Prayer Guide
Join us in prayer throughout the month of October, as we continue to seek God and give thanks for all that He has done.

October 1 - International

  • God has been faithful to guide and provide for ongoing projects around the world. Pray for His continued favour and provision for each office to accomplish all His purposes for them and the people they are working to reach and serve.

October 2 - China

  • This month Chinese President Xi Jinping will be installed for his third five-year term. (A third term was not previously permitted.) Due to the sensitivity there will be clampdowns and restrictions on churches and Christians during that period. Pray for protection and wisdom for the DPM team as they continue their work.

October 3 - Myanmar

  • Considering the ongoing political tensions and civil unrest since the February 2021 coup by the military, pray for God’s protection, provision, and wisdom for our DPM team as they continue to reach out with Derek’s teaching in any way they can.

October 4 - Australia

  • Peter and Katie, our potential Indigenous Outreach workers, have been visiting various communities in the Northern Territory. There may be opportunities to go to other remote areas. Pray for the Lord’s guidance and favour in the places of greatest need.
  • Pray for Director Alex Genovese and his team to make new contacts to help widen the outreach of DPM across the nation, and for funding for every office and project need.

October 5 - Solomon Islands

  • Pastor Nacanieli Seru and his family are resettling in the Solomon Islands after two and a half years in Fiji. Pastor Seru will work with several ministries, including DPM, where he will help equip pastors and Christian leaders. Pray for God’s wisdom and anointing for him in this new role.

October 6 - Cambodia

  • We have over 50 Khmer-language titles available, either in print form or as free downloads from the DPM–Cambodia website (www.dpmcambodia.org). Pray that these and other free resources will help strengthen the faith of Cambodian believers.

October 7 - Philippines

  • Pray for God’s guidance for John Cochrane, our New Zealand-based Philippines Director, and for his healing for some health challenges.
  • Pray for our distributor, Johnny Sy, in Manila, as he looks for new opportunities to broadcast, translate and distribute Derek’s teaching.

October 8 - South Korea

  • Continue to pray for wisdom and clarity for our two new translators who are working on several books free of charge!
  • Pray also for Pastor Whang as he does translation work on several books.

October 9 - France

  • We have released Pulling Down Strongholds with a French voice-over. Pray that many people will hear and apply this important message!
  • Pray for Caroline to have wisdom and insight for her website and social media work, and responses to those who send comments and questions.

October 10 - Switzerland

  • Pray for Director Ruedi to make new contacts in this area to help produce and distribute Derek’s material.  
  • Pray for finances for any current or planned projects.

October 11 - Portuguse

  • Pray for current Portuguese translation work to be completed successfully and for the funds and workers needed for future projects.

October 12 - Poland

  • Pray that many Ukrainian refugees coming into Poland will not only find shelter but also new spiritual life, peace, and healing in Jesus through Derek’s Bible teaching.

October 13 - United Kingdom

  • Pray for the chaplains and inmates who are participating in our Inside Outreach prison programme to be blessed by Derek’s resources and for the prisoners to find true freedom and life in Christ.

October 14 - Finland

  • Pray for protection and wisdom for our Finnish translators in Helsinki.
  • Pray for the Lord to add key people who are needed to join the team.

October 15 - Croatia

  • Pray that God will open the hearts of young people to the Gospel and for Derek’s teaching to help them grow in their walk of faith.

October 16 - Bulgaria

  • Pray for God’s wisdom and guidance for ways to expand our new Derek Prince YouTube channel project.

October 17 - Norway

  • Pray for a new Norwegian translator to join our team.
  • Pray for an extended network of pastors and evangelists in Norway that will enable the expansion of Derek’s teaching.

October 18 - Sweden

  • Pray for key persons to join our team to start an outreach office to extend Derek’s teaching in this nation.
  • Pray for XP Media, our main distributor of Derek’s books in Sweden, to find new ways of distribution.

October 19 - Albania

  • Our team went into 12 cities in Albania (spending a month there and in Macedonia) holding tent meetings and street evangelism and giving away Derek’s material. Pray for those who received it to be impacted and begin a strong walk with the Lord.

October 20 - Zimbabwe

  • Pray for the safe shipment of books that will go from South Africa to DPM in Zimbabwe to arrive safely and for Sheila as she oversees the distribution. Books are being translated into two languages of Zimbabwe.

Praise Reports - Zimbabwe

  • A large consignment of books is to be shipped to DPM in Zimbabwe, mainly for free distribution to ministries. Courier fees from Cape Town, South Africa to Pretoria have been paid for by the Christian printing company! A courier service will then take the books from Pretoria on to Zimbabwe.

October 21 - French-Speaking Africa

  • Continue to pray for the DPM–France team to find the best ways to distribute Derek’s books across French-speaking Africa.
  • Pray for God to bring new contacts in this area who can help with this work and expand it to reach more people with Derek’s French teaching.

October 22 - Madagascar

  • Pray for Dries and his team as they continue to reach villagers and establish home groups along the coast. Dries and Valerie have translated and printed many of Derek’s books and dubbed nine of them onto CD for radio broadcasting. They have worked faithfully here for 27 years and have many testimonies of salvation, baptisms, and healings.

Praise Reports - Madagascar

Dries uses a catamaran to reach villages up and down the coast and inland, taking 10 other workers with him to minister. He had to raise R250,000 in two weeks because of a new tax law about boats that are built outside the country. The Lord miraculously provided! Otherwise, he would not be able to continue to use the boat, a strategic need for his ministry.

October 23 - East Africa

  • Continue to pray for Geoffrey and Pauline, based in Kenya, as they continue to work on translation projects and oversee the distribution of Derek’s teaching across Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, and Congo.

October 24 - United States/Hispanic Outreach

  • Pray for greater awareness of Derek’s Spanish material that is available through our social media platforms so it can reach more people in the Latino community.
  • Pray for the successful development of new digital projects.

October 25 - Brazil

  • We are working on the translation and graphics of What's So Important About the Cross and The Power of Proclamation. Pray that the Lord will open doors for distribution of these new titles in Brazil.

October 26 - Egypt

  • Praise God for the successful completion of the work on the radio series, 12 Steps to a Good Year, which the team put together in the form of a dialogue. Please pray for the recording of this series.

October 27 - Israel

  • Pray for guidance for the team in Israel as they continue to produce Derek’s Hebrew, Arabic and Russian material for local distribution.
  • Pray for more awareness of Derek’s teaching through their social media platforms, which can also reach people outside the country who speak these languages.

October 28 - Syria

  • Thank God for the first steps in translating Derek’s material into the Kurmanji language. Kurmanji is spoken by millions of Kurds in Syria, Turkey, Iraq and Iran. The booklet, Complete Salvation, has been summarised and a Lebanese brother is helping to translate and record it. Pray for the Lord to remove every obstacle as the team works on Kurmanji projects.
  • The daily devotionals have been posted on Facebook (audio and text) since January. Comments show what a positive impact they have had. Pray for these short messages to meet the needs of many more people.

October 29 - Ukraine

  • We have prepared the book, Be Perfect, that is ready for printing. Pray that its message will touch people’s hearts.
  • Pray for additional Ukrainian translations of books and audios to minister to the people in this region.

October 30 - Sri Lanka

  • The current economic challenges seem, in a way, to have made people forget the religious and ethnic differences for the time being. Pray that they will be more receptive to the Gospel and to Derek’s teaching.

October 31 - India

  • In the state of Tamil Nadu, where Directors Elsie and Danny are based, the party in power tries to disrupt the peace and progress being enjoyed resulting from a good, God-given local government. Pray that God will give them and local pastors courage and wisdom to handle the adversities they face.

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