Prayer Guide
Join us in prayer throughout the month of September, as we continue to seek God and give thanks for all that He has done.

September 1 - International

  • Our Digital Team is supporting the development of DPM websites in multiple languages. Pray for wisdom as they go forward.

Testimony - Digital Outreach

  • In June, our YouTube channel reached 100 million views! Considering that 3.7 million videos are being uploaded by our YouTube audience daily, we can only be thankful to God for His favor and for every visitor to our channel.

September 2 - India

  • Derek’s English programs are broadcast free of charge on New Hope TV in Bangalore, reaching the entire state of Karnataka with 1.5 million homes. Pray for many viewers and that they will be blessed and encouraged in their faith by Derek’s teaching.
  • Pray for God’s anointing and protection upon the translators as they work on Derek’s radio programs in Tamil to prepare them for voicing. Pray for this to go smoothly so the broadcasts can begin in January 2024.

Outreach Report – India

India Directors, Elsie and Danny, recently held three seminars in southwest India. Elsie said: "The hearts of the pastors were as fertile as the lands. They eagerly received the Word. Many, many were set free from the bondages of sickness, fear, and shame. Some meetings extended well beyond lunchtime, but none of them wanted to leave, as Derek’s teaching on The Divine Exchange opened the eyes of their minds and brought a transformation as they listened. As we had opened the meetings to pastors’ wives as well, for the first time in their lives a few of them had the opportunity to attend a seminar of this kind and they were hugely blessed. God has also opened a door to the impenetrable state of Arunachal Pradesh (NE India), through these meetings. All glory be to Him!"

Testimony – India

"I was sick and felt unable to attend the pastors’ seminar. I believe it was a demonic hindrance. But at 10 a.m. I suddenly got up and decided I would go. I came, and the Lord ministered to me through every aspect of The Divine Exchange which Elsie taught on. I have suffered deep wounds from the shame that has been inflicted on me. These are things I cannot speak about or share openly. But today the Lord ministered to me through the truth – Jesus bore my shame that I might share His glory. It comforted me so much and broke off that huge burden I was carrying. Thank you for coming all the way to Bidar and bringing us this teaching." – A pastor's wife

September 3 - Australia

  • We are finalizing plans for two Israel conferences this month, when Derek’s teaching on Israel will be made available:
    - LoveIsrael Conference (9 September, Sydney, NSW)
    - Israel and the Nations Conference (23 September, Seven Hills, NSW)
  • Pray for good health and safe travel for all speakers and that Derek’s material will impact everyone who receives it, giving them a greater love for Israel and encouraging them to pray for the nation and her people.

September 4 - Thailand

  • Pray for God’s protection and anointing upon the team in Thailand as they continue to translate Derek’s Bible teaching into the Thai language. This includes making audio recordings of the proclamation cards to upload to Facebook.

September 5 - Japan

  • Pray for God’s protection and anointing for translators, 'Yvonne' and Takara.
  • Pray that our Japanese-language website will become more widely known, reaching many with Derek’s material.

September 6 - China

  • We are seeking the Lord’s protection and blessing for our digital outreach. It is exciting to see believers in places like Shanghai and Guangzhou downloading Derek’s teaching.
  • More books need to be distributed and printers are asking for funds. Pray for this need so the church can be supplied with Derek’s teaching.

September 7 - Philippines

  • 6,000 copies of Derek’s book Birth of a Breakthrough are ready for distribution. It will be advertised nationwide on TV and radio and about 2,000 copies will be provided for a worldwide pastors’ convention in October (with 72 countries represented). Pray for thousands of lives to be impacted by this message.

September 8 - Cambodia

  • Pray for God’s wisdom and anointing upon Chhairith and Vicheat as they translate Derek’s teaching into the Khmer language.
  • Pray for protection and anointing upon Director Huy and his team as they go to Kampong Thom Province in September and Siem Reap in October to hold pastors’ seminars. Pray for the pastors to grow in God’s Word through Derek’s teaching, to apply it to their lives and to teach many others what they have learned.

September 9 - New Zealand

  • Several hundred of Derek’s books were sent to a spiritual retreat center in New Zealand. Pray for this material to be a great help.
  • Pray for God’s anointing and protection upon the two workers who voice Derek’s teaching as they continue to record several of his devotionals for Christian radio stations in New Zealand.

September 10 - Indonesia

  • Rolan is completing the translation of the Laying the Foundation series booklets and then will work on several more titles. Pray for God’s protection and anointing over him and his family.

September 11 - Slovenia

  • Pray for the Lord to send more dedicated workers to help us with translating and proofreading.
  • Pray that Derek’s teaching will help the Slovenian people discover a personal relationship with God so that spiritual awakening can come to the churches and nation.

September 12 - Slovakia

  • Slovakia will have important parliamentary elections later this month. Pray that God will appoint righteous people in positions of authority so that churches can continue to share the gospel and Derek’s teaching can continue to be spread.
  • DPM workers held various evangelistic activities during the summer. Pray that new believers will continue to grow in their love for God through the Bible teaching from Derek that was shared.

September 13 - Norway/Scandinavia

  • Pray for wisdom for the Digital Team as they work on the development of a new website for DPM Scandinavia.
  • Pray for more partners to join us in expanding the ministry’s outreach in Norway and across Scandinavia.

September 14 - Netherlands

  • We are launching a new online course in Dutch on 'How to Pass from Curse to Blessing.' Pray for it to be successful and deeply impact the students.

Testimony - Online Courses

A student of the English online Self-Study Bible Course shared how much she was enjoying it. She wrote: "This course helps me open up the Word and read it. God is deepening my understanding. Most importantly, it helps me further delve into the foundations of the way of God. I am very grateful for the teachings of Brother Prince and that the course is available."

September 15 - Germany

  • Pray for God’s continued wisdom and guidance in using new media channels (YouTube, Spotify, Smartphone App) and that we will also find other avenues to reach new people and serve current friends.
  • Pray for the Lord’s wisdom in rebuilding an Online-Course Task Force so that we can provide people who are looking for a deeper learning experience with valuable and easily accessible Bible teaching.

September 16 - United Kingdom

  • Pray for our Israel 75th Anniversary Magazine to give its readers a better understanding of, and greater zeal to pray for, Israel and her people.
  • Our new online course on 'Blessings or Curses' is being developed. Pray for the developers and for the course to bring the students a clear understanding of this topic and a desire to walk closely with God.

September 17 - France

  • Director René and Jacqueline travel to New Zealand on 23 September for DPM international meetings and return on 12 October. Pray for our small team, especially for Michaël and Catherine, to keep up with the work.
  • We are in the process of buying the office building that we have rented for over 25 years. Pray for God’s abundant provision.

September 18 - Spain

  • Pray for God’s wisdom and guidance for DPM’s development here and a home/ministry base for our workers from Estonia who are moving here.
  • Pray for good contact with local ministers and God’s favor upon our workers so they can serve the Spanish evangelical churches with Derek’s teaching.
  • Pray that we will also be able to reach the many Russian-speaking people here through our online Bible School that is being developed.

September 19 - Ukraine

  • Our new Ukrainian website will soon be launched, enabling millions of refugees and the diaspora to receive spiritual food even far from their homes. Pray for God to use this tool to bless many and for new Ukrainian materials to be produced.
  • Continue to pray for God’s protection for outreach director Vlad and his family and their co-workers in this time of war.

September 20 - Belarus

  • Pray for peace in Belarus so that we can have more opportunities to spread Derek’s teaching material.
  • The distribution of Bible teaching materials into prisons was recently forbidden by officials. Pray that the Lord would reverse this ruling so that we can meet the critical need to reach inmates with Derek’s teaching.
  • Recently, we launched a new application process for our DPM Bible School. Pray that this will be useful and encouraging for new students.

September 21 - Syria

  • Pray for our outreach workers as they seek to build friendships with the Syrian people who have many hardships from the war, earthquakes, lack of food and more. Our workers desire to tell them about Christ and give them Derek’s Bible teaching.

September 22 - Egypt/Lebanon

  • A medical outreach took place in July at a Syrian refugee camp on the Lebanon border. Outreach workers from our Egypt office also were there to minister and provide Derek’s Bible teaching. Pray that these refugees will come to know Christ and His love.

September 23 - North Africa/Persian Gulf

  • We are partnering with Vision Communications International (VCI), which will start three new radio broadcasts for North Africa, Sudan, and the Gulf. Pray for Derek’s teaching in the Sudanese dialect to impact the listeners, and for the Lord to remove any obstacles to this project.

September 24 - United States/Hispanic Outreach

  • An outreach in Cartagena, Colombia, will take place from 28 September to 1 October. Local pastor Oscar Ospino and his team, along with our Hispanic Outreach Team travelling to Colombia, will take part in an evangelism outreach for four days, alongside 10,000 church volunteers from 50 denominations. Local pastors and leaders have been using Derek’s teaching for training and equipping these workers and it will be used in follow-up with new believers. Pray for all those involved.

September 25 - South Africa/Zambia/Zimbabwe

  • Pray for the development of 13 African language websites for this region. Work is now in progress on the Afrikaans and Zulu websites. Pray for successful completion and a good response. 
  • Derek’s teaching is now in 13 African languages on DVD. Some book translations are also available, and a large selection of teaching letters will also be translated. Pray for all this material to reach and impact many.

September 26 - Zimbabwe

  • Pray for Tich Ruzane who is leading the work of DPM in Zimbabwe to have God’s wisdom for ongoing projects and the funds that are needed. This office has produced a selection of Derek’s books in Shona and Tonga and will reach many, including a largely unreached people group in the west.

September 27 - Zambia/Zimbabwe

  • Pray for Pastor Stemmet as he travels to the western part of Zimbabwe and Zambia to visit the least reached people groups. Pray for God’s protection and favor and that Derek’s teaching which he distributes will greatly impact all those who receive it. 

September 28 - French-Speaking Africa

  • A door seemed to open for outreach in French-speaking Africa but has again come to a standstill. Pray that the Lord will continue to guide us to the right contacts to work with us so that we can bless our African brothers and sisters with Derek’s French material.

September 29 - Nambia

  • Pray for more open doors to the German and Afrikaans community here.
  • We supply Derek’s material to a Christian bookshop in Windhoek and his messages are aired on Swakopmund Christian radio station. Pray for God’s blessing on these outreaches and more people to find Derek’s teaching.

September 30 - Angola

  • Portuguese translations of over 20 books are available. Continue to pray for the funding needed to print them for distribution to pastors and ministry leaders in Angola.

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Last Updated: Aug 29, 2023
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