The Fiji office is based in Suva, the capital, and was established in 1995. Initially, over 300 sets of Derek’s books were distributed to church leaders all across this island nation and many pastors used Derek’s materials for preaching and teaching.

Christine Valentine joined the ministry in Fiji in 1998. Video lending libraries were set up and Derek’s audio tapes and books were distributed. The Indian community make up around 38% of Fiji’s population, and Derek’s books in Gujarati, Hindi and Punjabi were supplied for distribution amongst the Indian community church leaders. Selections of books were also placed in over 100 high school, public and prison libraries.

Christine held a book table every week for many years at the Downtown Shopping Centre, which proved very popular.

The Fiji Broadcasting Corporation began airing Today with Derek Prince in prime time twice daily in 1993 and continued without a break until mid 1996. We then began broadcasting on a new Christian radio station and broadcasts ran until 2020. Many commuters advised Christine that Keys to Successful Living really blessed them as they are listening to it while on the road to work. Another businessman would open his shops between 5.30 a.m. and 6 a.m. and his shop radio would also be on, so both staff and shoppers were able to hear the messages and staff at World Harvest Broadcasting Network received a significant number of calls from non-Christians advising how much they enjoyed the broadcasts.

Derek’s TV programme was also broadcast for several years on Trinity TV and was a great blessing to many viewers.

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