Chords from David’s Harp

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Through the Psalms



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Spiritual Growth



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The Psalms supply encouragement, inspiration, correction, inner strength and vision. These short meditations on the Psalms help get your day off to a good start!

The Bible says that David — despite his glaring humanness — was a man after God's own heart. In this insightful devotional, Derek Prince teaches from David's psalms on pressing in closer to God.

“The Psalms supply the needs of my soul—encouragement, inspiration, correction, inner strength and vision. It is my sincere prayer that these brief personal meditations will in turn stimulate my readers to meditations of their own that will go far beyond anything that I have here been able to set down in writing. Meditation on the law of God is a limitless ocean of delight, of which only the shallowest borders may ever be communicated from one soul to another. The fullness of the ocean can find expression only in the soul’s most intimate communion with God Himself.” (Derek Prince)


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"Containing over 100 meditations, this book is a flowing well of personal reflections and Godly wisdom. I have just finished reading it for the third time and it has been a wonderful source of comfort, insight, and encouragement... A wonderful way to start or finish the day."
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"You can not fault this book of daily lessons, messages from Derek Prince. I have read this every day for over 4 years and still it's fresh and insightful reading."
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"Such an excellent journey through selected verses of the Psalms. It makes you want to dig out your bible and go back through them all over again. Very refreshing and will minister to your heart. Simple and beautiful."

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“Within the life committed to God, there is an inner source of strength not subject to the weaknesses and fluctuations of our physical body.”

Derek Prince

Chords from David’s Harp
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