Faith to Live By

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The Power of Faith



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Christian Living


Spiritual Warfare


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Faith To Live By is a resource for every Christian who wants to receive the promises of a faith-filled life and to do what would otherwise be impossible.

Enter into the fullness of God’s possibilities and provision for your life—through the dynamics, the promises, the power of faith.

Renowned international Bible teacher Derek Prince answers your questions about faith, such as:

  • What is faith?
  • Why is faith necessary?
  • How, in practical terms, can I live my life by faith?
  • How can my faith grow stronger?

He also explains how you can…

  • Immediately receive what you pray for.
  • See your spiritual, emotional, physical, and financial needs met.
  • Obtain spiritual gifts.
  • Hear what God is saying to you.
  • Discover principles that will strengthen your walk of faith and empower you to do what would otherwise be impossible.

Easy to read, practical, and with a strong scriptural foundation,

Faith To Live By is a potent resource for receiving the promises of a faith-filled life.

“This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith.” (1 John 5:4, NIV)


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"Derek Prince never fails to delight. His teaching is so easy to understand and apply in one's own life. This book is no different."
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"Pretty much every book by Derek Prince is worth 5 stars to me. I've been wrestling with faith issues and this book (along with a few others) was a big help. Lots of solid bible teaching, as I've come to expect from Derek's ministry. Interestingly enough, Derek tied in the issues of pride and humility. I especially liked the closing chapter on how faith undoes the fall. I'm sure this is a book I will be revisiting as I continue to grow in faith."
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"God-inspired author! I would highly recommend for any serious disciple of Christ, who is ready for the undiluted revelation-knowledge of God. I have never grasped the topic of faith before like I did in this book."

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“If we walk by sight, we do not need faith. If we walk by faith, we do not need sight. Each excludes the other. This is contrary to our natural way of thinking. The world says, ‘Seeing is believing.’ But the Bible reverses the order: First we must believe, then we will see.”

Derek Prince

Faith to Live By
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