Solomon Islands

Mrs Tele Bartlett (a New Zealander) has been our facilitator in the capital, Honiara, since the mid-1990’s. During 1994/95, many requests for Derek's Bible teaching were received and, in response, video libraries were set up and proved very popular. Tele owns a supermarket in Honiara from which Derek’s books are sold.

In 1997, the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Company, which reaches most of the population, began daily broadcasts of Derek’s radio programme, Today with Derek Prince (now Keys to Successful Living). Derek’s two-minute devotionals, A Word from the Word, are also being broadcast on FM stations in the Solomon’s.

English book and CD/DVD distribution were established in partnership with a local association of churches based in Honiara, and we have printed 40,000 copies of the proclamation card, Praying for the Government of the Solomon Islands, and this is being widely shared throughout the Solomon Islands.

One of the outreaches we ran was supplying prisoners in Honiara Prison with Derek’s Christian Foundations Correspondence Course and the Self Study Bible Course and these have been a great blessing to them. Just two of the testimonies we received…

The important change that has now taken place in my life is that I believe in God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Through this Self Study Bible Course, I came to realize that I made a choice to disobey God and go my own wilful way and now I am reaping the consequences and have ended up in this place [prison]. Not only that, but there is also a separation from God. So now I’ve made another choice, which is that I repent from my own ways and accept Christ as my personal Savior. I know this is the right decision. Thank you and God bless.

By going through this Bible study, I experienced a lot of changes in my life and I learnt new things which I never experienced before. I thank God for His great love freely offered to us through His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ and I also thank you very much, Derek Prince Ministries, for rendering this program to us; this is a new atmosphere.

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