Prayer Guide
Join us in prayer throughout the month of November, as we continue to seek God and give thanks for all that He has done.

November 1 - International

  • Thank God for the many open doors to make disciples of Jesus Christ through the Bible teaching of Derek Prince. Thank God for His continued anointing, blessing and provision.
  • Pray for DPM staff worldwide as they face various challenges in their areas of the world—economic, the pandemic, needed workers, health issues, family situations, etc.

November 2 - Jordan

  • Pray for the Lord’s wisdom regarding travel and outreach to Jordan to get Derek’s teaching to the Jordanian people and also to Syrian refugees at the border (Muslims and Christians).

November 3 - Egypt

  • Praise God for the completion of the dubbing of 12 episodes from The Roman Pilgrimage. These have now been uploaded to YouTube. Pray for this teaching to help meet the spiritual needs of many people. Also pray for the dubbing of the remaining eight episodes.
  • Pray for God’s protection over the people of Egypt as the country is experiencing a fourth wave of Coronavirus with the numbers of infections increasing again.

Our team recently received a powerful testimony from Algeria on our Arabic Facebook page.

Imane is 42 years old. She was a fanatical Muslim until she had a problem with her heart and doctors told her that she would pass away in 10 days. She was devastated when she heard about her fatal condition. In those 10 days, Jesus appeared to her in a dream, not just once but three times. However, she ignored it and read the Quran.

At some point, someone told her husband that Jesus did a miracle for his daughter and that he too should go to a church and pray for his wife. Her husband asked his friend to give him a Bible. Imane agreed to go to the church with her husband but she also made it very clear to him that she would not change her beliefs. However, Imane started watching Christian channels and, after a lot of inner conflicts, she finally believed and accepted Jesus into her life. She also started to tell her friends about Jesus. Her testimony was the reason that three of her friends have now joined us in our online discipleship groups.

November 4 - Ethiopia

  • Continue to pray for Henok, an outreach worker, who is working with local churches to establish libraries and training centres in some rural villages through which Derek’s books and audio materials can be shared. Pray for God’s favour and anointing on this initiative.

November 5 - Syria

  • Praise God for guiding our team in supernatural ways even when surrounded by terrible circumstances caused by conflict and ongoing war. Pray for continued protection and wisdom for them in all they do.

November 6 - Russia

  • Pray for the smooth launch of the Bible Correspondence School in the Russian language and that God will enable this to be successful and a great blessing to many.
  • We thank God for Derek’s book Why Bad Things Happen to God’s People, which was widely distributed in Russia and has been very popular among Russian believers, particularly because of lives being lost due to Coronavirus recently. Pray that it continues to help and encourage many in their faith.

November 7 - Ukraine

  • We are grateful for Derek’s teaching videos on the book of Romans, The Roman Pilgrimage, which have been dubbed and are now available on YouTube. Pray this teaching will reach many Russian-speaking believers in Ukraine and have a powerful impact on their lives.
  • Pray our team in the Ukraine gets the help needed to improve their website and to solve any technical issues that have been hindering people in accessing Derek’s teaching.

November 8 - Portugal

  • Continue to pray for the translation work on The Roman Pilgrimage that we believe will be a great blessing to Portuguese-speaking believers.  
  • Pray for success for the voicing of Derek’s Teaching Letters so they can reach and encourage those who are illiterate.

November 9 - Eastern Europe

  • Pray for God’s wisdom and strength for Branislav as he oversees Derek Prince Ministries directors in 11 countries in Eastern Europe, visiting the teams periodically and staying in close contact with them and their needs.

November 10 - Norway

  • Pray for our partners to open their hearts to give to our worldwide outreach needs.
  • Pray for more contacts with leaders in the north of Norway, especially influential pastors and evangelists who would want to use Derek’s teaching materials.

November 11 - Romania

  • Pray that, through Derek's study materials, God will continue to equip believers (such as the sister who wrote the testimony below) for fruitful service in God's Kingdom, empowering them by His Word and the Holy Spirit.

Testimony – Romania

Recently, we received a short but encouraging note from a sister in Christ: “I would like to express my gratitude, together with the appreciation of many of my friends and acquaintances, because we have the privilege of reading Derek's books that your efforts make available to us in the Romanian language. But the most spectacular truth in this reality is the GREAT CHANGE in our understanding and conduct, which continues to operate in our lives, from one book to another.”

November 12 - Germany

  • Pray for Michael and Nathan Tracy, who have recently received the leadership of DPM–Germany, to have God’s wisdom and guidance.
  • We thank God for our supporters and for their backing for our outreaches. Pray for God's wisdom to effectively use the donations they have entrusted to us for the further growth of God’s Kingdom.

November 13 - United Kingdom

  • Pray for an increasing number of people across the UK to be reached through our various social media outlets and our mobile app, where an abundance of Derek’s teaching can be accessed.

November 14 - France

  • We continue to put new videos with subtitles on YouTube. Pray that many people will find them, as well as more of Derek’s teaching, on all our various outlets.
  • Pray that more people will enrol in the Bible Correspondence Course and that current students will stay motivated to finish it. Pray also for Catherine who oversees it.
  • Pray for Caroline, our Social Media Manager, for wisdom in replying to the comments we receive and in what to post.

November 15 - Poland

  • Pray for new opportunities to share the Good News and Derek’s teaching with non-believers.
  • Pray for our Polish website, YouTube channel and Facebook page to become instruments in God’s hand to reach more people with Derek’s Bible teaching.
  • Pray for the growth of our distribution network and for an increased demand for Derek’s materials.

November 16 - Netherlands

  • Pray for our new partnership with PowerParent, a ministry to single parents in the Netherlands. It is supplying them with Derek’s teachings, including God’s Remedy for Rejection and Extravagant Love. We are also working with them to develop a new suitable proclamation card. Pray for these tools to help in the healing process of many broken brothers and sisters who are parenting alone.

Praise Report – Netherlands

We are praising the Lord for over 150 students currently participating in our new online course on Spiritual Warfare! We are getting encouraging feedback – students say it is so good to hear Derek explain how we are involved in a war every single day, even though we cannot see the enemy with our physical eyes.

November 17 - Vietnam

  • Pray for God’s protection, provision and wisdom for Pastors “D” and “A” (based in Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh city), especially with the huge rise of Covid cases in Ho Chi Minh.  
  • Pray that many people will visit the DPM–Vietnam website ( and Facebook page and be strengthened in their walk with the Lord as they read Derek’s teaching in Vietnamese.

Outreach Report - Vietnam

  • A pastor supported by DPM has recently baptized 12 new believers in his tribe. We thank the Lord for Derek’s Bible teaching resources that can help them grow in their walk as new disciples.
  • We received this testimony from Tam, living in Aquila, a Rehab Centre in Vietnam: “My friends and I are so blessed by DPM books; our lives are touched, changed by the Word through them. God has been using these books to help us understand the Word, grow stronger and break free from drug addiction through teaching from Spiritual Warfare and How to Pass from Curse to Blessing.”

November 18 - Japan

  • Pray for good physical and spiritual health for the DPM Japanese translator, “Yvonne”, and proof-reader, Ritsuko, and that all translation work goes smoothly.

November 19 - Australia

  • Recently, we shipped two boxes of Derek’s books to a conference centre in the Sydney area for leaders who have not been able to meet personally with people. They have been ministering over Zoom, but they will be dropping off the books to these people at home, so pray that they will be further encouraged by the material.

November 20 - China

  • We continue to supply as much of Derek’s teaching as we can to the believers in China, whether for downloading online or in book form. The team is finalising The Coming Revival and working on the translation of Hear God’s Voice. Pray that this material would bless, strengthen, and change many believers in China.
  • Pray for God’s daily protection on the team that runs the Derek Prince Chinese teaching platform on the WeChat app (the most popular Chinese app used by hundreds of millions of Chinese). They must monitor daily to see what words and phrases are being blocked in order to continue getting Derek’s teaching into China.

Praise Report – China

A believer inside China wrote to our China Ministry team saying: “We will continue praying for your YGM (Derek Prince) WeChat. We know it is very hard now, but God will strengthen you and protect you. We like what you share and we read it in our church daily.” This brother is one of many who is fed by Derek’s teaching inside China, not just individuals but churches as well. We thank the Lord for such encouraging words from brothers and sisters inside China.

November 21 - Thailand

  • The book, The Divine Exchange, has now been published for the first time in the Thai language. Pray that, as these 3,000 books are freely distributed to pastors and other mission organisations here, many people will become aware of DPM in Thailand and also download the other 22 Thai e-books now available on the DPM–New Zealand website.

November 22 - Cambodia

  • Pray for God’s protection over Director Huy and those in partner ministry, One-2-One, as they continue to serve their community through feeding and medical programmes, along with outreaches.
  • Pray for God’s protection and anointing for the two DPM translators as they continue translating Derek’s Bible teaching into the Khmer language.
  • The number of people visiting the DPM–Cambodia Facebook page
  • Cambodia website traffic has been increasing. Pray that this trend continues and also for many people to visit the website and be encouraged and inspired by all the free material available.

Testimony - Cambodia

“During the Covid-19 outbreak in Cambodia, I faced a lot of financial problems as my area was under lockdown and I spent all the money I saved. I was so excited when I heard that God would bless us through Derek Prince Ministries. Your support is a great blessing to us. I thank you for this great blessing to other pastors and me; this is a miracle, and this is the reply of God to my prayers. I thank you for the words of God in the DPM books you gave me. I like the book God’s Medicine Bottle and the book How to Pass from Curse to Blessing; it touches my heart. Thank you for feeding me with the living words of God.”—Pastor Chheng Nan, Taches Hope Church

November 23 - Sri Lanka

  • Pray for God’s protection over our representative Bishop Prince and his family.  Thousands of new Covid-19 cases are reported each day.
  • Pray for Bishop Prince to receive permission from the Public Health Inspector to visit villages in order to hand out Bibles, Derek’s books and humanitarian relief packs.  
  • Pray for an open door for Bishop Prince to hold a church conference for up to 50 people, in conjunction with humanitarian work.

November 24 - India

  • Each week, Director Elsie gives biblical teaching in Tamil via Facebook and YouTube, using much of Derek’s material. This teaching reaches a worldwide audience. She also teaches on TV programmes on 16 channels in India and Europe that cover south-east Asia, the Middle East and Europe. During these broadcasts, she advertises the DPM–Tamil website and YouTube channel, the DPM–India Facebook page, and proclamation cards. Pray that many people will visit these sites and avail themselves of the large amount of free Derek Prince teaching available.
  • Pray for God’s anointing on those translating the proclamation cards into Tamil and that these, along with the Teaching Letters, will be used by many Tamil-speaking people across the globe.

November 25 - Malawi

  • Pray for Geoffrey (DPM–Kenya) who wants to travel to Malawi to meet with his DPM WhatsApp students and take them copies of Life-Changing Spiritual Power (a compilation of various titles). We have a possible translator. So pray that this project will be accepted so that printing of this book is completed and printed next year.

November 26 - Angola

  • Pray for the successful printing of the Self-Study Bible Course and proclamation cards that we are planning to do in Portuguese for Angola.
  • Pray for the safe distribution of this material.

November 27 - French-Speaking Africa

  • Pray for wisdom in the distribution of Derek’s books in French-speaking Africa and that they will reach those who really need them and will use them well.

November 28 - South Africa

  • Pray for more awareness of our social media, Facebook, YouTube, and mobile app where Derek’s teaching can be accessed, so that many more people will use this media and hear it.
  • As the Covid restrictions are being eased, pray that there will be more freedom for ministries to do outreach across Africa.

Outreach Report – South Africa

  • Derek’s teachings are being broadcast on NileSat, Intelsat, Eutelsat, and Yamalsat, with over 80 million viewers (69 percent of households in the Sub-Sahara on the FTA network). Another Christian TV station in Johannesburg requested Derek’s DVDs to broadcast.  
  • We were able to print and reprint approximately 80 titles (30-50 copies each) of Derek’s books this past year.
  • Despite restrictions due to Covid-19, Pastor Stemmet has been able to reach over 50 towns across all of Cape Province in the past 18 months. He ministered to people who do not have a local pastor and gave them Derek’s teaching in Afrikaans. Follow-up is being done via WhatsApp and repeat visits.

November 29 - Canada

  • Pray for Director Bob Yeo and the DPM board to make the right contacts for future distribution and use of Derek’s teaching material.

November 30 - Peru/Hispanic Outreach

  • Pray for the successful completion of the work on Derek’s radio messages in the Quechua Cuzco language of Peru and the ongoing translation work in the Quechua Ayacucho language.

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