Prayer Guide
Join us in prayer throughout the month of May, as we continue to seek God and give thanks for all that He has done.

May 1 - International

  • New doors for outreach continue to open around the world, and new language translations are in progress. Pray for the Lord’s continued favor, blessing, and provision for the ministry. Derek Prince always said that DPM was not his ministry, but God’s ministry, and we believe that He will fulfill His intended purposes through it.

May 2 - Sri Lanka

  • On a recent trip to Sri Lanka, DPM–India Directors Elsie and Danny ministered for three days to young leaders, teaching them on the basics of ministry and identifying their calling. Pray that those who went through this intensive training will go out and reach the young people in their communities and, as they do, be encouraged by their pastors. 

May 3 - India

  • Directors Elsie and Danny plan to hold pastors’ conferences in south India on May 9 and in southwest India in early June. They will be reaching out to a Hindu-dominated, anti-Christian area called Belagavi that has only about 50 churches/pastors. Pray for protection and anointing over them and for unity among the pastors, and that the teaching and resources provided impact them.

May 4 - Australia

  • Our Indigenous partners, Peter and Katie Dunstan, left at the end of March for a journey of over 9000km to Western and South Australia, as well as Queensland. They are carrying Derek’s books and DVDs to give away. Pray for their protection and God’s favor and anointing as they teach and minister in churches and remote Indigenous communities. They will be away until the middle of this month.

May 5 - Nauru

  • Nauru is a tiny island country in Micronesia, northeast of Australia. We praise God for being able to reach the people of this island. Pray for the right person to assist in advertising the new DPM–Nauru website to Nauruans and for many people to visit it and avail themselves of the hundreds of free teaching resources. 

May 6 - Japan

  • A new volunteer translator is beginning work on several of Derek’s teaching messages, ready for subtitling. Pray for God’s protection and anointing upon her.

May 7 - China

  • China's 'parliament' met recently with the focus on extending the control of President Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party over key elements of Chinese life. Pray for believers in China in this period of decreasing freedom.
  • The books, The Coming Revival, Applying the Blood, I Will Shake All Things and The Beast or The Lamb are now being translated and printed. Pray for God’s protection over our key workers in China as they print and distribute this important material for Chinese believers. 

May 8 - Philippines

  • Continue to pray for the Lord to bring the right person to coordinate DPM’s work in the Philippines.
  • A conference was recently held in Sorsogon for about 100 pastors. Derek’s Tagalog books were freely distributed and eagerly received. Pray for these leaders to be impacted by Derek’s teaching and use it to equip others.

May 9 - Cambodia

  • Pray for God’s protection and wisdom for Director Mr. Huy, the two translators, Chhairith and Vicheat, and those using Derek’s teaching to train other pastors.  
  • We received permission to go into Sihanoukville Prison, led by pastor Veasna. Pray for the Lord’s protection and anointing as we proclaim the gospel and for the inmates to gain a firm biblical foundation through the Self-Study Bible Course.

Outreach Reports - Cambodia

  • A seminar was held for 36 pastors in Kampong Province. DPM–New Zealand Trustee, Alan Brooks, and his wife, Lynda, were on a mission trip to Cambodia and came to the seminar to teach from Derek’s material on Fatherhood and The Gifts of the Spirit. Derek’s books were also distributed.
  • In January, the 100th anniversary of Protestant Christianity in Cambodia was celebrated during the Cambodia Gospel Centennial Celebration in Phnom Penh. There were many activities with over 10,000 attendees gathering nightly. DPM also took part by giving away many books. Pastor Pot Pheap, a YWAM Bible School teacher in Battambang, brought hundreds of students who were excited to receive Derek’s books. Most of the students follow his teaching and share it. Some of the teachers will be using Spiritual Warfare in their curriculum. 

May 10 - Indonesia

  • Pray for God’s protection and strength for Rolan in Jakarta who is doing critical work recording Declaring God’s Word in Indonesian for radio broadcasting. Since he began working for DPM, he and several family members have had health issues.
  • Pray for someone with digital expertise and who is fluent in Bahasa Indonesian to join DPM so we can promote and increase our online presence.

May 11 - Thailand

  • Pray for God’s anointing and protection for our new translator, Ruth, who is translating Derek’s teaching letters for the Thai website. 

May 12 - New Zealand

  • Pray that pastors and leaders will recognize the wealth of Derek’s Bible teaching that is available and will desire to use this in home groups. 
  • Also, pray that more believers will visit our website and avail themselves of the hundreds of free resources available.

May 13 - Romania

  • Conferences are scheduled this month for Director Fanel Serban to teach on deliverance. Pray for the Lord’s protection over him and anointing for this time of ministry so that many people are freed and refreshed in the Lord.

May 14 - Portugal

  • A meeting took place last week in Portugal with several translators, supporters, and potential partners to help expand the reach of our Portuguese materials. Pray for this gathering to result in good fruit and God’s clear guidance in moving forward.

May 15 - Netherlands

  • We are coordinating an international translation and subtitling project – Project Septuagint – for Derek’s video teachings. Currently, we have over 15 languages that are in the translation process, with another 15 possibly to follow. We hope to translate 70 of Derek’s sermons into 70 languages and make them available online. Pray for God’s wisdom for the administration of this project, as well as for all the different translators worldwide.

May 16 - Germany

  • Pray that God will guide our efforts in online marketing so we can use this tool well to share the gospel and Derek’s teaching with many people. 
  • Pray that God will bless our church outreach programs and that pastors and leaders would benefit greatly from Derek’s Bible teaching material.

May 17 - United Kingdom

  • Pray for the Video Bible School course that was recently launched and is now available on our website to impact many lives. (
  • Continue to pray for our prison outreach to help bring transformation to many inmates through Derek’s teaching of God’s Word. 


Joan from the UK wrote to us: "Many thanks for all the correspondence that has been sent to me. For so many years, I have appreciated the teachings in many different forms from Derek Prince Ministries. The Lord led me to the teaching when I was going through a very difficult period in my life and walk with the Lord. This has and still is a constant help for which I continue to praise Him. I am so grateful that Derek’s teaching still continues."

May 18 - France

  • We will soon launch an online course on 'Spiritual Warfare'. Pray that many people will enroll, complete it, and apply what they learn.
  • Pray for God’s wisdom and creativity for Caroline as she makes Derek’s teaching available on social media. The number of followers on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest is increasing. Pray for continued growth so more people find Derek’s teaching. 
  • Pray for more open doors of opportunity for us to reach out to prisons with Derek’s teaching to help give inmates hope and encouragement.

May 19 - Ukraine

  • Pray for a good translator and editor for our Ukrainian material and for an additional editor for our Russian books.
  • Thousands of prayer and proclamation cards have been printed and distributed. Pray that they will get to the right people at the right time and that the Lord will touch many hearts.
  • Pray for the team as they translate the book, The Beast or The Lamb.


Recently, a Christian brother testified how God miraculously saved him during the war. When he was on the frontline, which was just five holes in the ground, a mine fell in or near each hole, but none of the mines exploded! Another time, a shell exploded right in front of his face, and he was thrown out of the trench, yet he was not killed. Sadly, the other two soldiers with him died immediately. Doctors removed many fragments from his eyes, yet his vision was not affected. The doctors said it was a miracle! He also said that everyone in the trenches is praying harder and louder; there are no non-believers.

May 20 - Azerbaijan

  • The books, Spiritual Warfare and God is a Matchmaker, were printed last year. Pray for this material to be used well by pastors and leaders and that more books will become available in the Azeri language. 

May 21 - Estonia/Latvia

  • Spring and summer missionary trips and tent evangelism are planned for Latvia and Estonia as well as Abkhazia in the South Caucasus. Pray for the Lord’s protection and anointing upon this ministry and that Derek’s material will reach and impact many people. 
  • Pray for the people that came to our evangelistic outreach in the city of Tartu, Estonia, at the end of April and for the Holy Spirit to remind them of the gospel that was shared with them. 

May 22 - Georgia

  • Pray for the Lord to provide a new translator for the Georgian language. Five books in Georgian are now available and more are planned.
  • Pray for more opportunities to share Derek’s teaching with the Georgian people as they live with political tension and turmoil. 

May 23 - United States

  • To expand our prison book program, we are first reaching out to new prison chaplains in our area to make them aware of our free resources. Pray that we can successfully contact many and receive a good response. 
  • We currently mail out about 600 free books monthly nationwide to inmates upon request. Pray for those who are receiving Derek’s materials – that God’s Word would be sown deep into their hearts, greatly impacting them and their families, bringing salvation, hope, healing, deliverance, and the infilling of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

Testimony - United States (Prison Ministry)

"I have been so blessed to be able to read Derek's books. I have been incarcerated since March 2022. I lost absolutely everything, including family. I was ready to give up on my life when I came across a book by Derek called Spiritual Warfare. This book changed my life and my perception of my battle with, not flesh, but principalities. I rededicated my life to the Lord and I'm reading His Word every day and reading Derek's materials, which better help me understand spiritual things." – Jesse, Oklahoma

May 24 - Brazil/Portuguese

  • We have received several offers from those wanting to help with the work in Brazil, including one from Rodriguez who shared that he has been greatly impacted by Derek’s video teachings and books. Pray that the Lord will give us discernment to connect us with the right people for this work. 

May 25 - United States/Hispanic Outreach

  • Pray for those involved in the development of our new Spanish website and online store.
  • Pray for our Hispanic team as they work on creating a brochure to send to Hispanic churches and ministries in the US.

May 26 - Turkey

  • Pray for the ministry team in Turkey to have the Lord’s wisdom and protection in serving the Turkish people in these challenging times.
  • Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose is soon to be published in Turkish. Pray that the publication process will go smoothly.

May 27 - Israel

  • Pray for a good response to the special edition of DPM–UK’s magazine going out this month that features the 75th anniversary of the birth of the State of Israel.
  • Pray for the Lord to continue to open doors for Derek’s Hebrew, Arabic, and Russian teaching in this nation – in print, audio/video, and through online platforms.

Day 28 - South Africa

  • Our nation struggles with ongoing power outages, sometimes several times a day for two or more hours or even all day. This has a huge impact on our ministry and people in general. It also causes water shortages. We have installed two Lithium-Ion batteries with an inverter. Pray for God to intervene and for His grace and provision for us to continue our work.
  • Pray for the final editing and layout of a number of new books. One worker could not continue so Ina, a staff member, has stepped in. Pray for her health as she has faced spiritual opposition.

Praise Report - South Africa

A lady who visited the office recently works in a drug rehab center nearby. She has shared with some of the people about the Lord. Many are open to gathering to discuss the Bible. She said the Holy Spirit is working as some who were in opposition are now eager to learn. We gave her Derek’s teaching on Fatherhood and Father God as this is often the root problem with many addicts.

May 29 - Namibia

  • Pray for more Portuguese and Afrikaans books to be produced for the people in Namibia who need solid Bible teaching. 
  • Pray for more contacts and open doors for distributing Derek’s teaching material in Namibia.  

May 30 - Angola/Mozambique

  • Pray for God’s guidance as to the best way to get Derek’s Portuguese books printed and distributed in Angola and Mozambique.
  • Pray that more of Derek’s material will be translated and printed in Portuguese and distributed in these nations to pastors and individuals.

May 31 - Zimbabwe

  • Pray for those involved in the translation and printing of the Shona and Tonga books for Zimbabwe, that all will go smoothly with no delays.

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Last Updated: May 16, 2023
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