The Beast or the Lamb

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Christians who do not seek out the basic teaching of the Word of God about the Antichrist are in great danger of being swept away by deception. And before us, we are left with a choice: to choose the nature of the Lamb or the nature of the beast. But most have never been taught how to discern the difference between these two natures - that by our thoughts and actions we are presently assuming one nature or the other, or that this intrinsic choice determines our destiny.

With trusted expertise from biblical scholar and teacher Derek Prince, you will be given the tools to:

  • Defend against confusion and fear by gaining rooted biblical teaching.
  • Understand what Scripture reveals about Satan, the Antichrist, and the mark of the beast.
  • Guard your heart with purity and assurance.
  • Stand strong in the nature of Christ in the midst of great shaking and opposition.

The Lamb is returning. Soon. And His bride must make herself ready. Which nature will you choose?


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"I would recommend this awesome book on Revelations and the Antichrist to anyone who wants to understand the end times and what is to come. I immensely loved how Derek explained how important the Lamb is and what it meant in the Passover. I liked how he went into detail about the number 666 and how to calculate it. I thought this was interesting that he looked at the Greek and Hebrew example. I also loved how he looked at the Holy Spirit in both testaments of the Bible and the aspects of Him. This book will help readers to decide which one they want to follow in the last days- the Lamb or the Beast."
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"This book was foundational, and such a good overview that I truly feel that every Christian would do well to read it!"
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"The Beast Or The Lamb is a great read on the importance of staying close to Jesus Christ in today's age."

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Derek Prince

(The Beast or the Lamb)
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