Prayer Guide
Join us in prayer throughout the month of September, as we continue to seek God and give thanks for all that He has done.

September 1—International

  • Pray for renewed strength for DPM staff and outreach workers worldwide as they continue to press on in the face of the new virus variant that is spreading.
  • Some staff, their family members and close friends have been affected. Pray for God’s protection for all and healing for those who need it.

September 2—Jordan

  • Pray for the Lord’s guidance about traveling to Jordan to produce SD-Cards containing Derek’s teaching. Our local outreach workers can give these away to Syrian refugees at the border (Muslims or Christians).

September 3—Egypt/North Africa

  • Pray that Derek’s books that were displayed and obtained at the recent Cairo International Book Fair will touch and change many lives.
  • New doors have opened for audio books that are now recorded in the Kabyle language (Algeria): Entering the Presence of God and Praying for the Government. These will be broadcast online on Radio C’est La Vie, which reaches North Africa. Pray for many people to be reached with the teaching.

Praise Report – Egypt/North Africa

  • Several years ago, Derek’s Arabic books (41 titles) were displayed at the Cairo International Book Fair under a bookshop name, but we recently attended and officially had our own DPM display for the first time.

September 4—Turkey

  • We have distributed thousands of copies of Derek’s books here for many years, but today there is a great demand for video materials. Pray that God will open up opportunities to translate and record Derek’s video teachings and provide the right person with the right voice to record them.

September 5—Ethiopia

  • Henok, an outreach worker, is teaming up with local churches to establish libraries and training centres in several rural villages as a way of distributing Derek’s books and audio materials. Pray for this project to be successful.
  • Pray for peace in northern Ethiopia so that God’s Word can be shared safely (see 1 Tim. 2:1-4).

September 6—Syria

  • Young girls are becoming pregnant without a husband as promiscuity increases, and almost everyone is suffering from abuse and violence. Pray for the many women and children who are holding families together and for the Lord to help them and change this situation.
  • Some Christians are trusting the Lord and doing "little things" to reach out to one person at a time. Pray for them to act in His love and compassion and for ongoing training by our teams to help those suffering and in need.

September 7—Russia

  • We see an increasing hunger for Derek's books. Our partners are now working on the Bible Correspondence School, so pray that the Lord will help them to launch the school this fall.

September 8—Ukraine

  • Shaping History through Prayer and Fasting has been distributed among government leaders and heads of major Christian denominations and churches over many years. Pray for this teaching to continue to have a great impact in the nation.
  • Ukraine has had a yearly National Day of Prayer since 2018, with nearly all denominations represented. The committee head and church leader was a friend of Derek, whose teaching has been a critical part of this year’s event. Pray for unity in the churches and an end to selfish political influence.
  • The recent threats of a direct attack from Russia, along with the strain of two million refugees in the country, has brought a growing tension. Pray for Christians to understand the spiritual forces behind historical events and become channels of God's will and blessing for Ukraine.

September 9—Portugal

  • Pray for our ongoing translation work on The Roman Pilgrimage. We trust this teaching will be a help and inspiration to Portuguese-speaking believers.  
  • Pray with us for the right person to voice our Teaching Letters so we can produce audio versions for those on the move and those who are illiterate.

September 10—Eastern Europe

  • Pray for Branislav and his family as he oversees 11 countries in this part of Europe. He recently visited many outreach workers, but he still needs to go to Albania and Macedonia and also meet with a printing company director to sign the contract for printing new books. Pray for wisdom and guidance from the Holy Spirit in all decisions as well as for safety on the road and protection against coronavirus.

September 11—Norway

  • Pray for many young people to find Christ and be changed through Derek’s material.
  • Pray for prison outreaches using Derek’s material to see many come to Christ.
  • Pray for Christian politicians to be elected in the upcoming national election.

September 12—Romania

  • Pray for God’s anointing upon the translator who is working on Derek’s radio programmes in Romanian, preparing them for voicing in a professional studio. His teachings are a great blessing for the Christians in our country.

September 13—Germany

  • Pray for God’s wisdom, guidance and creativity to expand our online outreach.
  • Pray for God to send the right people with the expertise to help us in all He is calling us to do and cause us to be efficient and effective in reaching people.

Praise Report – Germany

  • In the last year, donations we received grew by over 400 percent! We praise God for this amazing provision through our donors, and we are extremely excited to pass on this blessing to support DPM’s global outreaches.

September 14—United Kingdom

  • Our new online course, Preparing for Battle, is set to begin this month. Pray for God’s protection over those involved and for many students to enrol and be impacted.
  • Our mobile app contains a wealth of teaching by Derek and daily encouragement from God’s Word. Pray for the developers to solve some technical issues so that all functionalities become available.

Testimony – United Kingdom

  • A lady named Lili wrote: “I really like Derek’s preaching and I am watching his videos daily. Every day, I am using the Proclamation Cards to overcome my depression and break curses over my life and turn them into blessings. They are so powerful and I am really changed through them. I gain confidence through these prayers. I learned to trust Jesus and depend completely on Him. Thank you so, so much, brother Derek for your obedience to God.”

September 15—France

  • We continue to post new videos with subtitles on YouTube. Pray for many people to find them and be blessed by Derek’s teaching.
  • Pray for more students for our Bible Correspondence Course, for current students to finish it, and wisdom and encouragement for Catherine who oversees it.
  • Pray for Caroline, our Social Media Manager, to have wisdom in what to post and in replying to comments.

September 16—Poland

  • After many months of lockdown due to the pandemic restrictions, many people lost their sense of security and hope for the future, and the number of suicide attempts drastically increased. Pray for Derek’s Bible teaching to be an increasing source of hope and encouragement for Christians in Poland.

September 17—Netherlands

  • Today we are launching a new online course. Preparing for Battle. Pray for its success and for all students to learn how to use the spiritual armour God has given to us.

September 18—Japan

  • Pray for God’s guidance as to how more Japanese Christians and “seekers” can be reached with Derek’s teaching.
  • Pray for wisdom and inspiration regarding how to best distribute the 17 Japanese-language Proclamation Cards now available.
  • Pray for success for the promotional work being done for our Japanese website.

September 19—Australia

  • Someone sent a beautiful prayer of thanks for Derek and how God used him. Here is an excerpt that ends with a prayer request: “Heavenly Father, thank you for the life of Derek Prince and the blessing he has been to Your people all over the world. Thank you for using him to equip Your people with supernatural power consistent with Your Word and to expand Your Kingdom. We need teaching that is not watered down with religion and church culture of no spiritual value. Please expand Derek Prince Ministries in Australia to fulfil that need so our country can be transformed into everything you want Australia to be.”

September 20—China

  • There is much pressure on young people in China to keep them from turning to Jesus. However, our Proclamation Cards for children are in demand. A sister in Hunan Province who teaches Sunday school found them online and wanted 50 sets. Pray for these cards to flood China and reach many children, sowing seeds of the Father’s love and drawing them to know and follow Him.

Praise Report – China                                                           

  • A long-time co-worker shared about a sister who received Derek’s teaching more than ten years ago. She was a student at university in Beijing and received several boxes of Derek’s books that our co-worker sent to her when she returned home. The books benefited her and her small group greatly. Recently, she found our Chinese website and downloaded other books. She was thrilled to reconnect with our co-worker on WeChat after many years and asked for more material.
  • We are so grateful for the China team that God has raised up for this time. Although there have been shutdowns by the authorities, the IT workers have managed to keep Derek’s teachings available online by using substitute servers so that people in China can still access them. Our contacts in China are also eager to be involved to help provide Derek’s teaching resources despite the pressure. Some local churches are expressing their gratitude by giving to the ministry.

September 21—Thailand

  • Pray for God’s protection, good health and wisdom for Alex and Jan in New Zealand, who oversee DPM’s work in Thailand. 
  • Pray also for the Lord to raise up a suitable person to distribute Derek’s teaching and coordinate the work there.

September 22—Cambodia

  • Several titles are being translated into Khmer, including Applying the Blood. Pray for God’s protection, wisdom and anointing for Director Huy and the two translators.

Outreach Report – Cambodia

  • Recently the DPM-Cambodia team organised Covid-19 relief work in Kampong Chhnang Province and Kampong Cham Province, with 60 and 100 pastors respectively. They delivered food supplies to support their families and DPM materials for churches to give out to their communities to help keep their congregations close to our Lord and enable them to proclaim His Word. They had a great time of fellowship, encouraging and praying for each other.
  • “My name is Pastor Theara. I would like to express my deep gratitude to DPM–Cambodia, which is providing food to those of us in need. I have five children in my family and, during the pandemic, we have had no support or income. We have been shown great love by the Lord providing us with food in this difficult time. May the Lord bless you.”
  • “I am Pastor Youn Meak from Tlork Rolaeng Hope church and I am also a farmer. In 2010, God moved in my heart to start worship at my home. We got a lot of persecution from the village chief and people around us, including my relatives. They rejected my family and my children at school. Someone destroyed my rice fields and crops because they hated my family who believe in Jesus. My family has kept trusting the Lord and, after a few years, my brother and his family accepted Jesus, and more people opened their hearts to the Gospel. During the Covid-19 outbreak, we have had challenges with finances. Some of the factories closed down, so my church members lost their jobs. We are not allowed to gather to worship the Lord together anymore. Thank you for providing us with food. Thank you for feeding us, not just physically, but also spiritually. I love the book ‘God’s Medicine Bottle’. I believe that God is working miraculously in my family.”

September 23—Sri Lanka

  • Pray for the Lord’s guidance and wisdom for DPM coordinator, Anglican Bishop Prince, as he oversees DPM’s work in Sri Lanka and seeks to help meet the needs of pastors and believers in 25 districts. 
  • With travel restrictions in place, pray that Bishop Prince will receive permission to go to the northern and eastern provinces, particularly the hill country, to hold meetings with pastors and distribute Derek’s books.

September 24—India

  • Derek’s book, Hear God’s Voice, is being translated into Hindi and Tamil. Pray for God’s protection and anointing for the translators and an accurate and speedy translation.
  • Pray for God’s protection and wisdom for Directors Elsie and Danny, their family and staff, given the huge rise in Covid-19 cases in India.

September 25—Botswana

  • Life-Changing Spiritual Power, a compilation of a number of titles, is now having its final edit and will soon be in print. Pray for successful printing and distribution and that it will impact many lives.

September 26—Madagascar

  • Dries has been making outreach trips north of Mahajanga, reaching villages and distributing Derek’s books. He plans to establish home groups in two villages along a river. The CDs that have been produced in Malagasy will soon be available online. Pray for God’s guidance and favour in these outreaches.

September 27—French-Speaking Africa

  •  We are trying to set up a new a distribution network in French-speaking Africa. Pray that we find the right open doors and new contacts.
  • More copies of the Life-Changing Spiritual Power books in French are en route to the Democratic Republic of Congo. Pray for safe and speedy delivery and that every book will reach the right person.
  • The Pular translation project of Derek’s core teachings is nearly finished. It was delayed due to the pandemic and political unrest in Guinea. Pray for God’s protection and anointing to finish it soon.

September 28—South Africa

  • Our nation was shocked at the onslaught of violence we witnessed not long ago and have stood together against it as Christians of all backgrounds joined together in prayer. Pray that the Lord will turn what was meant for evil into good and usher in revival!
  • Pray for the Lord to continue to use our small team to help bring many Africans across the continent to know and follow Him. Derek’s teaching is needed now more than ever, and people who call us are so excited to get it.

Outreach Reports – South Africa

  • We thank God for the amazing reach of Derek’s videos on our YouTube channel. This time last year, we were streaming 5,882 hours per month (16,451 views) of Derek’s English messages into South Africa. This year, we are streaming over 30,000 hours per month (136,589 views)! This is an increase of over 500 percent! Many hours of work have been done to optimise our YouTube channel that is now bearing good fruit worldwide. Work also continues on uploading all 13 African language Foundations DVDs and CDs. 
  • Jose is a blind Portuguese man in Pretoria, a retired physiotherapist who loves Derek’s teaching. He is also having chemo treatment for cancer. Recently, he requested Derek’s audio teaching, so we sent him a Mega Voice player with 400 hours of teaching. We will also send him an Mp3 player with Derek’s audio biography and the short daily devotions He is very grateful to have it! 
  • Derek’s radio programmes were sent to a pastor who is very involved with broadcasting in Kwa Zulu Natal (a hotspot of the recent violence). We also sent the Zulu Self-Study Bible Course and Foundations DVDs. We are also getting requests for more teaching as a result of our radio broadcasts on stations in Pretoria and Cape Town.
  • Simon and Alison Baty are donors in South Africa who manage a grape and citrus farm and employ migrant workers and also staff/families who live on the farm. They share Derek’s teaching with them and recently were sent 40 copies of Afrikaans material, including the Self-Study Bible Course, Appointment in Jerusalem and Foundations teaching, along with Foundations DVDs in English, South Sotho, and Tshwana.
  • Pastor Stemmet had a successful two-month trip around the Cape. He met many Afrikaans people and gave them Derek’s material. He also met with S.A. Police College students. A group of 30 men were baptised and now have a Bible study using Derek’s book, Bought with Blood.

September 29—Canada

  • Pray for wisdom and guidance for the Canada team and board as they plan for the future.
  • Pray for the right contacts to join with them in the days ahead, new doors for outreach to open and more donors to support the work.

September 30—United States/Hispanic Outreach

  • Continue to pray for the translation team in Peru as they work on Derek’s radio messages in the Quechua Cuzco and Quechua Ayacucho languages. The first Quechua Cuzco programmes are being finalised. 
  • Pray for increasing contact with Hispanic ministries, churches, and leaders in Latin America who would desire to receive and use Derek’s Spanish teaching material.

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