Persecution; poverty; close scrutiny by the Government; restriction on activities and the forced closure of churches. These are just some of the challenges faced by Christians today in Vietnam. The nation is led by a communist Government, with Buddhism the majority religion. Despite the fact that the Communists closed half of the 600 church buildings that existed when they came into power, church growth has been significant and continues to this day.

However, the other significant challenge for the church here is the huge shortage of Bible teaching and sound, well-translated material is needed. It was therefore with great delight that in 2016 we saw DPM established in Vietnam for the first time ever! Two small teams in Da Nang (central Vietnam) and Ho Chi Minh city (Saigon – in the south) are translating Derek’s Bible teaching, enabling numerous Teaching Letters, proclamation cards and books to be printed for free distribution; these are also available for free download from the Vietnam website.

One important aspect of our ministry in Vietnam is training pastors and Christian leaders, who often have no other input into their own ministries. Our two coordinators (both pastors of growing churches) therefore travel throughout Vietnam to hold teaching seminars using Derek’s teaching and these events are proving very successful. One grateful pastor wrote:

“Thank you so much for the DPM books and seminars; my ministry and I feel the anointing of the Holy Spirit in reading and studying these books. They are very helpful, edifying, life-changing books. We are using it in our Bible schools and distributing to leaders of different denominations. Thank you for giving us a “treasure”. May God bless you greatly.” - Ps T (a pastor of home church network in central Vietnam)

Given the huge need for evangelism and discipleship in this country, five pastors are being financially supported to enable them to reach out to those yet to come to salvation, along with new believers. This is proving to be very successful and many souls are being added to the Kingdom.

Our aim is to continue to increase our on-line resources and we are looking at voicing audio books and Derek’s two-minute Word from the Word devotionals in order that even more people in this nation have access to Derek’s life-changing Bible teaching.

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