Prayer Guide
Join us in prayer throughout the month of March, as we continue to seek God and give thanks for all that He has done.

March 1 - International

  • God has been so faithful for many years to provide for the needs and expansion of DPM worldwide. Pray for His continued favour and provision for each office for all that He wants accomplished in 2023.

March 2 - Vietnam

  • On March 4–5, Franklin Graham will hold an evangelistic event in Ho Chi Minh City. Pray that our coordinators can make good contacts with churches from other areas who will attend and introduce them to Derek’s material.
  • Pray for pastors “A” and “D” as they lead the work in Vietnam and look to expand into Hanoi with widespread distribution of Derek’s books there amongst church leaders.

Testimony - Vietnam

Thank you very much for your gift; it enables me to go to more areas to evangelise and start one more home church amongst a tribe. This month we had 12 people come to salvation. We also started many discipleship classes for the new believers using the Self-Study Bible Course. May God bless you for partnering with us.   —Pastor Tr, a DPM-sponsored evangelist

March 3 - Cambodia

  • The DPM team is printing 22,000 books each quarter of this year. Pray for this to go smoothly, for excellent quality, and that these books would be widely distributed throughout every province.

Outreach Report - Cambodia

  • The DPM team held a seminar late last year for 35 pastors in the most southwestern province of Koh Kong. They taught from Derek’s books Father God; Complete Salvation; You Matter to God and What’s So Important About the Cross? They also gave away books to local churches. There was a real hunger from the pastors for God’s Word so our team will visit again as not many people are willing to travel to this area to take in Bible teaching.

March 4 - Japan

  • Pray for our translator “Yvonne” to have God’s wisdom and anointing.
  • Pray for the Lord’s guidance for the team as to the best way to reach the Japanese people with Derek’s teaching.
  • Pray that our Japanese-language website will become well known and be a valuable tool for providing Derek’s teaching.

March 5 - Indonesia

  • We would like to air Derek’s daily devotionals on as many Christian radio stations as we can. Pray for favour as stations are contacted.
  • Pray for protection for Rolan and his family in Jakarta as he voices these devotionals for airing.

March 6 - China

  • Many reports coming to us speak of pressure on the Church in China. Pray that the China team finds new ways to help China’s Church through Derek's teaching, and that they would be used to encourage and strengthen believers facing all kinds of difficulties.
  • Pray for the translation and preparation of the Chinese versions of I Will Shake All Things and The Beast or The Lamb to go well.

Outreach Reports - China

  • The new YGM (Derek Prince) Chinese bilingual magazine and Proclamation Cards are shared on WeChat (a popular Chinese app) and are also very popular among users.
  • The YGM (Derek Prince) online sites have reached more users from mainland China and other countries in recent months. Even in Japan, a country which is quite resistant to the Gospel, there are new YGM users who recently purchased courses and started learning online. Pray for the Lord to touch their hearts.

March 7 - Thailand

  • Pray for God’s anointing upon one of our coordinators, Jason Tan, as he edits Thai-language audio books of Derek’s teaching.  
  • Thirty of Derek’s Teaching Letters are being translated to be made freely available on our Thai-language website. Pray these will be completed soon.

March 8 - Philippines

  • Continue to pray for God to lead us to the right person to oversee DPM’s work here due to the passing last year of our Coordinator, Johnny Sy.

March 9 - Netherlands

  • Pray for successful development of a new online course on breaking curses and for protection for Director Paul, his team and family, as he works on it.
  • A Teaching Letter on the Resurrection is going out this month. Pray for this teaching to strengthen believers here and that many will request more copies of it to share with friends.

March 10 - Slovakia

  • The worsening economic and political situation is causing social tension and division. Pray for the book Bought with Blood to give Slovakian believers a deeper revelation of Jesus' redemptive work on the cross and for this nation to seek God for repentance and healing.

March 11 - Bulgaria

  • With the growing hunger for God's Word, we plan to translate the subtitles of 70 of Derek’s video messages. Pray for God's anointing upon the team and for funding of the project.
  • Pray that Bulgarian Christians worldwide will be equipped through these teachings to help build God's kingdom.

March 12 - Poland

  • The bad economic and political situation is causing many people to be hopeless and fearful. Pray for God's help to find new ways to bring hope and encouragement through the gospel and Derek’s teaching.
  • Pray for good cooperation with other ministries, especially those taking care of Ukrainian refugees.

March 13 - Croatia

  • We have successfully completed the translation and proofreading of the books The Coming Revival, Faith to Live By, and Applying the Blood. Pray for the graphics process and printing to go well and that these teachings will result in much good fruit in the lives of Christians in Croatia.

March 14 - Germany

  • Pray that God will give us innovation to use our resources to their fullest potential to reach new people with the gospel through Derek’s teaching.

March 15 - United Kingdom

  • Pray that our Foundations Study Guide series will be used effectively by small groups and discipleship classes in meetings online or in person.
  • Pray for the chaplains and inmates who are participating in our Inside Outreach prison program and that Derek's teaching will be helping prisoners to find freedom and life in Christ.

Testimony - UK

We have always appreciated Derek Prince Ministries since I sought the Lord in the eighties when going through the wilderness. I was seeking God for answers, and there were many teachers circulating much teaching. I wanted to really know what the Bible taught, and the Lord led me to Derek Prince’s teaching. That helped me immensely to find my way. The Foundation Series gave me a real biblical, doctrinal foundation that helped me keep on the Lord's course. He spoke to me a few years ago to write my story and I mentioned Derek Prince in my book entitled, Be a Voice Not an Echo. —Pat Regan

March 16 - Sweden/Finland

  • Pray for excellent partners in Sweden and Finland to help expand Derek’s teaching in these nations.  
  • Pray for another translator to work on Derek’s teaching in Finnish and for the funds to produce and distribute his material in Finnish and Swedish.

March 17 - France

  • Pray that prison chaplains we are reaching out to will respond favourably to want to provide inmates with Derek’s teaching material.
  • Pray for God’s anointing for Caroline as she continues to share Derek’s teaching through social media, and for Catherine who oversees the Bible Correspondence School and other areas.

March 18 - Ukraine

  • Pastor Jury Svyashchenko’s church in Mykolaiv is overflowing with refugees from Kherson that was recently liberated from Russian occupiers. However, as the Russians left, they blew up all electrical and gas supplies and boilers for heating. Some places are also without water. Pastor Jury and his team are giving out food and other humanitarian aid, DPM Proclamation Cards, and preaching Christ. They are also helping drill a well for drinking water. Pray for him and his team as they minister.

March 19 - Azerbaijan

  • Derek’s teaching is now freely available online in the Azeri language. In 2022, we printed Derek’s books on spiritual warfare, and also on marriage as many believers were going through divorce. Pray for more books to be translated into the Azeri language and the funding needed for printing and distribution.

March 20 - United States/Hispanic Outreach

  • Hispanic team member, Cesar, will be taking part in an Evangelists Conference at Harvest Church in London from March 23–25. There will be a multi-lingual evangelistic outreach around the city. Cesar will also speak at the largest Hispanic church in the area, Christian Community of London. Pray for safe travel, for the Lord to encourage and equip many, and for many to come to salvation.

March 21 - North Africa

  • The translation and audio recording of the book God’s Will for Your Life in the Kabyle language is complete. Pray for successful printing in Algeria.
  • Our team has reviewed old translations of eight of Derek’s books in the Sorani language and updated the layout in time for an exhibition in Erbil, Iraq, in early March. Pray for this material to reach and impact many people.

March 22 - Lebanon/Syria

  • Pray for DPM partner, Michael, who travelled with a team to Lebanon the end of February to serve Syrian refugees from a non-Christian background. He used Derek’s Self-Study Bible Course in discipleship groups. Another outreach worker, Albert, also plans to visit Lebanon to duplicate Derek’s material for SD cards to distribute there. Pray for good fruit to come from these times of ministry.

March 23 - Saudi Arabia

  • A book fair was held in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, in December, where some of Derek’s books were displayed. The El Dammam book fair was held this month where Derek’s books were also available. Pray for his material to impact everyone who bought it, bringing salvation and hope to many.

March 24 - India

  • Teaching seminars are now being held for pastors and leaders in North India until the end of March. Pray for the Lord’s anointing upon these gatherings. Covid lockdown led to widespread false doctrine on social media. So, there is an urgent need to share right doctrine and proven resources with leaders for their spiritual growth and use in teaching others.

March 25 - Sri Lanka

  • DPM–India Directors, Elsie and Danny, are ministering in Sri Lanka during the first two weeks of April, when they will hold at least one youth leadership training programme. Pray for those who attend to desire to learn and then go out afterward to serve the Lord in their communities.
  • Pray for the pastors’ seminars Elsie and Danny will hold and for leaders to come together in unity.

March 26 - Namibia

  • Pray for more Portuguese and Afrikaans books to be made available for this nation so that many people can be impacted by God’s Word.
  • A request for material came in from a Christian bookshop. Pray for more opportunities to distribute Derek’s teaching material in Namibia.

March 27 - South Africa

  • Pastor Stemmet travelled again this month to the Cape region on the Namibian border, taking the Afrikaans Self-Study Bible Course, Foundations DVDs and other material to distribute. Pray for his ongoing protection and that many people are impacted by Derek’s teaching.
  • Many people have received Derek’s material since 2019 when Pastor Hamppie began ministry in the Cape region. Their hunger for spiritual food is remarkable, and people cry when they receive Derek’s teaching. Pray that they will continue to grow in their walk with the Lord.

Outreach Reports - South Africa

  • A missionary couple from Quebec, Canada visited our office and plan to minister in the Orange Free State and Cape areas. We gave them the Afrikaans Foundations, Bought with Blood, DVD teaching in Afrikaans and English and other material to distribute. They shared some powerful testimonies of people they ministered to who were healed and delivered through Derek’s teaching.
  • A pastor contacted us asking for the Spirit-Filled Believers Handbook that he first bought 20 years ago (now titled Foundational Truths for Christian Living). He is responsible for a region in the northwest of the country. We sent him three boxes of Afrikaans books and the DVD Foundations set that he will be sharing with all the churches he relates too.

March 28 - Southern Africa

  • Pray for Ina and Stephanie as they work to complete the book, Life-Changing Spiritual Power, in Xhosa and Tshwana.
  • Stienie is making good progress on Blessing or Curse in Afrikaans. Pray that it will be in print this year.
  • South Africa Director, Isabel, felt an urgency to get Derek’s teaching availability set up in all 13 African countries for which she is responsible. She was able to do this before the pandemic and lockdowns occurred. The urgency remains, so she asks for prayer that they will fulfil all that God has planned for them this year.  
  • Pastor Stemmet has known a fellow pastor for years who is well qualified to translate Appointment in Jerusalem into Zulu. Pastor Stemmet will be speaking with him soon about this project. Pray that it will go forward.

March 29 - Cameroon

  • At an international meeting regarding Israel this month, 200 copies of Why Israel? and Our Debt to Israel were distributed. Pray that many people will learn of the significance of Israel in the Lord’s plan for the last days and how to support the nation and its people.

March 30 - West Africa

  • Continue to pray for the Lord’s wisdom for Kalidou Barry in Guinea-Conakry as he oversees the translation of 30 core messages by Derek into the Pular language.

March 31 - Zimbabwe

  • We have contact with a South African German couple working in Zimbabwe. Pray that we will be able to provide them with more material in Shona and Tonga.
  • Pray for those working on these translations and for this couple to reach many with the Gospel and Derek’s teaching.

Outreach Report - Zimbabwe

  • A German couple working in the Gokwe-Chireya region have an open door and favour with the head chief. This came after a young man they discipled prayed for his dying mother who then sat up out of a coma! They preached Jesus, and many were saved. As a result, the chief asked them to come help his people. He gave them land to build a school, Bible school, house, and mission base. They were thrilled to know Derek’s books are being translated into Shona and Tonga for that region. We gave them the Shona Foundations DVDs that we voiced many years ago and will continue to provide them with Derek’s material.

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Last Updated: Feb 22, 2023
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