'Battle Of The Ages' is a compilation book of multiple Derek Prince titles.
'Battle Of The Ages' is the revised edition of
 'Protection From Deception'.
'Battle Of The Ages' is the abridged version of
 'Protection From Deception'
'Battle Of The Ages' is the original book title.
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Battle Of The Ages

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Spiritual Warfare



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What is the greatest danger for believers at the end of the age? Is it persecution? Natural disasters? Financial collapse? Internationally renowned Bible teacher Derek Prince warns that the most pressing danger is not any of these but rather deception.

Satanic deception in the forms of false teaching, counterfeit signs and wonders, and other spiritual treachery is a 'Battle of the Ages' that began in the garden of Eden and is intensifying to its greatest pitch in these end times.

The danger of deception in this battle is high, even if we are confident that we are 'safe'. Derek explains:

“Anyone who denies his vulnerability to deception is already deceived, for Jesus has foretold it, and He does not err.”

We are living in a dangerous time in which we require God’s supernatural warnings and wisdom.

We must learn to recognize our own self-deception and to discern the end-time plots of the enemy before being drawn in to his tricks and schemes.

Battle of the Ages will equip you to:

  • Test the source of supernatural signs and wonders.
  • Discern truth from falsehood.
  • Learn the characteristics of candidates for deception.
  • Know the safeguards against deception.
  • Break free from pride, a stronghold of Satan.
  • Resist the schemes of Satan and share in Jesus’ triumph over him.
  • Recognize the mixture of the false church within the true church.
  • Distinguish the Holy Spirit from counterfeit spirits.
  • Keep your heart pure and surrendered to God.
  • Powerfully share the Gospel to bring in a great harvest.

You can uncover Satan’s strategies, effectively engage in spiritual warfare, free others from the enemy’s grip—and win the battle over deception and destruction.


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"A very good book. It’s what people need right now. Perfect to stay equipped."
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