a growing online audience, we thank God for the new German DPM App. Pray it will reach the maximum amount of people and bless German-speaking Christians worldwide
  • Pray that God will show us new and innovative ways to further distribute Derek’s teaching material.

Day 7 - United Kingdom

  • Pray for the students who are now taking the online course on spiritual warfare (over 400) to apply what they are learning and be able to share it with others. Also pray for God’s guidance in developing new online courses. Also pray for God’s guidance in developing new online courses.


John was recently released from prison after 44 years of a life sentence, an unprecedented move. He wrote us of becoming aware of Derek’s teaching listening to a Christian broadcast and connecting with our prison ministry through his chaplain at the time.

“I have sought to encourage other Christians to send for Derek’s Spirit-filled teaching, wanting them to be blessed and grow in their walk and faith with the Lord as I have. I pray my letter may encourage you in all that the Lord is doing through the ministry of Inside Outreach helping me and many other prisoners grow. It is also preparing us for any work or ministry the Lord may have for us on release. Derek’s legacy of teaching lives on, bringing growth in the lives of thousands and perhaps even more as it is doing in my own life. Praise God!”

In a recent Outreach Report we sent out, Pastor PK from South India shared about the impact of Derek’s teaching, saying: “When the second wave of Covid swept through India it seemed that all we had learnt from the Bible and our Bible college days was thrown into question because our praying didn’t stop the pandemic or the deaths of many loved ones. But you helped us by bringing to us Derek Prince’s teaching on declaring the power of the blood. Thanks to this teaching we saw a change in our personal circumstances and in the lives of many believers. One of our donors responded saying: “Thank you very much for sharing the message from India. I was in a similar situation when Covid started in England early in 2020. Thank God I was prepared because I had been reading through the prayers and proclamations book by Derek Prince on applying Scriptures to situations and I was able to proclaim the Scriptures when I had Covid.”

July 8 - France

  • Pray that our new book, The Beast or the Lamb, will encourage believers to understand and long for the nature of Jesus.
  • Pray for another new release, Rediscovering God’s Church, to reach many church leaders and give them guidance and wisdom.
  • Pray for God’s wisdom in finding new ways of sharing Derek’s teaching with an increasingly wider audience.

July 9 - Eastern Europe

  • Pray for Outreach Director Branislav who oversees work in this region. He needs God’s wisdom and strength as he maintains contact with the offices and encourages the leaders in all they are doing.

July 10 - Hungary

  • Pray for our team as they continue to work on new translations of Derek´s books.

July 11 - Vietnam

  • Pray for Pastor “A” and her team as they hold a seminar for 130 people this month. They will also visit churches to train them using Derek’s teaching. Pray that attendees gain much insight into God’s Word.

Outreach Report

  • A seminar was held for 20 leaders from five different tribes on carrying out the Great Commission in the end times. Everyone received the Vietnamese book What’s So Important About the Cross?


Pastor “A” shared about a woman who attended her church, then backslid and left. She was attacked by a demon, lost her business due to Covid, went bankrupt, became desperate, and wanted to kill herself. The pastors took several from their church to visit and pray for this woman. proclaiming over her using our proclamation card. They guided her to speak the proclamations over herself every day and pray and read the Bible. She is now totally delivered and loves God, saying, “I want to serve God; I feel my life now is full of joy and I feel stronger than ever before.”

I have always looked for a Bible curriculum to teach new believers and the staff in my church. Through Pastor “D”, I found Derek’s Self Study Bible Course and have completed sharing the entire 20 lessons. It has been a huge blessing and I highly recommend it to other churches. One lady had trouble with reading and studying the Bible for a long time; she had many distractions and oppression anytime she wanted to; now she can wake up at 4am to study the Bible. Praise God!

Pastor Lam

July 12 - Australia

  • Our previous Indigenous Outreach partners Graeme and Veronica Hunter introduced us to a couple who are considering partnering with us. Pray for God’s favour so we can once again begin to distribute Derek’s teaching among the First Nation people in Australia.

July 13 - China

  • The clampdown on religion in China continues and increases. Pray for our China team to keep one step ahead in feeding China’s increasingly unfed believers.
  • Pray for the Chinese translation work on two books, Longing for His Appearing and Hearing God’s Voice, which we want to distribute in hard copy and online in China this year.

Praise Reports - China

  • In spite of China’s ban on religious materials on the Internet that came into effect on March 1, we have seen a great increase since then of people inside China who are using our WeChat App.
  • Also, students for our online courses are still successfully getting access to them. Praise the Lord for His hand upon the China team.

July 14 - New Zealand

  • Pray for many people to visit our new website (www.derekprince.co.nz) and avail themselves of the hundreds of free teaching resources on it.
  • Sixteen cartons of Derek’s teaching material were recently donated to a ministry in southern New Zealand through which the Lord is moving mightily bringing many people to Christ. Pray that these books, DVDs, and CDs will be a huge blessing to these leaders and those they share them with.

July 15 - Thailand/Laos

  • Continue to pray for the Lord to bring forth a local Thai person who loves Derek’s material and is passionate about discipling people to assist in our work.
  • Pray for more and more people to connect with the new DPM–Thailand webpage (derekprince.com/thai/).

July 16 - Japan

  • Pray for “Yvonne” as she translates Derek’s teaching into Japanese, including the daily devotional.
  • Pray for many to visit our Facebook page and website and be blessed and encouraged by the daily devotionals.

July 17 - Nepal

  • Pray for Derek’s teaching to continue to be distributed and impact many people with God’s Word.

Testimony - Nepal

Thank you for sending Derek Prince’s books to me through a sister who lives near my home. We do not get such books where I am. I love the writings and I completed reading smaller books like Fatherhood, Praying for the Government, etc. in one sitting. What I like most is the simple and understandable language and because of this I could share the messages with other people. I have heard many pastors say that they share the messages from Derek’s books in their services. You don’t know the blessings people receive out of Derek’s books; thank you again.

Rev. Kumari KC, Nawal Parasi

July 18 - Mongolia

  • Pray for wisdom and guidance for our Mongolian partner who is producing translations of Derek’s books and that they will continue to be well received and bring change and encouragement to the readers.

July 19 - Cambodia

  • Pray for Huy and the DPM team as they travel to Pursat Province in July and Bunteay Meanchey Province in August to hold pastors’ seminars. They expect 40 at each one. Pray that each attendee will be encouraged and equipped to teach their congregations.
  • Pray for favour and good relationships with the pastors’ committee in each province visited.

Outreach Report - Cambodia

  • Huy and his translators, Pastors Vicheat and Chhairith held a pastors’ seminar near the Thai border. With only few churches in the area, pray for the Lord to open the door for further outreaches to be held there.

July 20 - Persian Gulf

  • One of our Arabic translators lives in Lebanon with her family as a missionary serving Syrian refugees. She told us there is a great need for Derek’s materials in the Kurmanji language. Pray with us that the Lord provides a translator for Derek’s material into this language.

Praise Reports - Egypt/Persian Gulf

  • Our Arabic Facebook page has now reached almost 500,000 people per week. We are receiving wonderful testimonies from followers of how Derek's teachings have changed their lives.

July 21 - Ethiopia

  • Pray for Henok and others involved in ongoing translations to complete all planned projects successfully and work with God’s anointing.

Outreach Report

  • Recently, the Amharic translation of Derek’s audio series, “The Enemies We Face” has been completed. Also, after much delay because of the pandemic, 3,000 copies of the Amharic book, Protection from Deception, have now been printed and are ready for distribution.

July 22 - Syria

  • Pray for God’s blessing on the summer camps and conferences planned for central and northwest Syria. Pray that the Holy Spirit will move in the lives of the young people and make them burn with love for the lost!
  • Pray for the workers involved in this outreach to have God’s wisdom and anointing for ministry.

July 23 - Estonia

  • Our outreach workers recently returned from holding services in Pskov, Russia, where they gave Derek’s books to the congregation. Pray for those reached during these services to apply Derek’s teaching and become strong in their faith and bear good fruit.
  • In August, we plan to hold services in Krasnodar and Abkhazia in Russia. Pray for God’s blessing and favor upon this ministry and lives to be changed.

July 24 - Belarus

  • Pray for wisdom for our team in using various teaching and formats from Derek’s material to meet the many and complex needs of believers in Belarus today.

July 25 - Ukraine

  • Continue to pray for Vlad and the people in his network in this time of war. They are distributing relief goods (food, blankets, etc) and Derek’s teaching to displaced Ukrainians. Pray for God’s protection, guidance and provision.

Testimony - Ukraine

DPM is helping in the distribution of humanitarian aid and Derek’s teaching through local partners. One of them, Yulya Sokol, posted on Facebook a video to thank DPM for their help.

“Never in my life did I think this was possible… but my God is the Almighty! I had been inspired many times by the Bible teaching of Derek Prince. To me he was a legend, an example of Christ to follow, devoted and strong. Today Derek Prince Ministries is helping us feed people during the Russian invasion of Ukraine, delivering food kits to those who need it most today, between ruined towns and villages, among lives lost, among pain. We are together, we are united by the service of Christ. Thank you so much!”

July 26 - Sri Lanka

  • Sri Lanka is going through its worst economic crisis in more than 70 years. Pray for God’s wisdom and provision for our representative, Bishop Prince, during this challenging time as he continues to reach out to churches, believers and the needy and distributes Derek’s teaching.

July 27 - India

  • Pray for Indian Christians to be strengthened during rising persecution and Derek’s teaching to be a source of life and encouragement, considering the possibility next year of India being declared a Hindu nation depending upon the elections.

Outreach Report

  • In a recent pastors’ seminar held by Directors Elsie and Danny, Derek’s material was given to all the leaders. One pastor said, “I have read Derek Prince’s books in Tamil, and they have impacted my life. I preach from them to my congregation. Today, Elsie’s teaching on life in abundance and divine healing gave me a better clarity to implement the truth.”

July 28 - East Africa

  • Continue to pray for Geoffrey and Pauline, based in Kenya, as they continue to share Derek’s teaching and build new relationships across Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, and Congo.
  • Pray for provision and completion of all planned projects for this year.

July 29 - Southern Africa

  • Pray for Stephanie to successfully complete the edits and layout of the Tshwane Life-changing Spiritual Power book and that it will be used to change many lives.
  • The Lord has given us a Zulu pastor who is translating Appointment in Jerusalem. Since beginning it, he had an accident that totalled his car. Thank God he was not injured, but others were. Then the computer that was given to him had a serious problem. Pray that no more attacks will arise in the translation of this book.

Praise Reports - Southern Africa

  • A ministry in Cape Town that has been taught with Derek’s teaching is working with us to provide counsel and ministry to those who need it. They have been sent a large selection of Derek’s books, DVDs and CDs.
  • A man who shares the gospel with high school students requested 40 Self-Study Bible Course books to give them. We are believing for a harvest!
  • A lady from Kwa Zulu Natal was excited to learn she could get Derek’s teaching in South Africa, especially since they do not have a local pastor and are starved for solid Bible teaching. We will send her Afrikaans and other language material for her Bible study group.

July 30 - United States/Hispanic Outreach

  • Pray for more opportunities for our Hispanic team to have contact with local Hispanic churches and pastors who would want to receive Derek’s teaching material.
  • Pray that more people in the Latino community will find and utilize our Spanish website, mobile App and other social media platforms and be blessed by Derek’s teaching.

July 31 - Canada

  • Pray for God’s wisdom and blessing on the work of the Canada office and the right new contacts to be made for using and sharing Derek’s teaching.
  • Pray for the Lord to raise up strong Christian leaders among the Inuit indigenous community who would want to use Derek’s material for teaching and ministry.

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