Derek Prince Quotes

With eloquence and wisdom, Derek Prince said many great things about life, God, and everything in between. Discover his soaring vision and sincere Christian faith with 30 powerful quotes to stir your faith.

30 Powerful Quotes

Each quote includes book or sermon title reference.

“Prayer is limitless. It’s our intercontinental ballistic missile. We can launch it from anywhere and make it reach anywhere.”

Lucifer Exposed

“The Holy Spirit knows the way because He is the One who charted the map.”

You Shall Receive Power

“Out of the heart spring the issues of life. When God’s law is in your heart, you live God’s way.”

You Shall Receive Power

“There is no such thing as partial obedience.”

Gateway to God's Blessing

“A person who is committed to God views everything from His perspective.”

Gateway to God's Blessing

“Knowledge puts the key in your hand, but it’s faith that turns the key in the lock and opens up the treasure house of God’s riches in Christ.”


“I think that if there is one thing that is hard for God to accept, it is half-hearted praise.”

Entering the Presence of God

“Each believer has some unique aspect of God’s wisdom to reveal to the world and he reveals it by his testimony.”

Pages from My Life's Book

“According to God’s pattern, marriage is a covenant in which each party lays down his life for the other and then lives out a new life through the other.”

Partners for Life

“Praying ‘Your Kingdom come’ means a commitment to being aligned with everything involved in the coming of the kingdom.”

Rediscovering God's Church

“Our basic problem as human beings is that we do not realise how valuable we are.”

Rules of Engagement

“Do not sell yourself short, because God holds you in very high regard. He invested the blood of Jesus in you.”

The Purpose of Testing

“God still has good hearing. Confessing and forsaking our sins reopens the channel to Him.”

You Shall Receive Power

“The prevailing attitude toward marriage in any culture or civilisation is usually an accurate barometer revealing its moral and spiritual climate.”

God Is a Matchmaker

“Persevering, especially, is a key to acquiring God’s best.”

Receiving God's Best

“The lesson is this: you have to be willing to let go. It’s unfair, it’s unreasonable, it’s unjust! So what? God arranged it. He’s in control. That’s faith!”

The Grace of Yielding

“The Christian life is not just sweetness and harp music. Every committed Christian will find warfare to be part of his total experience.”

War in Heaven

“To spoil your children is not a kindness. Often, in fact, it is the expression of laziness. It takes much less effort to spoil your children than to discipline them.”

Husbands and Fathers

“What’s the way into rest? Hearing God’s voice. That’s why we have so many restless Christians. They don’t know how to hear God’s voice.”

Take Heed to Yourselves (Part 1)

“The key word: identification. When Jesus died, I died. When he was buried, I was buried. When he rose, I rose. Believing that, I receive righteousness by faith from God.”

Roman Pilgrimage

“Jesus is the watershed of human souls. Their destiny in eternity is determined by which side of Jesus they are on.”

End of Life's Journey

“There are three things you have to do to receive the Holy Spirit baptism: be thirsty, come to Jesus, and drink.”

You Shall Receive Power

“Every time you make the right decision, you strengthen a right habit and build a right character.”

You Shall Receive Power

“I believe it is vitally important for all of us to realise that the first sin in the universe was not murder, nor adultery, but rather pride.”

War in Heaven

“We should never allow the things we do not understand to obscure for us the areas of truth where God has provided clear understanding.”

War in Heaven

“We cannot belong to God if we are not available to Him for His service. God does not welcome to His household spoiled, self-indulgent egoists.”

War in Heaven

“Taking up our crosses means a surrender of our wills.”

Gateway to God's Blessing

“Your attitude to money actually reveals your attitude to God Himself.”

God's Plan for Your Money

“True biblical faith proceeds from the heart and determines the way we live. It is not a mere intellectual concept, entertained by the mind; it is a real, active force at work in the heart.”

Faith to Live By

“The character that we develop in this life will determine what we will be throughout eternity. We will one day leave our gifts behind; our character will be with us forever.”

Faith to Live By