Sri Lanka

There has been a great need for sound Bible teaching in Sri Lanka for many years. In order to help meet this need, DPM-India Directors, Elsie and Danny, have been making significant trips to Sri Lanka since 2013 to teach and minister to thousands of pastors and Christian leaders throughout the nation using Derek’s teaching, ably helped by their interpreter, Prince, who is also an Anglican Bishop. These Christian leaders have had a real spiritual thirst and are now testifying that not only are they being set free on a personal level, but they felt God was delivering the nation from its curses and helping it to move into a blessed future in Christ. As they test the doctrine of Derek’s teaching and find it is completely based on the Word, they are so delighted and begin requesting more resources.

One pastor personally testified that he's been in ministry for approximately 30 to 35 years and he said the teaching given by Elsie and Danny at a seminar was to him like living water flowing over his soul. He said he felt refreshed and encouraged by the clear teaching on Authority and thanked Elsie and Danny profusely for bringing it to them.

In 2021, Prince took on the role of Coordinator for our ministry in Sri Lanka and travels extensively throughout the nation to meet with pastors and distribute Derek’s books.

The pastors Elsie and Danny have worked with in Sri Lanka are constantly in touch with them, requesting that they visit to encourage and support them through Derek’s teaching. More trips are therefore planned and seminars will be held for hundreds of pastors.

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