Prayer Guide
Join us in prayer throughout the month of October, as we continue to seek God and give thanks for all that He has done.

October 1 - International

  • Our Digital Team needs God's wisdom in discerning the technologies to use. Pray that they will make the best use of online tools to expand our online outreaches to reach even more believers and seekers.
  • Many DPM staff and outreach workers will be attending international DPM meetings in New Zealand from 3 to 9 October. Pray for safe travel, productive meetings and the strengthening of relationships.

October 2 - Australia/Papua New Guinea

  • A DPM supporter who works for Mission Aviation Fellowship Australia has good connections with those in prison ministry in Australia and outreach workers in Papua New Guinea. Pray for a good response as he tells them about Derek’s material and shares some of it with them.
  • Believers from across the South Pacific will gather in Perth from 3rd to 6th October to pray for our nations and a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit. DPM–Australia was asked to take part and provide 3,000 copies of Prayers and Proclamations for attendees. Our Indigenous ministry workers, Peter and Katie Dunstan, will represent DPM and the First Nation people. Pray for Derek’s material to be a tool that will help bring  change to this large region.

October 3 - Philippines

  • Pray for Director, John Cochrane, and his wife, Nilda, for divine connections to the right person to help coordinate DPM’s ministry here. Also pray for God’s anointing upon them as they meet with pastors and leaders and minister to them.
  • Pray for John as he meets with our book distributors in Manila; the staff of the TV and radio stations who air Derek’s programs; and two DPM representatives who will organize the promotion of DPM’s work and distribution of resources.

October 4 - Samoa

  • Derek’s book Fatherhood has been translated into Samoan and is being distributed in the men’s prison. Pray for the inmates who are fathers to fully understand and live out their role the way God intended.

October 5 - Vietnam

  • Over 800 of Derek’s Vietnamese-language books (19 titles) were sent to a book festival for attendees to purchase. Each person was also given three free proclamation cards. Pray that these resources will bless them and that many will visit our website to obtain more of the free teaching materials.

Outreach Reports

  • DPM Coordinator Pastor 'D' visited two tribes in Vietnam and distributed Derek’s books to their leaders. Bible students from seven tribes were also given several books that they use as their textbooks. Many lives have been changed. One student, who was addicted to gaming for four years, was set free by the power of God.
  • A second pastors’ seminar was held by Pastor 'D' for 60 pastors and home group leaders. The theme was Pastoral Ministry and Family and included segments on leading groups and discipling new believers using the Self-Study Bible Course. About 15 leaders received the baptism of the Holy Spirit with speaking in tongues. A few others received healing. One pastor said: "Thank you for praying and humbly teaching us precious lessons on families and discipleship. We desperately needed this for discipling new believers. Many of us did not know how and did not have the tools to help them."
  • DPM Coordinator Pastor 'A' and her team held a seminar in Di Linh district for 80 people. The teaching was from Through Repentance to Faith, Extravagant Love and Father God, and copies were given to everyone. They were greatly blessed by the teaching and testimonies.

October 6 - China

  • Our team has made real progress on new daily bilingual videos, which have received very positive feedback. Several house church leaders thanked us for our secure channel to watch Derek’s videos and for downloading his free Chinese e-books.
  • Pray for smooth arrangements for our China worker inside the country to visit local contacts who are receiving DPM materials. This personal connection will help us know what teaching they specifically want.

October 7 - Laos

  • Pray for more contacts who would want to help us expand our work.
  • Pray that all barriers preventing us from getting Derek’s Bible teaching out in this nation would be removed.

October 8 - Hungary

  • A few months ago, we lost a precious colleague, Zsolt, who led DPM’s ministry in Hungary. In the coming months, Erika, his wife, will begin to lead. Pray for her and the team so the work will go on to flourish.
  • Pray that God will send new co-workers who will help us with our growing responsibilities.

October 9 - Switzerland

  • Pray for God’s direction in expanding the ministry in this region and for the right people to partner with us to promote and distribute Derek’s teaching material.

October 10 - Croatia

  • Our team has been working on subtitles for 70 of Derek’s video messages. Pray that this teaching on YouTube will strengthen Croatian believers in their faith and equip them for ministry.
  • Pray that Derek’s book, Rediscovering God's Church, will be a revelation for church leaders across all denominations to understand their roles and responsibilities.

October 11 - France

  • We continue to put new French video teachings online and are seeing many thousands of views, sometimes within one or two days! This has become a major outreach tool, and we are grateful. Pray for many more people to watch, understand, and apply the teaching.
  • Pray for a better response to our prison ministry efforts. We desire better relationships with the prisons and chaplains so that more inmates can be reached with Derek’s teaching.
  • Pray for God’s anointing for Caroline who does our Social Media work and for Frédéric, the 'voice' of Derek Prince in French. He lives in Réunion, an island off the east coast of Africa that is part of France.

October 12 - Sweden/Finland

  • Pray for wisdom in our outreach plans for Sweden and Finland and for more contacts in these nations to help spread Derek’s teaching.
  • Pray for the Lord to connect us with the right Finnish translator to help produce more of Derek’s teaching in Finnish.

October 13 - Netherlands

  • Pray for the completion of the English online course on 'Spiritual Warfare' so that it is ready in November and for many students to enroll.
  • Faith comes from hearing God’s Word. But more than 1.5 billion people worldwide are affected by hearing loss. Pray for our Septuagint Project, which aims to subtitle 70 of Derek’s sermons in 70 languages. These subtitles are vital for the deaf to be able to 'hear' the Word of God.

October 14 - Serbia

  • Our editorial team is working on several book projects. Pray for God’s wisdom and that they will complete them on time.
  • Pray for more open doors in Serbia’s evangelical and orthodox churches.

October 15 - Poland

  • Pray for the Polish team to have open doors in spreading Derek’s Bible teaching in every Christian denomination in this nation.
  • Pray for our new release, Christ’s Last Order, to give birth to a new wave of evangelism here and for believers to be inspired to preach the gospel.
  • Pray for our book printing and social media projects to be fruitful channels for reaching more young people.
  • In a few months Poland will have parliamentary elections. Pray that God will appoint God-fearing people and that the government will not hinder the sharing of the gospel or distribution of Bible teaching.

October 16 - Romania

  • We have a good partnership with the Christian television station, Alpha Omega TV, which broadcasts Derek's teachings with a potential audience of 12 million. The channel is free on TV, the Internet, and mobile devices. Pray for God’s provision to be able to provide more of Derek’s teachings.
  • Pray that our recently published book, Pride versus Humility, will bring more awareness to believers of the importance of humility in their lives.
  • Pray that Derek’s teaching on judging prophecy will help Romanian Christians learn to safely navigate the realm of prophetic utterances.

October 17 - East Africa

  • Pray for Geoffrey and Pauline as they work to strengthen and expand our outreach in this region through the translation, production and distribution of Derek’s material and pray too for the funds needed.
  • Pray also for connections with new contacts to work alongside them to further spread Derek’s teaching.

October 18 - Malawi

  • The Chichewa language version of Life-Changing Spiritual Power has been printed and is being distributed in Malawi to ministries, churches, and prisons. Pray for it to have a huge impact on all those who study it.

October 19 - South Africa/Zambia

  • Our outreach team made another trip to minister to and train pastors in South Africa and western Zambia. They left copies of the Self-Study Bible Course for the leaders to use and share. Pray for the Lord to use this teaching to build a solid spiritual foundation in all those who study it.

October 20 - South Africa

  • DPM–South Africa Director, Isabel Surgeon, did radio interviews with two Christian radio stations in Pretoria, conveying the impact that DPM is having in the lives of many people in Africa and worldwide. Pray that her words will bring greater awareness of Derek’s teaching to the listeners.

October 21 - United States

  • Pray for a greater response from the chaplains that we are attempting to contact to tell them about our prison ministry.
  • Pray for the inmates who receive a free book each month upon request to be forever changed by the teaching and to continue to grow in their faith during their incarceration and after their release.

Prison Testimonies - United States

"On behalf of the Chaplain Services of the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO), I want to thank you for the resources that were donated by DPM this year. Through the materials, we were able to assist those who have expressed a desire to learn and grow in their faith. One of the greatest gifts we can give is God’s Word, and your contribution made this possible.

Please also know how important your donations have been during these challenging times. We have had limited resources since Covid began, and the residents’ main leisure activity has been to read. Again, thank you for your efforts to impact the prison population of this county’s Detention Center Central. You are such an encouragement to them as well as our staff and have greatly assisted us in demonstrating the Spirit of God’s love. I pray that God will bless your staff as well as your donors for making this possible."

– Torya Allen, Chaplain Services Administrative Asst., MCSO, North Carolina

"I have benefited spiritually through the book you sent me here in prison. I recently felt I should tithe to DPM. It will be in the form of stamps. My first contribution is 10 stamps. I know it’s not much, but I am so blessed to receive your material. Please keep me in your prayers." – Michael, CA

October 22 - United States/Hispanic Outreach

  • Pray for the provision needed to supply more of Derek’s Spanish books to those who most need them.
  • Pray for the continued growth of our Hispanic Outreach in the US, including the development of our new Spanish website and online store.

October 23 - Canada

  • Pray for God’s wisdom and direction for the DPM–Canada board regarding the growth of the ministry in Canada.
  • Pray for the right partners to help make that happen through their support and desire to help distribute Derek’s teaching.

October 24 - Israel

  • Pray for greater awareness of our online platforms where Derek’s teaching is available. Also pray for our team as they serve Hebrew, Arabic, and Russian-speaking people in this land and beyond.

October 25 - Syria

  • Many young people are leaving Syria because they cannot see any future in their country. Pray for church leaders and our outreach workers to be able to give hope to the younger generation.

October 26 - Egypt/North Africa

  • The translation of Complete Salvation into the Sorani language has been completed. Pray that this new book will be a light for all Sorani speakers.
  • By partnering with YouVersion, we created Arabic weekly reading plans from Derek’s Daily Devotions. Pray for these to reach and impact many.
  • We are translating two new books into Arabic: Will You Intercede? and God's Heart for Orphans, Widows, the Poor and Oppressed. Pray for successful completion from translation to printing.

October 27 - Jordan

  • Some DPM workers visited Jordan over the summer, where they met some pastors and were able to load 500 SD cards with Derek’s Arabic materials for their use. Pray for this teaching to reach and impact many.

October 28 - Estonia

  • In August, our workers from Estonia promoted Derek’s books at a big conference in Latvia attended by up to 400 European pastors. In September, they held some tent evangelism in Bulgaria. Pray that those who received Derek’s books would be greatly encouraged and have a deeper understanding of the Bible and a closer walk with God.

October 29 - Armenia

  • Continue to pray for more volunteers and translators for the projects planned so that we can continue to expand and reach more people.

October 30 - Ukraine

  • We thank God for being able to give away tens of thousands of evangelistic tracts and proclamation cards and distribute books due to the many orders we receive. We had to reprint the Self-Study Bible Course to keep up with the demand. Pray for Derek’s teaching to help bring spiritual restoration here, enabling the people to bless others.

October 31 - Azerbaijan

  • Derek’s book, Thanksgiving, Praise and Worship, is being prepared for publication. Pray that it will encourage and strengthen all who read it.
  • Pray that more of Derek’s books can be translated into Azeri and for the funds to make it possible.

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Last Updated: Aug 29, 2023
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