Prayer Guide
Join us in prayer throughout the month of May, as we continue to seek God and give thanks for all that He has done.

May 1 - International

  • Continue to pray for our digital team as they work on some media pilot projects. Our desire is to reach new people with Derek’s teaching through new formats.

May 2 - Netherlands

  • The Dutch office is working with a new Portuguese translator in Brazil. She has finished The Exchange at the Cross and is now working on Blessing or Curse and They Shall Expel Demons. Pray she will have God’s wisdom and anointing and that the significant teaching in these books will impact many Brazilian people.

May 3 - Eastern Europe

  • Outreach Director Brano has now been on the road since mid-April to visit co-workers in multiple Eastern European countries. He will end his trip mid-May. Pray for God’s protection over him and his family as he travels.
  • These co-workers, often as volunteers, tirelessly and with perseverance make Derek's teaching available in their language. Pray they are encouraged, strengthened, and have a fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit.

May 4 - Slovakia

  • Since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, many churches and Christians here and across Eastern Europe have opened their homes to Ukrainian people and also mothers with children. Pray that the Lord will use these Christians to help heal their wounded hearts and temporarily create an atmosphere of home and security for them.
  • Pray for the Slovak government, which is facing one crisis after another including a worsening economic situation, to make the right decisions and to have the wisdom needed to govern.

May 5 - Romania

  • In the last ten years, DPM in Romania has had a major impact through social media by broadcasting Derek´s video and audio programs on various Christian TV and radio stations. Pray that God will enable us to refresh our video resources by producing new teaching materials.

May 6 - Germany

  • We are distributing free material on Israel. Pray that it will inspire interest on this topic within the German-speaking Body of Christ.
  • Pray that God will give wisdom and understanding to our leadership team to find the most effective ways of reaching those who need to be reached with Derek’s material.
  • Pray that God will help us grow into a major source of financial support for DPM outreaches around the world.

May 7 - United Kingdom

  • We are working onour online Bible training course on “Spiritual Warfare.” Pray that it issuccessfully launched and for many lives to be transformed by Derek’s teacshingon this topic.
  • Pray for our staff as they speak to people over the phone and online tobe used by the Lord.


A lady called our office to tell us how much she appreciated the e-devotionals, especially those we sent out during the pandemic lockdowns. She had seen the teaching before, but in this new format it brought her light and life in a new way. She was quite emotional expressing her deep gratitude for what Derek's teaching has done in her life over the years—from deliverance to greater freedom and a deepening spiritual walk with the Lord.

May 8 - France

  • Pray for Rediscovering God's Church to have a deep impact upon leaders and show them God’s vision of the church, both locally and universally.
  • We are launching a new Daily Devotional based on Derek's series of messages, “I Will Shake All Things.” Pray for many people to subscribe and be touched by this very timely teaching.

May 9 - Slovenia

  • Slovenia has a very low number of evangelical Christians. Pray that God will work in the hearts of many and draw them to Christ.
  • Pray that the 10 booklets of Derek’s Foundation Series will enable new believers to lay a healthy foundation of faith in their lives.
  • Pray for a new translator and editor to join our team.

May 10 - Hungary

  • Pray for God’s wisdom, protection and strength for ourteam as they work on new translations of several of Derek´s books.
  • Pray that Derek's teaching materials will enableHungarian Christians to be equipped for ministry and to enter into theircalling.

May 11 - Cambodia

  • Pray for Huy and the DPM team as they hold a seminar for up to 50 pastors in Kampong Cham Province this month. They will teach from six of Derek’s books and train the pastors in using this material in their own churches.

Outreach Report

  • Huy and his team travelled to northwest Cambodia to carry out relief work for 100 families and give Derek’s teaching materials to the pastors committee. Then they went to Kompong Thom Province to deliver Derek’s Khmer material and hold a seminar for 40 pastors and leaders. It was also a great time of fellowship, sharing, praying and encouraging one another.
  • Another two conferences were held for pastors in central and northwest Cambodia where there was small group study of Derek’s teaching. Huy advised, “The study and time of sharing were wonderful. We raised up the name of Jesus together and the pastors were so blessed by the teaching; it is a great resource for them at their churches and we will also continue supplying them with more of Derek’s books.”

May 12 - Australia

  • Pray for greater access to the Indigenous community to share Derek’s teaching and for the hearts of these native people to be open to God and His Word.
  • Pray for the Lord to connect our office with more partners who would help support the ministry and get Derek’s teaching across this nation.

May 13 - China

  • On March 1, the Chinese government brought in more laws relating to freedom of religion, this time banning all religious material on the Internet unless it has been given specific permission by the authorities. Our ministry team needs prayer at this crucial time as they focus on ways to continue to serve the Chinese Church in spite of these restrictions.

Praise Report

  • We praise God for the team He has given us to handle DPM’s work in China and among Chinese people elsewhere. All who run the ministry day-to-day are Chinese. We are grateful for these who are serving their own people with dedication and skill.

Day 14 - Vietnam

  • We praise God for the team He has given us to handle DPM’s work in China and among Chinese people elsewhere. All who run the ministry day-to-day are Chinese. We are grateful for these who are serving their own people with dedication and skill.

Testimonies - Vietnam

“Thank you so much for supporting us, especially in this troubled time, both for personal support and Covid relief; it has helped us share the love of Christ and reach out to so many people. Many heard of Christ’s love for the first time and six were saved through this act of love.” — Pastor S

“Thank you so much for Derek Prince’s books and for holding the seminars; I learned so many new things and I am challenged to teach many people what I have learned so far.” — Pastor K

Outreach Report

  • DPM Coordinator Pastor “D” recently visited a tribe in a remote province. He preached, ministered, and distributed food packs to 60 families. One of the evangelists in the village who was previously trained by the visiting pastor and receives DPM support has now started a home church.
  • Pastor “D” also distributed 100 copies of 10 titles to three churches. At least six churches and a Bible school are using the Self-Study Bible Course as discipleship curriculum and to train tribal leaders.
  • The DPM team in Ho Chi Minh city has been reaching out, including:
    - Holding an online health workshop for 108 attendees and gifting each person a free Derek Prince e-book
    - Distributing two Derek Prince books in packs of food to 100 needy families (22 people received Jesus!)
    - Distributing food packs to needy students and a copy of Extravagant Love.

May 15 - Thailand/Laos

  • Pray for God’s guidance for Coordinators Alex and Jan to a local Thai person who loves Derek’s material and is passionate about discipling the nations of Thailand and Laos.
  • Pray for wise distribution of the booklet, The Divine Exchange, in Thai and that many will connect with the new DPM–Thailand webpage (

May 16 - Japan

  • Derek’s daily devotionals are regularly uploaded to the DPM–Japan Facebook page ( and will also be added to the new Japanese-language website. Pray that many Japanese people will visit these platforms and be strengthened in their faith; also pray for many unbelievers to find them and come to salvation.


I received an email from a Japanese man who said his sister had started going to a church that uses Derek’s teachings, but the pastor denies the Trinity. He was worried that his sister might get a wrong impression of the Gospel, so he asked if there are clear teachings of the Trinity in Derek’s messages. I suggested he read The Holy Spirit in You and promised to pray for his sister. Several weeks later, he wrote again and said his sister has taken this teaching to heart and has stepped away from the heretical teaching she heard. Praise the Lord for the impact of Derek’s teaching. And let’s continue to pray for all those people who also are in need of solid biblical teaching!”

May 17 - Tonga

  • Over 1,500 Derek Prince books have been sent to Tonga for free distribution. Pray for these to be a huge blessing and encouragement to hundreds of people as they rebuild their lives following the devasting volcanic eruption and tsunami they went through.

May 18 - Mongolia

  • Our Mongolian partner is working on a Mongolian version of Derek’s book, The Destiny of Israel and the Church, in addition to other Mongolian titles he published previously which he says were warmly received. Pray for this book to have a great impact on Mongolian Christians.

May 19 - Iran

  • We praise God for thousands of Iranians who are being discipled through Derek’s teachings posted on the internet. Pray He will protect these believers and give us greater opportunities to reach more people in Iran.

May 20 - Egypt/Persian Gulf

  • Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide our team and give them new ideas for reaching more people in Egypt with Derek’s teaching materials.
  • Our outreach team has just begun to translate Derek’s book, The Power of Communion. Pray for God’s anointing on the workers.
  • Pray for a successful translation of Twelve Steps to a Good Year into radio episodes and for successful dubbing of the videos.

Praise Reports - Egypt/Persian Gulf

  • Our team has uploaded 40 episodes of The Roman Pilgrimage to YouTube, with one live streamed weekly to our Arabic Facebook page.
  • Our Arabic Facebook page recently reached two million people with more than 210,000 views and 177,000 likes.
  • We have two new Arabic translations: You Matter to God and Hope Beyond Grief.
  • We had a stall at the Cairo International Book Fair, which had many visitors and reached many people.

May 21 - Ethiopia

  • Derek’s “Laying the Foundation” series has been voiced into Amharic and is being shared online. Pray that it will reach many people, especially those in remote areas.
  • Pray for the outreach worker who is translating and voicing four more messages from the series, The Enemies We Face. This teaching is greatly needed here to help Christians understand Satan’s kingdom.

Praise Report - Ethiopia

  • One of our outreach workers recently prepared 4,000 more CDs for pastors and Christian leaders. The titles include “Laying the Foundation,” “The Exchange at the Cross” and “Invisible Barriers to Healing.”

May 22 - Syria

  • Pray for the peace of Christ to reign over Syria that has been torn apart by war; also pray for people to hear the Lord speak to them through His Word and through Derek’s teaching wherever it is available.
  • Pray for emotional healing for those who are suffering from trauma and for supernatural provision for those in need. (A DPM partner traveled to Damascus to take food, medical supplies and medicines to many families.)

May 23 - Ukraine

  • Pray for God’s protection, wisdom, and provision for our outreach team and their families who live outside Ukraine as they volunteer to bring in large quantities of emergency aid across the border.  
  • Pray for the ongoing work on small books (such as The Divine Exchange and Extravagant Love) and new proclamation cards to be distributed among refugees, including: Sheltered with God, Forgiveness, and When I’m Feeling Down. They plan to put an item in every parcel given out by a church or partner ministry to mainly unbelievers who are displaced.

May 24 - Belarus

  • More people are looking to study through our online Bible Correspondence School. Pray for the development of more such study platforms.
  • Pray for more qualified technical workers to join our team to help us reach more people with Derek’s teaching via social media.
  • Pray for God’s wisdom and guidance for our workers as they seek to reach as many Russian/Belorussian-speaking people as possible.

May 25 - Italy

  • In the last year, several Italians contacted us expressing a desire to serve DPM. We sense the Lord is starting something new here and have begun working on translations of subtitles for our YouTube channel. We are also discussing and praying about opening a DPM office here. Pray for God’s plans to be clear for this possible new work in Italy.

May 26 - Sri Lanka

  • Our representative, Bishop Prince, recently visited three provinces where he had fellowship with several hundred local pastors and distributed gift packs of Derek’s books. The pastors were greatly blessed by the visit and the material. Pray for more such good reports and for these leaders to grow in their faith and be used greatly by the Lord.

May 27 - India

  • A network of 120 pastors in Andhra Pradesh State have each been sent three of Derek’s books—including one on prayer and one on spiritual warfare. Pray that the books are well received and that the pastors will use them to teach and train their own congregations.


Brother S. J. Berchmann is a famous Tamil gospel songwriter, singer and preacher who also leads a network of churches. Some years ago, he requested Derek’s book, The Power of Proclamation, in Tamil. Last month, India Directors, Elsie and Danny, met him and made an amazing discovery. Elsie shares:

  • “I was telling him about the ministry we are doing through church and DPM, and it suddenly occurred to me that it would be good if he could write a song based on Derek’s proclamation about the Power of the Blood, and sing it. When I suggested it to him, he told me something that shocked me – he has written and published several hundred songs, based on every proclamation in the book! To think that people have been singing these songs in Tamil churches throughout Tamil Nadu and the world was amazing. It made me think that this is one more of the ways that God’s promise to Derek about ‘the mighty ocean’ is being fulfilled!”

Day 28 - East Africa

  • Pray for Geoffrey and Pauline, based in Kenya, as they oversee DPM’s work in this region, including Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, and Congo.
  • Pray for successful translations in progress and for more good contacts with pastors and others who would help share Derek’s teaching.

May 29 - Southern Africa

  • Pray for the current translation and printing projects will be completed this year. There is often opposition to get the books in print, so pray against any hindrances.
  • Pray for wisdom and anointing for the pastor who will be translating Appointment in Jerusalem into Zulu.
  • Pray for the safe delivery of books that will be going up to Zimbabwe.
  • Pray for Pastor Stemmet to have safe travel on his fifth mission trip to the Northern Cape and Kalahari bordering Namibia and South Africa, then to the Western Cape. He will again take Derek’s books in Afrikaans to give to leaders.

Praise Reports

  • We have many new contacts through CCFM radio in Cape Town.
  • Many new people who have been accessing Derek’s teaching through our Mobile App, website, Facebook, and YouTube have contacted us to give a donation as they have been so blessed and encouraged. We see an increase in young people asking for Derek’s teaching and have been referring them to these formats.
  • A pastor who ministers to young people requested 60 English copies of the Self-Study Bible Course to share with his students as they do not even have Bibles.


Pastor Stemmet took a six-week trip to reach the Kalahari Desert area of South Africa that borders on Botswana and Namibia. He met two coloured ladies outside the historical Catholic Church at Pella, made up of about 2500 people, mostly San Bushmen. He had just one Foundations book in Afrikaans and offered it to them to have a look, saying he would be back shortly. He told them if they wanted to keep it, they must promise to read it. When he got back, they were both crying with joy at what they had read in that short time. He let them keep the book.

Impact Radio Listeners

  • “The teachings of Derek have made a remarkable impact in my life in many ways. I can't afford to miss them on Impact Radio every day. My prayer life also drastically changed. Now I love to spend more time in the presence of God in the early morning hours. My spiritual life is nourished and growing every day. My faith is more anchored due to how the teachings have touched my life.” —Listener in Pretoria, South Africa
  • “I have been listening for four years. I had dropped off my husband for a flight he needed to catch, and as I drove home, Impact Radio was on, and teaching came up on the ''Good Shepherd." I knew I had encountered a teacher who would minister the Word of God to me during my daily devotions. That has never changed. I am truly grateful to God for a teacher who could make such a huge impact and for having a team who keeps the radio ministry going. —Josephine D.
  • “I have been listening for many years to Derek’s teachings. I lived in a foreign country for a short period of time, and I couldn’t have done it without God. I used to listen to Derek Prince on Impact Radio via live streaming. It was like my lifeline, my daily medicine, So many times, the messages helped or guided me through challenges, and I was able to stand.” — Beverly

May 30 - United/Hispanic Outreach

  • Pray for Increased and good communication with Spanish pastors, leaders, and churches.
  • Pray that our Hispanic outreach mailing will encourage more people to partner with us to help expand our ministry.

May 31 - Canada

  • Pray for the board and Director Bob Yeo to have God’s direction for the remainder of this year in reaching more churches and ministry leaders, including those involved with the indigenous Inuit people.

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