Laos is a communist state and one of East Asia’s poorest and most closed countries. Buddhism is deeply ingrained in the culture, and Laotian believers suffer physical attacks and expulsion from their families and communities for choosing to follow Christ. Bible teaching is greatly needed in this nation, with much of the material being smuggled in due to the risk of printing in the country.

Our ministry in Laos began in 2020 when we employed a Christian translation company in Chiang Mai to translate 24 of Derek’s most influential books into Thai. Given the similarities between the Lao and Thai languages, this was the perfect opportunity to have the same books translated from Thai into Lao. This work is ongoing and as the manuscripts become available, they will all be available for free download from our website.

Along with book translation, 36 proclamation cards have been translated into Lao which can be downloaded free-of-charge from our website and we will next look at translation of Teaching Letters.

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