Prayer Guide
Join us in prayer throughout the month of September, as we continue to seek God and give thanks for all that He has done.

September 1 - International

  • The worldwide staff and outreach workers serve DPM diligently and faithfully in the midst of various hardships and opposition. Pray that God would protect them from spiritual and physical attacks and provide for all their personal and ministry needs.

September 2 - Netherlands

  • On September 9, we will be sending out Derek’s Teaching Letter, The Importance of Jerusalem, and a related proclamation card. Pray for the Lord to draw many more people to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and our Messiah’s return to Zion.

September 3 - Eastern Europe

  • Outreach Director Branislav gives oversight to the offices and work in this region and travels regularly to visit and encourage the staff. Pray for his protection and for God’s wisdom and insight in all that he does.

September 4 - Italy

  • Translation work is in progress on subtitles in Italian for our YouTube channel. Continue to pray for clarity from the Lord about opening a DPM office in Italy to reach this country with Derek’s teaching.

September 5 - Romania

  • Pray that God will give us wisdom and guidance in designing packages of Derek’s teaching on various topics. This will be used specifically for pastoral care and for equipping believers.

September 6 - Germany

  • Pray that God would continue to inspire our team with innovative ideas to increasingly reach the German-speaking community and provide the means to follow up with them.
  • We are working more on transitioning to digital communication and product distribution. Pray for us to have God’s wisdom and guidance.

September 7 - United Kingdom

  • Pray for our Foundations Study Guide series to be used successfully by small groups and discipleship classes, whether meeting online or in person.
  • Pray for the development of new online courses to go smoothly and for our course coordinator who responds to enquiries from people around the world.

September 8 - France

  • We have just released the book, The Beast or The Lamb. Pray for good sales and, most importantly, that God’s people will be profoundly impacted by this important message.
  • Pray for Frédéric as he dubs the video teaching, Husbands and Fathers, and that it will reach many French-speaking people.
  • Pray for Thierry, the voice for our audiobooks. We have just released our first two, Agreeing with God and Hearing God’s Voice. Pray that many people will download these teachings and be blessed.

September 9 - Slovakia

  • Pray for needed volunteers to help with translating and proofreading of subtitles of Derek’s audio-visual teaching materials.

September 10 - Macedonia

  • Our Outreach team recently visited two cities in Macedonia, where they held street and tent evangelism and shared Derek’s material. They gained friendships with church leaders who were eager to have them return. Pray that Derek’s teaching will have a great impact on all those who received it.

September 11 - Australia

  • Our potential Indigenous Outreach partners, Peter and Katie, are traveling to the remote Northern Territory to visit Elcho Island this month. Their contact there, Uncle Maratja, is very happy to receive DPM resources for the Indigenous community. (He was a part of the 1979 Elcho Island revival where the Aboriginal people took the fire of God across northern and western Australia. Expressions of that revival continued until the early 1990s.) Pray for God’s blessing and favour on this special outreach.

September 12 - Cambodia

  • Two pastors’ seminars will be held, one on September 15 and another in the middle of October in south-west Cambodia. Pray for God’s protection as Huy and the DPM team travel and for God’s anointing as they share the Word of God through Derek’s teaching (Complete Salvation, Applying the Blood, By Grace Alone and The Grace of Yielding).

Outreach Report

  • Director Huy and his team made a second trip to a north-east province to hold a pastors’ seminar. The main teaching was from By Grace Alone. Discussion groups gave the pastors more revelation, and even the DPM team saw anew what Jesus did on the cross.  
  • Another pastors’ seminar was also held in a north-west province where the number of church leaders attending exceeded their expectations. Topics included Father God, Applying the Blood and By Grace Alone, and they all received books. Everyone was very blessed, loved to learn and fellowship, and didn’t want it to end!

September 13 - Thailand

  • Our Thai coordinators (from New Zealand) are in Thailand this month and in October to meet with contacts and to publicise DPM and available Thai material. Pray for the Lord to lead them to the right person who would want to assume leadership of the work of DPM in this area in the future.
  • Pray for them to know what material is most relevant to believers here and the formats, including social media, that will work best.

September 14 - China

  • We are responding to a specific request for 2000 copies of the USBs loaded with Derek’s teaching in Chinese. Pray that this request and others like it for books and USBs will be protected and blessed by the Lord in the difficult areas of production and distribution.


The China IT team continues to have the Lord’s protection over the WeChat platform and the websites for mainland China. Praise God. Here are some of the responses we received:

  • “I am using Derek Prince WeChat posts to share the Gospel in my hospital. Many patients like them and want to believe in the Lord. Hallelujah.” (a hospital nurse)
  • “I downloaded every WeChat post of yours and share them with my church members and friends. We really get great help from them.”

September 15 - Nepal

  • Pray for God’s continued protection and wisdom for Director Gopaljee, his wife Ganga, and their book distributors as they continue to translate, print, and distribute thousands of Derek’s books throughout this nation.

September 16 - Vietnam

  • DPM coordinators, Pastor 'D' in the city of Da Nang and Pastor 'A' in Ho Chi Minh City, along with their co-workers, deal with religious restrictions. Pastor 'D' wants to hold church services legally and use Derek’s teaching. Pray for their protection, favour with the local government, and freedom to preach the Gospel.

Outreach Reports

  • Pastor 'D' visited a tribal group and taught 25 church leaders and others on The Power of the Sacrifice and the Self-Study Bible Course. He also baptised six new believers and distributed Derek’s books.
  • Pastor 'A' and her team distributed 50 food packs and the book Extravagant Love to construction workers. Pray that this book and the love shown to them will draw many to salvation.


“The 'Self-Study Bible Course' has been a great blessing for me and my church. This is a wonderful tool for discipleship. We use it to teach in our home groups and for training new believers, and I have come to know the truth of the Bible. Other books by Derek Prince also helped me a lot. Thank you for supporting my ministry; it helps me to go out more often to reach more people for Jesus.”

September 17 - Laos

Our Laos coordinators (from New Zealand) are visiting the very 'closed' nation of Laos in September/October to meet with their contacts and share Derek’s teaching in churches and home groups. They will also publicise the new Lao booklets and proclamation cards and the new Lao-language website.

  • Pray for a clear understanding of the needs of the people and churches so the Lord can use them more strategically.
  • Pray for unhindered travel around Laos, given there is a petrol shortage.  
  • Pray for many people to visit the new Lao webpage ( and find many free resources.

September 18 - Japan

  • Continue to pray for wisdom for 'Yvonne' as she translates Derek’s teaching into Japanese.
  • Pray for more people to visit our Japanese Facebook page and website and for believers to grow in their faith from the material found there.

September 19 - Egypt

  • The team has now completed the translation (dubbing and editing) of two of Derek’s videos into Arabic: And Then the End Shall Come and Orphans, Widows, the Poor and Oppressed. Pray that the Lord will use this teaching to encourage and minister to those who see it.

September 20 - Egypt/North Africa

  • The team in Egypt is translating the videos War in the Heavens and War on Earth into the Kabyle language (spoken in North Africa, Algeria and Morocco) and also the books, God's Will for Your Life and Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose. Pray for them as they record them as audio teachings.

September 21 - Russia

  • We continue to produce Russian material for both Russia (and Ukraine) and have prepared almost half of the audios and videos (for YouTube) of the daily proclamations from Declaring God’s Word to be ready for 2023. Please pray for those involved.

September 22 - Belarus

  • Pray for God’s guidance in printing new books and for the funds needed.
  • Pray for all projects in the coming months to be successfully completed.


“I’ve been learning in DPM’s Bible Correspondence School for a year. I look forward to a new term, new assignments and lectures. I organise my calendar and prepare myself and open my heart for revelation. And, of course, I pray before I start to study and ask for God’s guidance. Sometimes I am disturbed because of work, household chores and many other things. But I feel supported and inspired and have a desire to pray through it. The more I seek God and immerse myself in His Word, the tighter our relationship gets. Even when I’m just reading my own notes, I’m filled with joy and longing to fully commit myself to God. I thank God for DPM and all the things you’re doing, your hard work and diligence. God’s Word becomes a firm rock, shield and guard for me more and more. May God bless you.”

September 23 - Ukraine

  • Many soldiers and others in the war zone are turning to God. Pray that local churches, volunteers, and chaplains will be ready for this challenge. We have distributed thousands of The Divine Exchange booklets and proclamation cards. We plan to print additional Russian and Ukrainian evangelistic cards with a short explanation of the Gospel and a prayer. These are especially useful for soldiers and people on the move. Pray for every person who gets Derek’s material to come to salvation or be encouraged in their faith.

September 24 - Sri Lanka

  • Sri Lanka is going through its worst economic crisis in more than 70 years. Pray for God’s wisdom and provision for our representative, Bishop Prince, at this challenging time as he continues to reach out to churches, believers, and the needy and distributes Derek’s material.

Outreach Report

  • Praise God for His protection and provision for Coordinator Bishop Prince, DPM–New Zealand Trustee, Alan, and his wife Lynda, and India Directors Elsie and Danny as they travelled through the country recently for two weeks. Elsie advises, “We faced several challenges, but the word God put in our hearts was that our visit was for a breakthrough, and we literally saw miracle after miracle—from our journey in Trichy (India) to Colombo (Sri Lanka), within Sri Lanka where diesel is rationed, and then our trip back into India. Not only that, but we were able to take 126 audio Bibles in Tamil to uneducated believers in Mangani village (India) where many people received them with tears. Derek’s teaching has brought a huge change to this nation, which we witnessed with our own eyes.”

September 25 - India

  • Many village pastors that Directors Elsie and Danny work with face great difficulties and opposition due to anti-social elements and religious extremists who try to hinder their work. Pray that Elsie and Danny can continue to minister effectively in this area and share Derek’s teaching.


We recently received a testimony from a lady in her late 30s. She had been married many years and had trouble conceiving. However, one of her friends who was in ministry identified a curse on her life and sent her Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose. After reading the book and following Derek's prayer to be set free, she conceived and gave birth to a healthy baby boy!

September 26 - East Africa/Africa

  • We thank God for the success of the first African Summit held in August. This was the first gathering of its kind, drawing DPM leaders from nations across Africa. Pray for God's wisdom as we work together to establish the Kingdom and make Derek's teaching more available.

September 27 - South Africa

  • Pray for the final editing of the Afrikaans Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose and the Xhosa and Tswana Life-Changing Spiritual Power books, and for successful printing.
  • Pray for the editing on Prayers and Proclamations in Northern Sotho/Pedi and Afrikaans and for the translation of Appointment in Jerusalem into Zulu.
  • Pray for more radio stations to broadcast Derek’s teaching. We get a very good response from listeners across the country.
  • Pray that we will somehow not get behind in our work and projects as we deal with regular power outages, sometimes three times a day for several hours at a time. We are looking at new equipment for our computers/server or a solar system.


A single mother contacted us wanting to make a monthly donation, even though she wasn't earning a large salary. She wrote, “I grew up in a Christian home. However, I believed the lie that I could find happiness on my own, that I didn’t need God. I lived this lie for 53 years of my life. On 14 January 2021, my heart was completely gripped by the grace of God. And at that moment, I knew I would never be the same again. My hunger for the Word of God became very evident. We were in the middle of the Covid pandemic, and all churches were closed. So, I started searching for good sermons online and found some, but none fed my soul to satisfaction. I had an overwhelming desire to start helping in my community and to search for a church family. Seven months ago, I found such a church family. And there I was introduced to Derek Prince Ministries’ teaching at the cell group meeting. What I noticed immediately about Derek’s teaching is that it provided practical solutions to many of the issues and questions that were raging through my mind. I downloaded the Derek Prince Ministries app on my phone that night and have not stopped listening to his devotionals and radio broadcasts. Having worked through Derek Prince’s Atonement sermons I have now realised the full impact of what Jesus did for us. I have lived in the dark for so long, but now I can see God’s light starting to shine in my life!”

Praise Reports - Southern Africa

  • 1000 copies of Why Israel? books were printed and distributed at meetings where Israeli, Amir Tsarfati, spoke in his travels across South Africa.
  • After a long battle, Life-Changing Spiritual Power is nearing completion of translation and editing in Tswana and Xhosa, along with Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose in Afrikaans.

September 28 - United States/Hispanic

  • Pray for our Hispanic Outreach team, including new staff member, Cesar, to have fresh vision and know God’s plans for reaching more Spanish-speaking people locally, across the nation, and throughout Latin America.
  • Pray for more contacts to be made through our Spanish website, mobile App and other social media platforms.

September 29 - United States

  • Pray for continued provision for our prison outreach that provides a free book to inmates monthly. We currently send out about 600 books each month. Pray for Derek’s teaching to continue to change their lives as evidenced in the testimonies we receive.

September 30 - Canada

  • Pray for the Lord’s direction and provision for the ongoing work in and through our Canada office and for new contacts to partner with us in distributing Derek’s material.

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