In the 1980's Derek Prince Ministries sent many books and tapes to the Philippines and for over 30 years not much was heard of DPM’s impact in the Philippines. However, in 2015 we discovered what happened to some of these seeds that were sown:

  • The Chairman of the pastors for Cebu city - the second largest city in the country - said “it was Derek Prince’s teachings that helped to disciple me”.
  • The senior pastor for the Assembly of God churches in a large province said “my discipleship and teaching came from Derek Prince”.
  • A pastor from the Manila area contacted us and told a similar story, and also asked for every Derek Prince book.

The fields are “white for harvest” in this nation and we have imported several large shipments of English books from India. These were sold from Praise bookshops in the Philippines and are being freely distributed in pastors’ seminars and outreaches.

Due to requests for Derek’s books in the national language, Tagalog, translation in this language is ongoing and the books are proving to be a huge blessing to believers whose spiritual eyes are being opened.

Light TV are broadcasting Derek’s teaching in several different formats, including his 30-minute TV programme, which is one of the highest rating programmes on the channel. Audio-visual proclamation messages and the two-minute Word from the Word devotionals in the national language, Tagalog, are also being broadcast. On-line seminars were also held once a week on the topic Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose. These are all proving immensely popular.

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