It was in 1997 that our Pakistan Directors began building the Body of Christ in their nation with Derek’s books and their ministry continued for 20 years.

Based in Karachi, Derek Prince Ministries became the second largest Christian publisher in Pakistan, with Derek’s books well-known and read by thousands. Forty-one Derek Prince books have been translated and printed in the national language of Urdu, with over 350,000 printed. 1,800 pastors on the DPM-Pakistan mailing list regularly received a free copy of each new Derek Prince book released, along with Derek’s Teaching Letters. These publications were vital for equipping local leaders with the necessary material in order to teach and equip the Body of Christ in this Muslim nation.

Our Directors also held “DPM Sundays” where they shared the Word, using Derek’s teaching, and conducted teaching seminars for Christian leaders.

Thirty of Derek’s most important messages were voiced in the Urdu language, along with a Bible College Curriculum which was sent out to churches and Bible Colleges.  The curriculum consists of Derek’s major teaching from The Roman Pilgrimage, God’s Last Word: An Exposition of Hebrews, Laying the Foundation, Life Changing Spiritual Power, Prophetic Guide to the End Times, The Nine Gifts of the Holy Spirit and The Good News of the Kingdom.

Although we have no active ministry in Pakistan at this time, we are able to provide enquirers with several of Derek’s Urdu ebooks, proclamation cards and the audios of the 30 messages in the Bible College Curriculum.

The Father of a Catholic church in Sindh wrote to our Directors, and his e-mail gives witness to the legacy DPM has left in Pakistan:

“I have responsibility for several Deacons, Evangelists and lay leaders, including their spiritual growth. For the past two years I observed four of our lay leaders growing in their character and spiritual giftings.  I had a conversation with them in presence of about 58 other leaders. They shared boldly and testified that the transformation in their personal and ministry life is because of the sound Bible-based teachings of Derek Prince.  So, I was very much interested to meet the gentleman personally, but found that he went to be with the Lord a few years ago.  To my interest, I found from these lay leaders that Derek Prince Urdu books are the best- selling books in Pakistan.  Living and ministering in a Muslim country is tough and such testimonies impact greatly. We have lots of religious material, but not the spiritual teaching. Unfortunately, the Pakistan church is under-resourced in this way.

May I take the opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to the DPM team for educating the leaders in Pakistan and being a great source of transformation in the Body of Christ.  It is very interesting and encouraging to listen to these folks, and although this was not a seminar, it became like one.  We do have ‘living Epistles’ to witness His Goodness in Pakistan!  I trust that they will grow to their full potential and will lead others towards the path of righteousness. Thank you so much for developing Pakistan leaders through this spiritual movement.”
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