Pages From My Life’s Book

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Derek Prince shares his personal search for truth as a young man and his life-changing discovery that truth is a Person, Jesus.

Derek Prince experienced a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ while serving as a hospital attendant with the British Army in World War II.

He says:

“Out of this encounter, I formed two conclusions which I have never since had reason to change: first, that Jesus Christ is alive; second, that the Bible is a true, relevant, up-to-date book. These two conclusions radically and permanently altered the whole course of my life.”

Derek shares his search for truth - first in philosophy and then in the Bible. After meeting Jesus he was discipled by the Holy Spirit for three years in the desert where God healed Him of a chronic skin disease.


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"What a treasure it is... it really is a wonderful testimony of how Jesus rescues and moves His people (and particularly Derek) into the places of blessing where He needs them to be, and how He guides and helps. I am so pleased to have found this super little book."
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"An excellent testimony and autobiography from the Man of God."
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"Derek Prince's life of faith stemmed entirely from God's love for him. He humbly acknowledges that it is all of God. This book shares briefly what his life was like pre-Jesus, the dramatic experience he had with God during World War II that changed his life forever, and some of the main lessons he learned in those early days about faith, fasting and healing."

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“In Jesus, I finally resolved that awful conflict that had troubled me… His life, words, teaching, but above all, His person - they were the answer to that unsatisfied craving that had driven me for so many years.”

Derek Prince

Pages From My Life’s Book
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