Prayer Guide
Join us in prayer throughout the month of March, as we continue to seek God and give thanks for all that He has done.

March 1 - International

  • Our digital team has several media pilot projects in process which ultimately willgive us access to people and places never reached before. Pray that thisdigital mission field will give new audiences access to Derek’s teaching in severaldifferent formats.

March 2 - Iran

  • We have outreach workers operating both in person and online. Thousands of Iranians can now download Derek Prince's teachings from online platforms, even though Christian literature and free Internet is banned. Pray for more online Bible teachings to be available for them and that they will make a great impact on many people.

March 3 - Egypt

  • Pray for the completion of our project to collate e-mail addresses from our website followers so we can send them a Daily Devotion Message and newsletter.
  • Pray for borders to reopen for our outreach workers so they can travel again to visit churches and ministries in the region and provide them with Derek’s materials.

Praise Reports - Egypt

  • We are grateful for the first 27 episodes (out of 40) from The Roman Pilgrimage which have been uploaded to YouTube and for those that are being uploaded every week to the Arabic Facebook page.
  • We finished the translation and dubbing of 65 of Derek’s video and audio teachings into Kabyle (a Berber language spoken by 8-10 million people). They have been posted on our Kabyle YouTube channel:

March 4 - Ethiopia

  • The Amharic edition of Protection from Deception has recently been published. Pray it will reach many Ethiopian believers and pastors, and for the deception of darkness to be broken.

March 5 - Syria

  • Thank God the Church in Syria and surrounding areas survived another year of war that is still raging in parts of this beautiful country. Pray for peace and that Jesus’ words from Scripture found in John 14:27 will be read or heard by everyone: “I leave the gift of peace with you—my peace. Not the kind of fragile peace given by the world, but my perfect peace. Don’t yield to fear or be troubled in your hearts—instead, be courageous!" — The Passion Translation

March 6 - Estonia

  • One of our outreach workers was able to travel to a rehabilitation centre in Russia. In April, a team plans to go there and hold seminars using Derek’s teachings. Pray for them as they prepare for the trip, for safety as they travel, and for the Lord’s anointing so that many are powerfully touched by His Spirit.

March 7 - Ukraine

  • Our outreach workers successfully translated six new books in 2021 and printed three of them. Pray for the successful editing and publication of two more books in the first half of this year: the devotional Declaring God’s Word and Be Perfect—But How?
  • Pray for those who read the many books already printed and distributed to be impacted, and for increased distribution so the Church here can mature and grow in unity.

March 8 - Belarus

  • Continue to pray for new students to enrol in the Bible Correspondence School and that every student will successfully finish it.
  • Pray for the widespread distribution of Derek’s material across Belarus
  • Pray for the right contacts to help with distribution of materials.

March 9 - Netherlands

  • We recently sent out the Teaching Letter by Derek entitled From Rejection to Acceptance. We also distributed a new proclamation card on this topic to all our contacts. Pray that this teaching will touch many wounded hearts and be used to restore broken lives.  
  • We plan to begin an online course on Protection from Deception starting March 18. Pray that God will use it to teach people how to recognize false teachings we see online or even in our churches.

March 10 - Norway/Scandinavia

  • Pray for new partners in Norway to join our prayer groups and also to contribute financially.
  • Pray for Derek’s teaching to be increasingly spread across Scandinavia through bookstores, magazines and churches.
  • Pray also for leaders of Christian organizations to be inspired by Derek’s teaching and start using his materials.

March 11 - Romania

  • The large number of book requests we received over the past two years led us to decide to replenish our stock of sold-out books. We wish to have all the titles published in the past available again. Pray that the Lord will release all the necessary resources for this project.
  • Pray that God will move the hearts of Romanian believers worldwide to support DPM’s work in Romania through prayer and financial support.

March 12 - Germany

  • Pray for Gods guidance for the new leadership team, brothers Michael and Nathan Tracy, and for His wisdom and courage to make the right decisions at the right times.
  • Pray for God’s wisdom in passing on Derek’s teaching efficiently and effectively and in how to open up new and exciting avenues to touch the body of Christ in Germany.
  • Pray that God will continue to provide resources for DPM in Germany to thrive and expand in a meaningful way.

March 13 - United Kingdom

  • Pray for the start and success of the new online course on spiritual warfare after having been delayed for several months due to technical issues. Pray this course will help bring revival in the UK for God’s glory.

Testimony - United Kingdom: Prison Ministry

A chaplain wrote: “I would like to share a comment from one of our residents who has completed the 20-week In-Cell Bible programme (Self-Study Bible Course), which he was determined to do before his release tomorrow.”  

“I have become religiously astute and more aware of my actions and words, as it says in the Bible that your mouth is full of what is in your heart. It’s encouraged me to live a Christian life because as it says in the Bible, judgment will come upon us like a thief and I want eternal life, forever being happy with no regrets.”

The chaplain added: “This blew me away today. I must add that officers have commented on his turnaround. I thank God for your faithfulness and the materials you have blessed us with to help change the young men here.”

March 14 - France

  • We launched the online Bible course, “Promised Land.” Pray that many people will enrol and gain a deeper understanding of God’s plan for Israel.
  • We also began another series of daily devotionals, based upon Derek’s messages, The Headship of Jesus. Pray that this teaching will impact many people.

March 15 - Poland

  • Pray that our reprint of Foundations for Christian Living will strengthen and encourage many believers, especially new converts, who need a solid biblical foundation in these challenging days.

March 16 - Hungary

  • Last year, co-workers who were very sick, including with Covid, all fully recovered, thank God. Pray for His protection, good health, and guidance for the team going forward.
  • The subject of vaccination has brought great division in society, including in the Church. Pray that Derek’s Bible teaching will stir up the hearts of Hungarian believers to the love of Christ and mutual respect.
  • We are preparing for parliamentary elections. Pray that the Lord will promote politicians who have moral values and are experts in their fields; men and women who desire to serve the citizens of the country and who respect the Word of God.

Praise Report - Hungary

We are grateful for our new modern warehouse that can hold thousands of books!

March 17 - Eastern Europe

  • Brano, our Director for this region, is preparing to leave for his annual trip to visit the offices and co-workers in multiple Eastern European countries. Last year, due to pandemic restrictions, government regulations were changing daily, making border situations very challenging. Therefore, he was able to visit co-workers in only 8 out of 11 countries. He asks for prayer for his safety on the road, protection against Covid and God’s presence on his visits. Pray also that the Lord will give him strength and grace to encourage and minister to these brothers and sisters and for refreshing from the Holy Spirit, as this time is very important for them.

March 18 - Slovakia

  • Due to pandemic measures, no one was allowed to attend services and church activities or use their giftings. Pray that the book Called to Conquer will inspire believers to seek God’s presence, grow in God’s Word and see new possibilities to serve even during times of crisis.
  • Pray that God will help our team to successfully complete the translation and editing of several of Derek’s books scheduled for printing this year.

Praise Report - Slovakia

This excerpt came from the testimony of a Christian couple: “We have been Christians for many years, and we realized that we tried to serve the Lord a lot, but in quantity rather than quality. Praise the Lord, after many years, we were blessed by Derek’s teaching materials. His teaching brought a lot of new light into our spiritual lives, and so we began to fast regularly, follow the Lord in submission, and take His Word seriously.”

March 19 - Cambodia

  • A pastors’ training session will be held this month in Kampong Thom Province, with a second one in April in Sihanoukville for about 80 pastors in total. Derek’s books, The Power of the Sacrifice, You Matter to God and Keys to Successful Living will be freely distributed. Pray for all arrangements to go smoothly and for God’s protection against Covid and while travelling.

Testimony - Cambodia

“Thank you, Derek Prince Ministries, for supporting my family with food, which is very useful during this period. Especially, thank you for feeding us not just physical food but the spiritual food of Derek’s teaching material. I love the proclamation cards, and what I have learnt is that God never forgets me, even in the dark times.”     — Pastor Prom Sros

March 20 - Australia

  • Pray that more opportunities will open for us in the coming months to share Derek’s material, including in the Indigenous communities.

March 21 - China

  • The Chinese government is increasing its clampdown on freedom of religion. On March 1, new laws relating to placing materials on the internet come into force that will make it very difficult to put Christian material online. Pray for our China media team to have the skill to work around these restrictions and for Chinese believers to be guided to find them.
  • We have been able to add a new experienced staff member in China to our team. She will work with different churches to make sure Derek’s materials are reaching them and to find out which particular materials they are asking for. Pray for the Lord’s protection and blessing over her and her work.

Praise Report - China

Last year, a sister in China took our Chinese online course. She now has downloaded from our website many e-books of Derek’s teaching. She is sharing these materials with house groups and families around her. We praise God that although the situation for believers in China is very tough at this time, there are faithful brothers and sisters like her serving the Lord and reaching others.

March 22 - Vietnam

  • A two-day course will be held to train Christian leaders and distribute Derek’s books to church leaders and members in northern and central Vietnam. Pray for God’s protection and anointing on the team and that this ministry will greatly encourage those who are reached.
  • Three new titles have been printed in Vietnamese for the first time: God’s Remedy for Rejection, The Power of Proclamation and What’s So Important About the Cross? Pray for widespread distribution of these books and that they will be a great blessing to the believers in Vietnam.

Outreach Reports - Vietnam

  • One of our coordinators, Pastor “D,” recently held four Bible classes for tribal Christian workers using Derek’s book, The Power of Communion. One of the pastors responded:
  • “Thank you so much, DPM. Derek’s teaching about the truth of holy communion is hitting my heart and spirit. We take holy communion every night during our family devotion and every week at church and ask all the pastors in our circles to do the same for themselves and all the members of their churches. We even experience the true power of the blood protecting us from the fourth wave of covid; no-one among us has been sick; all are safe and sound. Other pastors taking communion testify the same. We believe this is the power of holy communion and faith in the blood. Thank you so much for this powerful book.”  — Pastor “T”
  • Pastor “D” also held outreaches and baptised 30 new Christians. In addition, he gave out 70 gift packs of food to the needy in three areas affected by Covid-19.
  • Our other coordinator, Pastor “A,” held an online workshop on emotional health, which included introducing attendees to Jesus and then sending them Derek’s e-books, God’s Medicine Bottle and The Divine Exchange. He also gave gifts to 120 manual workers and the elderly in need, including Derek’s book, Extravagant Love.

March 23 - Thailand

  • Derek’s book The Divine Exchange in Thai has been sent to 100 Bible College students and 50 pastors in Chiang Rai. A total of 3,000 copies are being distributed. Pray that these books will be a great blessing to all who receive them.

March 24 - Japan

  • Pray for good health, wisdom and energy for translator “Yvonne” and checker, Ritsuko.
  • Pray for many people to visit our new Japanese website ( and avail themselves of the hundreds of free resources on it, and for the numbers finding the website to continually increase.

March 25 - Indonesia

  • Pray for God’s anointing upon Rolan, based in Jakarta, who is voicing Derek’s 365 daily devotionals into Indonesian.

March 26 - India

  • Derek’s daily devotionals are being voiced in Hindi and Tamil. Pray for God’s protection and anointing upon Danny and Mr. Rao who are doing the voicing and recording of these messages for the Indian websites.

Outreach Report – India

  • Last year, a one-day conference was held for 200 pastors in Chennai. Our India Directors Elsie and Danny taught on The Divine Exchange and From Curse to Blessing. One pastor testified that the session on Curses from Authority Figures really convicted him of his faults. He vowed before the whole congregation to go home, ask forgiveness of his wife and the Lord, and lay hands on her to break the curses he had spoken over her, replacing them with words of blessing.

March 27 - Sri Lanka

  • Pray for God’s wisdom and protection for our representative, Anglican Bishop Prince, as he travels throughout Sri Lanka to train pastors and Christian leaders.

March 28 - Southern Africa

  • Pray for Ina and Stephanie as they work to complete the book, Life-Changing Spiritual Power, in Xhosa and Tshwana.
  • Stienie is making good progress on Blessing or Curse in Afrikaans. Pray that it will be in print this year.
  • South Africa Director, Isabel, felt an urgency to get Derek’s teaching availability set up in all 13 African countries for which she is responsible. She was able to do this before the pandemic and lockdowns occurred. The urgency remains, so she asks for prayer that they will fulfil all that God has planned for them this year.  
  • Pastor Stemmet has known a fellow pastor for years who is well qualified to translate Appointment in Jerusalem into Zulu. Pastor Stemmet will be speaking with him soon about this project. Pray that it will go forward.

Praise Reports – Southern Africa

  • Isabel, along with her son and his family, contracted Covid just before Christmas. They praise the Lord for His healing and restoration.  
  • Pastor Stemmet made another trip to towns and villages in Kwa Zulu Natal that do not have a pastor or any Bible teaching. He took a selection of Zulu, Afrikaans and English books, as well as DVDs, to distribute there.  
  • Isabel recently visited Oasis Christian Radio that has begun to air Derek’s 12-minute broadcasts. They hope to extend their outreach capability to reach all of the Eastern Cape with its population of 6.7million. The South Africa office has sent books and DVDs in Afrikaans, Xhosa and English for the station to give away to listeners.
  • In December, the DPM office in Kenya printed 1,000 copies of What’s So Important About The Cross in Shona for Zimbabwe.

March 29 - Angola/Mozambique

  • The Portuguese Self-Study Bible Course will be printed and distributed to ministries in Angola (central Africa). Pray that the planning and distribution will go well.
  • Pray for provision of needed funds to print 20 more Portuguese titles. These books will be distributed to pastors, leaders, Bible schools and ministries in Angola and Mozambique.

March 30 - United States/Hispanic Outreach

  • Pray for God’s guidance and blessing on the work involved for a new Spanish YouTube channel, the revamping of our Spanish radio programmes, and our ongoing translation work, printing and distribution.  
  • Pray for the provision of needed funds and then successful and quick completion of these reprinting projects: Praying for the Government, The Spirit-Filled Believer’s Handbook, Husbands and Fathers, and Secrets of a Prayer Warrior.

March 31 - Canada

  • Pray for God’s guidance, protection, favour and grace for Director Bob Yeo, his family and the DPM board in the coming months. Pray for the Lord to give them the right contacts and opportunities to expand the ministry in Canada, including to the indigenous communities.

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