Prayer Guide
Join us in prayer throughout the month of November, as we continue to seek God and give thanks for all that He has done.

November 1 - International

  • Pray for our staff and outreach workers worldwide to carry out their work and outreach projects with God’s guidance, protection, and strength. Many are experiencing physical battles, political unrest, economic needs, and religious restrictions. Let’s continue to trust the Lord and declare that He is faithful!

November 2 - Netherlands

  • On 11 November, our next online course, Entering into God’s Presence, will begin. Our desire is that more and more Dutch-speaking people will worship the Lord in Spirit and truth. Pray for God to open their hearts. Also pray for new staff to support us in the development of online courses.

November 3 - Eastern Europe

  • Pray for Director Branislav. He needs the Lord’s wisdom and protection as he oversees the work in over 10 countries, travelling regularly to visit the outreach workers.
  • Pray also for the Lord’s continued provision for all the work being done in these nations.

November 4 - Italy

  • Continue to pray for the Lord’s wisdom and guidance regarding opening a DPM office in Italy.
  • Translation work continues on Italian subtitles for YouTube, so also pray for those involved.

November 5 - France

  • We have started releasing audiobooks, beginning with Agreeing with God and Hearing God’s Voice. Pray that many people will download them and be blessed by them. Also pray for Thierry and Frédéric, who dub our audiobooks and videos.
  • More videos are being dubbed, as the French prefer this over subtitles. Pray that our YouTube channel will have more visitors and that Derek’s messages will deeply impact all who hear them.
  • Pray for Caroline as she sets up a new WhatsApp channel, which will allow people (especially from Africa) to share Derek’s messages.
  • Pray for increased sales in Québec, Canada (French-speaking) through our wholesaler, CLC Diffusion.

November 6 - Germany

  • Pray for the Lord’s wisdom as we continue to utilise more digital communications in providing Derek’s teaching in German.
  • Pray for more German believers to join us in prayer and support to share Derek’s material in this nation.

November 7 - United Kingdom

  • Continue to pray for our Inside Outreach prison ministry to reach more inmates with Derek’s teaching.
  • Pray for the chaplains involved to have God’s wisdom and insight as they share and teach from Derek’s material.

Testimony – UK Prison Outreach

A chaplain shared comments from an inmate who completed the 20-week Bible programme (Self-Study Bible Course):

“I have become religiously astute and more aware of my actions and words, as it says in the Bible that your mouth is full of what is in your heart. It encouraged me to live a Christian life because, as it says in the Bible, judgement will come upon us like a thief and I want eternal life, forever being happy with no regrets.”

The chaplain added: “This blew me away today. I must add that officers have commented on his turnaround. I thank God for your faithfulness and the materials you have blessed us with to help change the young men here.”

November 8 - Nepal

  • Over 800,000 copies of Derek’s Nepali books have been printed, and thousands of copies of 50 titles are being reprinted. Pray for this to go smoothly, for protection over their distribution, and for thousands of Nepali pastors and believers to be encouraged by the books.

November 9 - Indonesia

  • Pray for God’s anointing, healing, and protection upon our new co-worker, Rolan, in Jakarta, who is dubbing and recording Derek’s 365 daily devotionals into Indonesian. Pray for protection also for his wife and two teenagers. He has faced attacks on his health since starting this work.  
  • Pray for Christian radio stations in Indonesia to be willing to broadcast Derek’s daily devotionals.

November 10 - Japan

  • Pray for good health and strength for our translator, 'Yvonne', as she translates Derek’s teaching into Japanese.
  • Pray for clarity on God’s strategies for reaching the Japanese people with Derek’s Bible teaching.

November 11 - Australia

  • Peter and Katie Dunstan are partnering with us to minister to our First Nations people and distribute Derek’s teaching. Pray for good health and protection for them as they travel around Australia.

Testimony – Australia

Peter and Katie shared this testimony after a recent trip to the First Nations people in Australia:

“We met a man in critical condition at a Medical Centre which acts as a hospital. He was suffering from a fever caused by an infection, the result of complications after a recent heart triple bypass. The medical team was making plans to fly him from Elcho Island (of indigenous people in the northeast) to Darwin Hospital to receive urgent medical treatment. Fifteen family members were around his bedside and outside the facility. An Elder of the Galiwin’ku people took us to lay hands on him and pray. The man and family were very grateful to receive Derek’s book, God’s Medicine Bottle. We called the next day to see what course of action was taken. They gratefully informed us that the man was healed. He had been discharged and gone home! The family is looking forward to reading and sharing their thoughts on the book.”

November 12 - Cambodia

  • Pray that Derek’s teaching on social media, the website and YouTube will reach tens of thousands of people here, strengthen their faith and deepen their knowledge of God’s Word.

Outreach Report – Cambodia

  • Teaching seminars were held for 83 pastors in two provinces, based on Derek’s books Immersion in the Spirit, Resurrection of the Body and By Grace Alone. Cambodian pastors in different denominations are at risk of receiving incorrect teaching, so these seminars were very timely.

November 13 - Thailand

  • Our coordinators were in Thailand and Laos in September and October. They had meetings with pastors and church leaders and gave them material in Thai and Lao, and also informed them how they could access more online. Pray for these believers to get more of Derek’s teaching and be impacted by it.
  • Our Thai coordinators have reconnected with a couple in Thailand, Arisa and Jason, who are willing to join the team of coordinators for DPM’s work in Thailand. Pray for the Lord’s wisdom and leading for the team.

November 14 - China

  • China still has a strict zero-Covid policy. Recent reports spoke of some 60 million residents being locked down and weariness growing as the restrictions seem to go on without end. This also impacts the distribution of Derek’s materials because travel and logistics are difficult. Pray for wisdom for the team to keep Derek’s teachings flowing across China.

Outreach Report – China

Our China team has opened a new online sharing channel inside China on a new platform. Many new believers have found it (about 3500 views in just 3 weeks), and more church leaders have reached out to get Derek’s materials in Chinese to share with local believers.

November 15 - Laos

  • The Divine Exchange is now the first booklet DPM has printed in the Lao language! Pray for all those who receive it to be blessed and built up in their faith through Derek’s teaching and that this booklet will be shared amongst many believers in Laos.

November 16 - Vietnam

  • The government here is introducing new laws aimed to limit the work of God. Pray for God’s protection and guidance for DPM coordinators, Pastor 'A' in Ho Chi Minh City and Pastor 'D' in Da Nang.
  • Pray for believers in Vietnam to hold firm in their faith and for many thousands to visit our website and avail themselves of all the free material available.

Testimonies – Vietnam

DPM–New Zealand is supporting five pastors in Vietnam to help them with evangelism and the discipling of new believers. DPM coordinator, Pastor 'D' in Da Nang, writes: “Thank you for your generosity and ongoing support, especially for the pastors you are sponsoring. Here are three testimonies we received.”

  • “Derek’s book, God’s Remedy for Rejection, was really a huge blessing. We used it to help drug addicts and people who were cast away from their families. We know why they behaved like this and how to help them. Thank you so much.” — Pastor 'P'
  • “The teaching in the Self-Study Bible Course has been a great blessing for me and my church. We use it to teach in our home groups and in training new believers. This is a wonderful tool for discipleship.” — Pastor 'S'
  • “Thanks for your support; it enables me to train tribal disciples for Jesus. We have monthly Bible classes... and we go out together to win souls.” — Pastor 'T'

November 17 - Estonia

  • DPM outreach worker, German, based in Estonia, is preparing materials for Derek Prince seminars this month for the parishioners of the church he pastors. Pray for the Lord to anoint him and for lives to be impacted by Derek’s teaching.

November 18 - Ukraine

  • Pray for DPM outreach worker Vlad. Despite continuing attacks on Ukrainian cities by the Russian army, orders for Derek’s books are coming in almost daily and being shipped to those requesting them. Pray for the successful reprint of Russian and Ukrainian evangelistic tracts. These are very useful for soldiers and displaced people.

Testimony – Ukraine

Many people are reading Derek’s books and listening to his online teaching. Sister Vera, 82, called us to order books. While Russian troops were trying to besiege Kyiv, she prayed for God's protection and listened to Derek’s messages on our YouTube channel every day. This is the main source of inspiration for their family.

November 19 - Armenia

  • The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict has flared up again. Since 2020, there have been thousands of victims and orphaned children. DPM cares for about 100 children, so pray for protection for our team and for enough resources.
  • In recent months, there has been an unprecedented increase in interest in Derek's books, especially Why Bad Things Happen to God's People. It has been a great consolation for many mothers whose sons have been killed. Pray for the Holy Spirit to continue to bring comfort through it.

November 20 - Russia

  • As a result of the war with Ukraine, the persecution of Christians in Russia has intensified and there are serious financial problems. Pray for God’s help and provision for our team as many printing houses are reluctant to print Derek’s books. Pray that Derek’s teaching will continue to be available and be spread widely.

November 21 - Egypt/Middle East

  • Derek’s books will be available at two book fairs — in Kurdistan on 18 November and in Iraq on 8 December. One was already held in the United Arab Emirates in early November. Pray for the Lord to use Derek’s teaching to draw many to Christ.
  • Pray for the team from Egypt as they travel to Jordan to take SD cards containing 13 video and audio teachings for distribution and use in Syria, Jordan and Israel. Pray that the teachings will impact many people.

November 22 - Turkey

  • Derek’s material is available in almost all evangelical churches in Turkey, as well as some Orthodox churches. Pray for our team to move ahead in their work despite the growing persecution.

November 23 - Egypt/North Africa

  • We thank God for the successful completion of the translation of God’s Will for Your Life into Kabyle, a language spoken in Algeria and Morocco. Pray for the next steps of printing and audio recording to go well.

November 24 - India

  • The annual Orphans Christmas Party will be held in early December. It is a time of joy for the children but also an opportunity for them to hear and respond to the Gospel. Pray for protection, provision and for many young lives to be committed to Jesus.

Outreach Report – India

A second Youth Training Programme was held over three days for 19 young women (including pastors’ children) from Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. We faced a lot of spiritual opposition but realised it was due to the impact of this event. All the young ladies testified, some with tears, as to what God had done in their lives. One said she would have lost direction in her life if she had not come. Another testified that she would have quit her ministry if she had not come. The session on How to Pass from Curse to Blessing was the eye opener for many. They left with renewed vision and joy, and the testimonies continued later, many coming from their parents. Praise the Lord!

November 25 - Sri Lanka

  • Sri Lanka is going through its worst economic crisis since 1948. Pray for God’s wisdom, protection and provision for DPM representative, Bishop Prince, as he reaches out to pastors, believers and the needy in many areas and also distributes Derek’s teaching.

November 26 - South Africa

  • Retired Pastor Hampie Stemmet is on his tenth trip to the Kalahari and the Northern, Western, Southern and Eastern Capes, and to new towns as well. Pray for his protection, strength, and favour as he ministers and delivers more of Derek’s material during this 7000km journey.
  • Pray for those who received Derek’s books, DVDs, and CDs from Pastor Stemmet’s last trip to these areas where there is no resident pastor and the people are desperate for spiritual food. He will follow up with those he ministered to via WhatsApp.

November 27 - Angola

  • Pray for the successful printing of the Portuguese Self-Study Bible Course for Angola.
  • Pray also for the distribution of material, as normal services are either not reliable or too expensive. Much of the distribution is by pastors or others who travel from the South Africa office to neighbouring countries.

November 28 - United States

  • Pray for the Lord to continue to use Derek’s teaching to encourage and instruct inmates who receive it. Hundreds receive a free item monthly upon request, and many send in their heartfelt thanks.
  • Pray for the Lord’s blessing and encouragement for the chaplains who also receive Derek’s material to use in their Bible studies with inmates.

November 29 - Canada

  • Pray for God’s continued wisdom and guidance in the best way to impact the vast nation of Canada with Derek’s teaching.

November 30 - United States/Hispanic Outreach

  • We are revamping Derek’s Spanish radio programme, Llaves para Vivir con Éxito (Keys to Successful Living). Pray for those involved to complete this project successfully.
  • Pray for God’s favour for our Hispanic team as they are working to reach and serve the Hispanic community here and abroad.

Outreach Report – United States/Hispanic Outreach

In September, a group of Hispanic pastors from Puerto Rico visited our office, led by the local pastor who had hosted a conference they attended – the Regional Foursquare Conference for Spanish leaders and pastors. They had just learned about Derek Prince at this event and were so grateful already for the teaching they had heard. They were very happy to come and receive a gift bag of resources. Pastor and chaplain Marisol Rodriguez said: “Thank you for your hospitality. It was very rewarding to share with all of you at DPM. Derek’s books were of great blessing. We love you. God be with you.” (Hurricane Fiona hit Puerto Rico while they were here, so they were going back to a difficult situation for themselves and their families.)

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