Prayer Guide
Join us in prayer throughout the month of June, as we continue to seek God and give thanks for all that He has done.

June 1 - International

  • Pray for God’s grace, strength, and provision for all DPM staff and outreach workers, and their families, as many are enduring war, political and social turmoil, various needs, and physical battles.

June 2 - Vietnam

  • There are 15 full-time Bible students from seven different tribes in our weekly training using Derek’s materials and proclamation cards. One of them has already planted a new church! Pray for God’s protection over them and that they will gain a deep understanding of God’s Word.
  • Pray for Pastors 'A' and 'D' as they lead the work in Vietnam and look to expand into Hanoi with widespread distribution of Derek’s books amongst church leaders.

Outreach Reports - Vietnam

  • A trip was made to a local village to distribute food packs, Bibles, and Derek’s books. Copies of What’s So Important About The Cross and the Self-Study Bible Course were given out and training was held on how to use these books for discipleship in the churches.
  • A very successful seminar was held for 40 tribal leaders and pastors in central Vietnam, using teaching from the books, Authority and Power of God’s Word and God’s Medicine Bottle, which the leaders were given. Many were blessed and challenged in their faith.  

June 3 - Laos

  • Pray for God’s anointing and protection upon our new translator, Pastor 'K', and Mr. 'S' who is our proofreader. 

Day 4 - Solomon Islands

  • Pray for God’s favor and blessing upon Pastor Seru, our new coordinator in the Solomon Islands, as he introduces the ministry to churches and shares the proclamation card, Prayer for the Government of Solomon Islands.
  • Pray for many new contacts in the Solomons who would desire to use Derek’s teaching, including pastors.

Day 5 - Nauru

  • We hope that by July/August a Christian radio station able to air Derek’s programs will be operating on Nauru. Airing will be automated in the beginning, with announcers to be brought into the schedule in the future. Pray for the Lord to connect our contact, Paul, with the right people to assist in and support this initiative.

Day 6 - China

  • Our online ministry into China is becoming more and more strategic as we feed the flock of Jesus Christ with biblical teaching. Pray for our online materials to be kept secure and for communication with believers in China to be safe. The DPM team needs wisdom as they update and work to improve all our online platforms.

June 7 - Nepal

  • Pray for good sales of Derek’s Nepali language books by our distributors in Itahari, Pokhara, and Kathmandu.
  • Pray for the smooth reprinting of several thousand books in Nepali.

June 8 - New Zealand

  • Pray for the prisoners who receive Derek’s books to grow in their knowledge of God’s Word and their walk with the Lord. 
  • Pray also that more prison chaplains will be open to receiving Derek’s Bible teaching materials.

June 9 - Sweden/Finland

  • Pray for our new outreach team for Sweden and Finland to have God’s wisdom in reaching out to the people in these nations.
  • Pray for our Swedish translator to have the Lord’s anointing in his calling.

June 10 - Eastern Europe

  • Pray for Brano Cekan as he oversees the work across this large region, visiting all the DPM offices regularly and meeting with the workers. Pray for his protection, strength, and insight from the Lord.

June 11 - France

  • Our YouTube channel is seeing growth. We have had tens of thousands of views and now have over 22,000 subscribers. Pray for many more people to find the channel and Derek’s video teaching.
  • Pray for Frédéric, the 'voice' of Derek Prince in French, as he corrects English text files and provides French subtitles for Derek’s messages.
  • Pray for wisdom for Catherine as she mentors a steady stream of Bible Correspondence Course students, and for Michaël, as he continues to develop his creative skills in various ways.

June 12 - Swtizerland

  • Pray for Director Ruedi to have God’s vision and guidance for further production and distribution of Derek’s teaching material in this region. 
  • Pray for the right contacts to help in this work and the finances needed. 

June 13 - Bulgaria

  • Continue to pray for those involved with translating the subtitles of 70 of Derek’s video messages and for the funding needed for this project. 
  • Pray for an increased number of Bulgarian believers to be reached with Derek’s teaching material.

June 14 - Serbia

  • Continue to pray for new warehouse premises for the storage and distribution of Derek’s books for the people in this region.
  • Pray for the provision of the funds needed for this facility and to complete our projects for this year. 

June 15 - Spain

  • The war between Russia and Ukraine has caused a large influx of Russian and Ukrainian immigrants into Spain. A new work has begun in Torrevieja among Russian speakers. Pray for the team as they minister to these displaced people and share Derek’s teaching, and for needed housing and finances.
  • Pray for wisdom for the best ways to spread Derek’s teaching in Spain and to advertise widely the online Bible School.
  • Pray for additional workers to join this new and important work.

June 16 - Norway/Scandinavia

  • Pray for the Norwegian board to make good decisions in network building to further the growth of DPM in Scandinavia.
  • The Lord has given us a vision to support networking groups with Derek’s books. Please pray for the funds needed for this new aspect of our outreach in Norway.

June 17 - Slovenia

  • Pray for the Lord to bring us new translators and proofreaders so we can increase our production of Derek’s books for this nation.
  • Pray for the funds needed for new printing projects and their distribution. 

June 18 - India

  • Derek’s daily devotionals from Declaring God’s Word have now been recorded in Tamil. Pray for many people to visit our Tamil website and find all the free material on it.
  • Hindi and Tamil e-books are now available for purchase for the first time.  Pray for many people to buy them and be encouraged.

June 19 - French-Speaking Africa

  • Pray for good, reliable contacts in French-speaking Africa to help us continue to bless our African brothers and sisters with Derek’s teaching online and in print.

June 20 - South Africa

  • Pray for the Chichewa translation of Life-Changing Spiritual Power to be completed and printed soon for outreach nationwide and in 33 prisons. Pray for the funds to print a large quantity of this title.
  • Many Afrikaans books and DVDs have been distributed by Pastor Stemmet in the Cape Province. Pray that these powerful seeds that have been sown will be watered by the Holy Spirit and bring forth good fruit. We see this beginning to take place as Bible Study groups are starting up spontaneously as they receive Derek’s Afrikaans books in this region.

June 21 - East Africa

  • Pray for Geoffrey and Pauline as they oversee our work in the nations in this region, including the translation and distribution of material and developing relationships with those who are helping spread Derek’s material. Watch their personal testimony on YouTube: https://youtu.be/5jbwgEoANO0
  • Pray for the funds needed for this important work to provide Derek’s teaching to many who need a firm biblical foundation.

June 22 - United States/Hispanic Outreach

  • Pray for God to reveal His strategy for building a network of ministry partners in the US and across Latin America to help expand our Hispanic outreach.
  • Pray for God to open doors with radio stations that would be willing to broadcast Derek’s Spanish programs.

June 23 - Canada

  • Pray for God’s continued wisdom and insight as to the best way to impact Canada with Derek’s teaching material.

June 24 - Iran

  • We praise God for a new team in Iran. Pray for God’s protection and wisdom for them. 
  • There is a new opportunity to broadcast Derek’s teachings on Iranian satellite TV. Pray for this to happen and for more new ministry doors to open up.

June 25 - Algeria

  • Due to political circumstances in Algeria, the book, Blessing or Curse, has not yet been translated into Kabyle, nor recorded. Pray for God’s protection of the team there and that He would remove any obstacles to our work so they can start translating and recording.

June 26 - Egypt/North Africa

  • A book fair was held in Tunisia recently. Pray that Derek’s books that were purchased will bring great change to people’s lives.
  • Pray for the Lord to guide our outreach team in Egypt in finding Kurmanji translators for the book, Complete Salvation. The plan is to produce this in the form of a video clip for the benefit of Kurmanji speakers.
  • Translations of three of Derek’s radio teaching series have been completed – 'Grace', 'The Resurrection' and 'The First Church'. These will be broadcast in the form of a dialogue between the presenters, combined with Derek’s teaching. Pray for this teaching to reach many people throughout this region.

June 27 - Lebanon/Syria

  • A shipment of Arabic books arrived safely in Lebanon from Egypt. Pray that they will reach people in spiritual need, both in Syria and Lebanon, and be used by the Lord to strengthen their faith.
  • Pray for the church in Syria to stand uncompromisingly on the Word of God and that local churches will welcome Derek’s teaching material.

June 28 - Armenia

  • Pray for insight and protection for Vazgen who oversees the work in Armenia as tensions and the threat of war between Armenia and Azerbaijan remain high.
  • Pray for God’s wisdom and protection for the editorial team as they translate the new book, The Beast or The Lamb.

June 29 - Belarus

  • Pray for God’s wisdom for our team as they seek to create a new Web platform for the online Bible School. They need to format the learning process so that it will be efficient, convenient, and satisfying for the students.
  • The team wants to resume the distribution of materials among prisons in Belarus. Pray that this can be done successfully without any hindrances.

Testimony - Belarus

"In the beginning of my Christian life, I learned about blessings and curses and got very interested in the topic. I got into DPM’s Bible Correspondence School and was completely amazed by Derek’s teaching and the way he explained that issue. It has completely changed my life. In every lesson, the Holy Spirit brought to life the words I needed. He guided me to the passages of Scripture that led me to action and a solution to my problem. God healed and restored my spirit, soul, and body through the Word. God is faithful! I am grateful that He has such a powerful instrument as Derek Prince Ministries to spread His Word all over the world and change human lives. Be blessed!" – Bible School student

June 30 - Russia

  • The present circumstances for Christians in Russia are almost unbearable. Pray that believers will not weaken but rather grow stronger and that Derek’s teaching will encourage many at this time.
  • Pray for the successful translation of the new book, The Beast or The Lamb.

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Last Updated: Apr 27, 2023
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